How To Get Touched In VR? A Comprehensive Guide

How To Get Touched In VR

Think if you are playing a game wearing a VR headset and you can feel the touch in the game and the pressure of bullets! How amazing it would be. These things will not exist nearby you but still, you are able to feel the touch of the things. Well, in this article we are going to discuss How to get touched in VR to make contact with the virtual world.

Virtual reality is the technology of the future. This technology brings the other world within your sights. In the near future, Virtual reality will completely blend with the day to day life. Virtual reality will be bringing more immersive experiences to everything from video games to medicine to shopping. This technology is going to be like taking the environment into your hand without being there.

Well, to get touched in VR, there are many future techs are working on that. A complete body suit is developed that can simulate the feel of hugs to bullets attack. Devices like emerge wave-1 which can give the feel of touch. Another development in virtual reality is that VR headset-making companies are working on giving phantom sense. 

So be with us to know more about how to get touched in VR, how it works, and how this technology will develop in the future, read the full article. Do follow Deasilex. 

How To Get Touched In VR?

Virtual reality may fascinate us but it has many limitations. Because if you are using VR and you can’t get the touch or feel of that then how are you supposed to get what it is? Most important is a sense of touch. Well, the human body can sense things through touch, rub, or pressure. Some technology is working to develop equipment that can give haptic feedback to your body while using virtual reality. That will ease your process of making contact with the virtual world.

A university in Pennsylvania, US has developed haptic feedback that will create an illusion of touch so that the virtual world can be felt more real. Now teslasuits have been developed that can simulate touch feels to the pressure of bullets hits in a game. This full-body suit can simulate from raindrops to a missile hitting pressure on the body. These devices can help to get touched in VR. 

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A university has used knowledge from the capsaicin chemical to get a view of how our body reacts to hot and cold and they used this knowledge to bring you chemical hepatic.  A wearable device has been introduced. When it is placed on the skin it can give the wearer to feel a range of sensations like hot, cold, or numbness. Its use can be to create a virtual world for gamers. All these devices are developed to get touched in VR.  

Can You Touch Things In Virtual Reality?

Well, it is hard to believe but yes you can touch things in virtual reality. These days with the help of highly developed full-body suits, equipment that releases ultrasonic waves to simulate the sense of touch. But VR is still in the developmental stage so to feel the touch in virtual reality you need to have special equipment. Well, these will help you to get touched in VR.

What Is Phantom Touch VR?

You are in a hurry to leave your house. You open the door and are hit with a cold breeze. You started to walk at speed and you passed through the smoke. Then suddenly you remove your VR headset and everything is gone. You are standing in the room but still able to feel different sensations. Well, you were in the VR but you felt the sense of a cold breeze to smoke. That was not produced by hardware but through the mind. In this process, your brain tricks you into feeling the touch of the VR world. Phantom touch works on the five senses of the human i.e. hear, smell, sight, taste, and touch. It is impossible to achieve the sense of taste and smell. 

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When you are in VR, your brain tries to predict what kind of touch is coming from what you see and hear. If you train your mind to feel the phantom touch in VR. This can increase your VR experience to a great extent that even hardware won’t offer you. New tech is making virtual reality more immersive through artificial touch.  These techs will help to solve your issue of how to get a phantom touch in VR. this will allow you to get touched in VR. 

How To Get Virtual Reality Touch?

These days many companies are working hard on the research on virtual reality touch to turn this into reality. Many companies have come up with different ideas and devices that can give you a feel of touch in virtual reality. Mostly all these devices are working to solve the issue of how to get touched in VR. 

Get Virtual Reality Touch By Using A Wearable Device

Haptic Gloves  

Haptic gloves can give you realistic touch experiences in the virtual world. The days are not far when you are gonna feel texture and pressure while you touch virtual objects in Virtual Reality. Haptic gloves work by tracking the finger movement that gives you haptic feedback to feel the 3d object in virtual reality. This will help you to get touched in VR.

Wireality VR Gadget 

Carnegie Mellon University researchers are working on making virtual reality to make it more real and physical. They have developed a device called wireality that can make you feel the object touch and it makes virtual objects feel solid at the touch of your hand. Wireality is a shoulder-mounted haptic device that uses retractable wires that are attached to your hand that gives feedback during a virtual reality experience. It stops the hand to match the geometry. And it will help you to get touched in VR. 

Feel The Metaverse With Your Bare Hands – Using Ultrasonic Wave

This concept gives you the physical touch experience to bring the virtual reality to a more physical feel. Emerge wave-1 device creates the feel of touch. A laptop size device that emits ultrasonic beams above its surface to give a touch sensation. When you pick or hold the object you will feel the object physically. This device maps the object in the VR then it converts into haptic feedback and the person can feel the object. And this will help you to get touched in VR.  


How To Get Touched In VR

Teslasuit can simulate everything from the pressure of a bullet to the touch of a hug. In this suit, wires are embedded with a skin-tight fabric, making it feel like you’re feeling a shock from a bomb. the body can feel the impact in the virtual reality after wearing the teslasuit. It causes deep impact and discomfort while you are in VR. this technology will merge technology with virtual reality. And this will help you to get touched in VR.  

Why Does Touch Matter For The Future Of VR?

Most people are very excited about virtual reality but they miss physical touch and that makes virtual reality incomplete. Users want physical touch and sensation to make it more real than virtual reality. In virtual reality, users want to feel, touch and interact with bare hands in the virtual reality. Because these sensations are pillars of human interaction with the physical world. If touch in VR is introduced it will contract the world to small places. It will give the opportunity to get touched in VR.  

Advantages Of The Touch In VR

Touch in VR will open doors of opportunity for many fields like gaming, tourism, medicine, and so on. Imagine you are able to take a ride in the mountains and can feel the breeze. You can sit and enjoy tea in the cold weather without being there. You can go to a virtual shopping mall and purchase items without physically being there. That will open an ocean of possibilities. If this will be available cheaper and more accessible in the market then it will change the era of virtual reality. You can hug your friends and can feel the sensation of touch without meeting them personally. This haptic feedback-based technology can make virtual reality more realistic. it will increase the user’s experience to get touched in VR.  

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As technology is getting advanced people are meeting with new forms of technology. So Virtual reality is also getting shaped in the real world and researchers are working hard to convert virtual reality into reality. That touch in virtual reality is to bring it near to humans. This was all about How to get touched in VR. If you find it relevant to your problem, spread it to family and friends. If you have any queries, feel free to write them in the comment box. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do I Get Phantom Touch On VR?

Getting phantom touch in VR totally depends on how much time you spend with the character in VR. If you spend more time with the character in the VR you will be able to feel the sensation of this character. Phantom touch is more instinct and immersion based. Well, it’s about your mind. If you train your mind then you can get the phantom touch sensation in VR.

Q. Does The Haptic Suit Hurt?

No, haptic suits don’t hurt. It gives you various levels of deep impact and discomfort that give you sensation in the virtual world. This suit is not built to cause you any pain or injury.

Q. Are Tesla Suits Real?

Yes, teslasuits are real. After lots of research work, it has been officially put on Kickstarter in 2016.

Q. Can You Feel Stuff In VR?

Yes, if you are using haptic glubs or wearing a tesla suit, or using an emerge wave-1 device that will give you the sensation of touch. Many companies are working on wearable devices that will give you the sensation of touch.

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