How To Set Up Checkers ? Complete Guide 2022!

How To Set Up Checkers | Complete Guide 2022

Checkers is a two-player board game that is also referred to as Draughts. The checker’s rules that are most frequently used for online play are the traditional British-American rules, which are provided on this page. For information Canadian Checkers, Suicide Checkers, and Russian Checkers are the other variations. Have you ever tried to set up checkers? 

Actually, Checkers is really the Americanized form of the widely played worldwide game Draughts (pronounced “drafts”) similar to chess. The game has an interesting history and is really old. Additionally, it has drawn the attention of some creative computer programmers who are drawn to artificial intelligence. 

Are you willing to learn the rules? Ready to dive deep into the amazing world of Checkers? Although Checkers is an old classic board game, it is now available as a popular video game (with wide variation). So, if you don’t have a partner, you can always play with a computer! Fortunately, a keen mind and a willingness to learn are all that is needed to learn how to play checkers. This article walks you through how to set up checkers like a pro-gamer

How To Set Up Checkers

How To Set Up Checkers

While rules differ from nation to nation, these guidelines apply to the game of American Checkers, which is enjoyed by both kids and adults of all ages.

Checkers Basics That You Should Know

Two players compete in a game of checkers. Let’s set up checkers. The game starts with 12 colored discs for each participant. (Usually, one set of pieces is red and one is black.) The 12 dark squares nearest to each player are where they should position their pieces. Moving first is Black. Then, each player takes a turn. There are 64 squares on the board, 32 of which are dark and 32 of which are light. Each player has a “light square” on the right side corner that is nearest to them in the arrangement.

When the opposing player is unable to move, one player wins the game. The majority of the time, this occurs as a result of the opponent’s pieces being all either captured or walled in.

How To Set Up Checkers Board

The game of checkers is played on a board of 64 squares. Each player begins the game with a set of 12 checkers, or “men.”

To set up checkers the players are seated across from one other. Each player’s black (dark) square is positioned at the bottom left corner of the board.

To decide who is black, and who is white, flip a coin (if you wish). Black takes the lead. Players alternate colors after the first game.

To set up checkers, lay your checkers in the three rows nearest to you on all 12 of the black squares to begin setting up the board.

Only the black squares are used in checkers. Your checkers cannot enter a white (red) square.

How To Play Checkers | Game Rules

How To Set Up Checkers

1. Move Only On Dark Squares 

Pieces can only move on the black squares, which force them to constantly move diagonally. Single pieces can only ever travel forward (toward the opponent).

2. Move One Square At A Time

A piece may only move one square when making a “non-capturing” move (one that does not involve a jump).

3. Capture Pieces In Every Jump

A piece performing a capturing move (a jump) soars over one of the opponent’s pieces and lands on the other side in a direct diagonal line. During a single turn, numerous jumps are permitted, but only one piece may be grabbed in a single jump.

4. Take Out The Captured Pieces

A piece is removed from the board when it is captured.

5. Let’s Capture!

There is no other choice but to perform the jump if a player is capable of making a capture. The player has the option to select whichever capture they like if there are multiple options available.

6. How To Make A King?

A piece is crowned and elevated to the status of a king when it has traveled to the row farthest from the player controlling it. The king is elevated by one of the captured pieces, making it twice as high as a single piece.

7. How Kings Move

Kings can only move diagonally, however, they can also travel forward and backward. (Keep in mind that single pieces, i.e., non-kings, are only ever allowed to go forward.)

8. Difference Between Moving Pieces And A King!

Kings are allowed to combine multiple jumps—both forward and backward—on a single turn. During a “multiple capture” turn, single pieces may alter direction diagonally, but they must always jump ahead (toward the opponent).

9. Winning The Game

The game is won by a player when they eliminate all of their opponent’s checkers or when they totally block them so that they are unable to move. In the event that no one can win the game, the players may agree to a draw.

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The History Of Checkers 

How To Set Up Checkers

Archaeologists found the first game board resembling Checkers in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia (now Iraq). The board was over 5000 years old, or approximately 3000 BCE, according to carbon dating. While historians are unaware of the Mesopotamian Checkers regulations, they are aware of the Alquerque checkers rules from ancient Egypt. This famous game may have started around 1400 BCE and persisted until the Middle Ages.

A Frenchman created Fierges, a new variation of Checkers, in the year 1100 CE. Women typically played this form of the game, which was played on a chessboard. The earliest books on the then-named Draughts game were published around 1500. The first Draughts and Checkers championships with official prizes were held in 1847.

Is Checkers Better Than Chess?

You may have run into a few devoted online players who take issue with the comparison between Checkers and Chess. The two games are, in fact, relatively comparable, but it does not lessen their value or worth in any way. Chess and Checkers are both worthwhile games to play if you want to exercise your mind and develop your strategic mind.

Here are the similarities between Chess and Checkers that you might need to consider:

  1. Thinking style needed
  2. Boards used in the game
  3. Both games require good strategy and planning
  4. Player numbers
  5. Both are board games (Indoor games)
  6. Patience and a sharp mind are required for both games
  7. Knowledge and expertise needed 

Here are the differences between Chess and Checkers that you might need to consider:

  1. Games rules are different
  2. Types of capturing are different
  3. You need to obtain different strategies
  4. Directional movements are different
  5. The shapes of the physical pieces are different
  6. The objective of the game is different
  7. History of origin is different 

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Final Thoughts

 As it is a game of numerical possibilities, checkers has always been intriguing to computer programmers, much like chess, Sudoku, and crosswords. Through the Internet, checkers has virtually reached every home. It has been played to a tie and has even vanquished the finest players. People all around the world play various forms of checkers to amuse themselves, develop their logical skills, or just to spend quality time at home with their families. Checkers is still as popular as ever. Now that you know how to set up checkers let’s play!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Are The Rules For Checkers?

Your turn is over if one checker has been moved. Players continue to take turns as the game progresses. Rules for Movement Always advance your checker diagonally in the direction of the gameboard on the side of your rival. A checker can move diagonally either forward or backward after becoming a “King.”

Q2. Do Checkers Go On Red Or Black?

The most widely played size in America is 64 squares on an 8×8 board. The game is played on a checkerboard of two colors, typically black and red.

Q3. How Many Pieces Do You Start With Checkers?

12 pieces are first distributed to each player and positioned as depicted on the game board. 64 squares make up the board, 32 of which are black and 32 of which are red. Place it such that each player has a red square in the corner of the closest right side.

Q4. Can You Only Move Diagonally In Checkers?

A player may crown a piece as king by using one of their captured pieces to advance the piece to the last row on the other player’s side of the board. The king can now only move diagonally and can no longer travel backward or forward. As a result, kings are prized since they give players additional options for capturing their opponent’s pieces.

Q5. Can A king Jump Two Pieces In Checkers?

The boundaries of the board allow a King to move in any direction and “jump” one or more pieces in any direction. Only one adjacent piece can be crossed diagonally by the King at once, in any of the four diagonal directions.

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