How to Grow Your Business on Clubhouse?

How to Grow Your Business on Clubhouse?

Clubhouse stands out among social media apps by allowing users to share audio clips. Businesses have taken advantage of this exclusive platform to get their content out to a highly-engaged audience. While audio content is not new to digital marketing (think podcasts), Clubhouse allows business owners and B2B marketers to connect with their audiences in interactive (but moderated) audio “rooms.”

Having grown to over 10 million users since its unveiling in 2020, Clubhouse is shaping to be an essential vector for content delivery and thought leadership. But not every social media platform is the same. So, if you’re looking to grow your business on Clubhouse and establish yourself as an industry expert, these ten proven tips will set you up for long-term success.  

Ten Proven Tips to Grow Your Clubhouse for Business

You might recognize some of the following strategies as best practices on other platforms as well. Indeed, some methods apply to social media marketing in general and never lose their utility. However, Clubhouse is a unique platform, providing novel spins on tried and true content marketing techniques in addition to some fresh new ideas. So, without further ado, here are the tips to help grow your business on Clubhouse.  

Increase Your Followers

Increase Your Followers

Social media veterans understand that a large following is critical for business growth. As a result, most digital marketing plans focus on long-term strategies to gain followers organically. While these plans are often successful, businesses also purchase followers for a quick and easy boost.  

Unfortunately, not all services deliver the real, active followers your business needs. But when you buy Clubhouse follower from Media Mister, you get genuine followers, guaranteed. Its top-notch service will deliver a user base that actively stimulates community engagement, helping you establish brand authority in your industry. Media Mister is the premier solution for growing your Clubhouse following simply, speedily, and at a low cost.

Deliver High-Quality Content

All online marketing requires killer content. Ensure you can deliver knowledge, skills, and entertainment to your audience by staying on top of your industry. For example, look at what topics other firms are addressing and see if you can improve upon them. What questions do people have that you can answer in a new and thought-provoking way?

The beauty of Clubhouse is that it allows you to connect with people, humanizing content with the sound of your voice. The audio-only format obviates the need for flashy design skills and speaks directly to the audience, inviting their engagement with your brand. But you must be prepared! Live conversations can be unpredictable, and you need to ensure your knowledge base has the breadth required to establish your authority in the industry.

Adhere to a Consistent and Regular Schedule

Clubhouse marketing shares several best practices with other social media platforms. Of these, consistent scheduling may be the most important. When your followers can rely on you to publish content or host conversations at specific times, they can be present in your Clubhouse rooms, ready to engage.

The best time to schedule content differs from one audience to another. However, the busiest times on Clubhouse tend to be between 5 pm and midnight PT. Take advantage of the Clubhouse bulletin function at whatever time is best for your audience. It is a type of community calendar that your followers can set to give them notifications of your upcoming content.  

Foster New Connections

Networking. Connecting. Schmoozing. Whatever term you use, directly interacting with people is the best way to share your brand’s story and grow your business. For instance, you can join a group brainstorming session to forge relationships with other experts or announce your new product launch to stimulate interest. 

As a networking app, Clubhouse is unique in that it allows you to listen in on conversations relevant to your industry and speak up when you have something to offer. Helping people, giving them knowledge or skills that make their lives easier, establishes your authority, and cultivates new leads for your business.

Find People with the Skills You Need

Clubhouse functions as a networking app by encouraging people within industries to congregate and interact. As a result, you can find many interesting people with the knowledge and skills your business needs to grow. For example, if you need help optimizing a big project’s workflow, you may find someone with project management skills in your industry willing to give advice or even sign a contract. For many businesses, Clubhouse works as an effective talent scouting app.

Learn from Experts in Your Industry

Learn from Experts in Your Industry

The clubhouse is a vast repository of knowledge distilled from the experience of thousands of dedicated professionals and business leaders. So whether you have a question about digital marketing, product development, cultivating human resources, or something industry-specific, there is a tremendous amount of free information available on the platform – all you need to do is listen!

Build a Community Around Your Expertise

Business owners and marketers love Clubhouse because it is an excellent community-building app. Since Clubhouse audiences are generally self-selecting, you can join rooms and interact with a group of people who are there to engage with others in your industry. By sharing your expertise (and learning from others!), you can solicit participation through honesty and credibility – one of the best ways to grow your business organically. Clubhouse rooms are a powerful venue for building highly engaged audiences ready to become your brand ambassadors.  

Solicit Feedback on Products and Ideas

Although live conversations can be vigorous, stimulating, and unpredictable, the fact that Clubhouse rooms are moderated reduces the number of trolls. This high bar to entry means Clubhouse works as a (relatively) safe environment to secure thoughtful, honest feedback. Using your audience as a sounding board is crucial to business success because it offers an opportunity to address the customer’s needs – it’s a roadmap to providing value.  

Collaborate with Other Successful Entrepreneurs

Collaboration with other entrepreneurs and industry veterans is one of the best ways to grow your visibility and expand your business network on Clubhouse. Either appearing as a guest in someone else’s room or hosting someone with a more extensive following than yours can boost brand awareness in a hurry. In either case, discussing projects, debating topics, and batting around new ideas with established Clubhouse members allows you to capitalize on someone else’s audience – it’s a success by association!

Find Investors and Business Mentors

The quest to secure funding is one of the make-or-break obstacles that every start-up must surmount. Fortunately, a surprising number of angel investors use Clubhouse to find exciting prospects, and many are willing to provide advice or mentorship to highly motivated small business owners. At the very least, good advice can make fundraising easier. However, making new contacts with people looking to cash in on the next big idea can net your start-up the cash influx it needs to succeed.      

Final Thoughts

As a business owner or a marketer, Clubhouse presents an opportunity you should take full advantage of. On the one hand, it offers many of the benefits you can gain from other social media platforms like content delivery and authority building. But on the other hand, entrepreneurs can use Clubhouse as a talent scout, knowledge source, feedback channel, and potential network of partners and collaborators. Regardless of which benefit most interests you, each of the tips above will help you grow your business on Clubhouse.

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