Google WiFi 3 Pack | A Detailed Guide 2023!

Google WiFi 3 Pack

Google WiFi 3 Pack is one of the most effortless and value-packed WiFi networks! If you are thinking of buying one then we have something for you to consider before making any decision!

However, even after being replaced by Google’s Nest WiFi in early 2019s, Google WiFi 3 is still available in the market and people are still buying it! If you want to know what is the one thing that is making them buy the Google WiFi 3 Pack then continue with this article to gain knowledge about the same.

Google WiFi 3 Pack is a home WiFi network that works better than the regular router and offers users with smooth, seamless, and strong WiFi coverage all over their homes! Read the entire article to know what are the pros and cons of Google WiFi before you buy it.

This article covers Google WiFi 3 Pack’s review pondering over factors like availability, pricing, design, set up, performance, etc. If this is something that interests you, then here you go with a detailed guide on the same! 

Google WiFi 3 Pack – Review

If you are looking forward to buying a Google WiFi 3 pack in today’s generation then you are taking a risk as per the advancement of the generation keeping in mind that it was beaten by Google Nest WiFi in 2019s! Still, if you want to have one, then you can as many retailers are dealing in Google WiFi 3 packs. To access or set up Google WiFi you might still need an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a modem to sync it to the internet.

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Make sure you remember that the current generation and Google WiFi are available at the exact same price. Google WiFi has provided network programs to their users in such a way that no other brand or router has done till now! Other brands of WiFi systems which were well established before Google WiFi but still none of them have managed to reach the heights compared to Google WiFi!

In general, Google WiFi has set a bar of what an ideal WiFi router should be like! Even the Google mesh router is a collection of stripped-down patterns, simple to install, and an overall complete set with a decent price range. It works well with the system after being installed and offers a robust, spontaneous connection, no matter what your current location under the area of coverage.

Google WiFi 3 Pack doesn’t care if you are dealing with a weak or irregular internet signal or are all set to switch from a basic typical router setup, Google WiFi is the best solution for all of your connection issues. All the credit goes to its features, affordability, and performance of course! Let’s know about it in detail.

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Google WiFi 3 Pack: Affordability And Availability

Google WiFi 3 Pack

If we keep the Google Wifi features and offerings to its users then it’s pretty much fair to say that it’s charging a decent amount! The first generation Google WiFi comes for $259 for a pack of three units, including one main “WiFi Point” and two subsidiary WiFi points. Google assures its users that three WiFi Points are capable enough of covering almost 4,500 square feet of location.

If you are someone who resides in the UK, then you will find Google WiFi coming in both a pack of 2 and a 3 costing you around $275.60 and $395.95. The Google WiFi comes in an astounding package that offers more units for less amount when compared to its competitors like Netgear Orbi with other wireless network routers at $400 for the same number of network nodes. 

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In general, it’s worth noting that this is one of the oldest models and also is a substitute, whereas the Google Nest is available for less money! The latest Nest WiFi Pro is a bit highly rated and is also trending now! The Google WiFi has vanished from Google’s Australia product page, so there is no chance to get one, either a first-generation or the newly launched Google Wifi Mesh router. This shows that the launch in Australia is a little bit far from the US and UK ones, and it’s more likely to launch and will almost find a similar cut-off in price on the three-pack of networking points.

In the end, results come out to be a bit negative because when seen, the Google WiFi 3 Pack is a bit expensive and can be purchased differently or in sets of two or three for bigger areas!

Google WiFi 3 Pack: Setup And Design

Google WiFi 3 Pack

Google doesn’t only have high pricing on its end but it also has the most gleaming designed WiFi units and most probably the simplest setup of any offering. Every Google WiFi unit is a simple mini cylindrical unit with a white LED band in its middle that has the same capacity. In other words, any Google WiFi unit can perform as the core “router” of the system whereas the others can help in broadening the wired signal, delivered to the unit without a wired connection, with their included Ethernet ports including the wireless internet. Each unit among the three is powered via USB-C.

The google WiFi 3 setup is pretty simple and easy just like the Google WiFi’s hardware configuration – accessing a free iOS or Android app to ease the entire process. The Google WiFi App helps you in setting your network by scanning the QR code first on the WiFi point linked to your gateway or modem.

Then the app will ask you to name your network and set a password and then pair any supplemental WiFi points if you have any by scanning QR codes after which you will be able to name individual nodes in the app. Again, it will take a couple of minutes for the first Google WiFi node to identify extra nodes and for them to start functioning. 

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However, you won’t be able to get complete access as even the Netgear Orbi provides, so band shuffling is not an option! Google WiFi does this pretty well in the background. Like this, there are many other useful settings that are provided by the Google WiFi app, for example, spontaneous monitoring of your network including the devices and points linked to it.

The application has included an internet speed test also, like Ookla’s network test which computes the health status of your Points’ connections, including a WiFi test which quantifies your connection strength from inside the network.

This is the most sophisticated and complete suite of controls that have ever been found on a WiFi network system till date, instead of its lack of drop-down boxes and switches. Moreover, one can systematize bandwidth to one device at once, manage smart home devices and stop internet access to a few devices in a family setting – all from the periphery of this app. 

Google WiFi 3 Pack: Performance And Outcome

Google WiFi 3 Pack

The Google WiFi 3 Pack is able to cope up, if not overshadow, Netgear Orbi’s execution. Performing the maximum out of our 100Mbps WiFi service. There is surely no other router that is capable of delivering the same service. But there’s one major difference, Google WiFi is capable enough of bringing this service and quality performance to each room of your house.

Users would be able to watch 4K video via Netflix to Roku Premiere in the basement including Play Overwatch in the office where the modem is located without any issues. WiFi network systems like the Google WiFi 3 Pack are not aimed over all as on coverage. Still, this product certainly performs. 

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The engagement categorization feature ensures that your gaming session is getting more of that crucial bandwidth as compared to other devices in your house which are most frequently streaming HD videos or accessing Facebook. Moreover, the network can fix itself should one or more of the WiFi Points fortuitously lose power.

Even if we are aware of the fact that Google WiFi controls its network system over existing WiFi bands over the 802.11s mesh entente instead of Netgear Orbi’s tri-band system which interacts over a second 5GHz WiFi band, we have not found a considerable contrast between either’s performance. 

We have found an observable quick download speed in MB/s on 2.4GHz band from the Orbi over Google WiFi. Although, this can also be irregular. Here Google WiFi really overshines over alike routers in its striking amount to coverage ratio.

Why Should You Buy Google WiFi 3 Pack?

Google WiFi is the easiest and most uncomplicated router you will ever go for! For a reasonably decent and affordable price, there are a good number of units to get when compared to Google’s other competitors, as well as the best setup and management app till now! In spite of the first-class hardware management controls that it doesn’t have, and the need for AC3000 or AC2200 throughout, Google deliberately every switch and examined whether it could deliver in an easily penetrable way through its app.

There is bandwidth priority control also. Link that with a clean, un-messed hardware design which is better to showcase in a simpler view as compared to rest of the routers that you have ever seen yet!  

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Wrapping Up 

Deasilex now expects that you have clearly understood whether and why you should go for Google WiFi 3 Pack instead of any other service provider. Doesn’t matter if it’s a pretty old model but the thing to remember is that its coverage area is pretty good in such an affordable price range with such a huge collection of useful features!

If you are satisfied with the article then please do let us know in the comment section below by mentioning your thoughts and experiences with Google WiFi 3 Pack also don’t forget to share this article with your friends who are looking to get a WiFi service!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Does Google WiFi 3 Pack Works?

Google WiFi plugs into your internet provider’s modem or gateway to build your WiFi network. Just put the extra Google WiFi Point anywhere in your House which needs additional coverage. From streaming 4K videos and making videos to listening to music, attending calls etc. one can get maximum out of the service and connected home devices.

Q. Is Google WiFi Discontinued?

Post January 11, 2023, your OnHub router will still offer a WiFi signal, but you will no longer be able to control it with the Google Home app. You cannot update things like WiFi network settings or add additional WiFi devices or conduct speed tests.

Q. Does Google WiFi Replace Your Router?

Google WiFi is an extensible and flexible connected WiFi system that replaces your pre-existing router to offer a consistently strong signal.

Q. Can I Have 4 Google WiFi?

We would suggest a total of 5 WiFI devices in a single network. Adding more might be damaging to WiFi performance. The Google Home app only favors one WiFi network per home, but one can create up to 5 homes with a single WIFI network in each!

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