How To Integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney? Steps Explained!

How To Integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney

Are you excited to combine the AI technology of ChatGPT and Midjourney and witness the magical output? Well, you have landed at the right place. In this article, let us see how to integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney.

ChatGPT delivers precision and security while building language and coming up with ideas from the prompts given by the user, and Midjourney gives us the capability to use prompts to create incredibly realistic visuals.

Create a story prompt > Run the ChatGPT command > Make an introduction for character stories >  Run a Python GPT-3 script > Set voiceover > Enhance narration voice > Create visuals using Midjourney > Compile everything to integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney.

Continue reading to understand in detail how to integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney and what steps are involved in it.

How To Integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney?

To integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney, Create a story prompt > Run the ChatGPT command > Make an introduction for character stories >  Run a Python GPT-3 script > Set voiceover > Enhance narration voice > Create visuals using Midjourney > Compile everything

Recently, OpenAI, the company behind DALL-E, unveiled ChatGPT, an AI chatbot with a substantial and sophisticated language model. The AI model has already demonstrated its capacity to produce songs, rap fights, movie script concepts, stories, and more, all of which are of a high caliber.

Due to its huge popularity among its users, ChatGPT was integrated with Whatsapp, Facebook, LinkedIn, and chatbot as the users wanted to experience the working and avail the benefits of ChatGPT on other platforms. Now, the new sensation is to integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney.

Using ChatGPT, many people discover that writing essays and even picture books are simpler. The new AI architecture of Midjourney V4 and OpenAI’s ChatGPT 3.5 together offer a fantastic opportunity for humans to design and produce amazing visual representations of our imaginations.  Children’s book co-written and illustrated using AI tools, such as ChatGPT and MidJourney, was released by Ammaar Reshi. Let us see how to integrate ChatGPT with MidJourney.

Step 1: Create A Story Prompt

Start by coming up with a story prompt. The question in this instance needs to give information about the major characters, the main story line, and the setting of the novel.

Step 2: Run The ChatGPT Command

Go to ChatGPT and paste the step one prompt there. Once you click “Play,” a story will be generated. Example: Imagine a fairy tale land with all things sparkly and bright along with characters Athena and her dog Sniffy.

How To Integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney - story prompt

Step 3: Make An Introduction For The Character Stories

Create a ChatGPT question that will give detailed and intriguing descriptions of the main characters in order to convey their backstories. In ChatGPT, paste this prompt and select “Play.” After that, duplicate the question for use in Midjourney and ask ChatGPT to reduce it to concentrate on nouns and adjectives with commas.

How To Integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney - adjectives with comma

Step 4: Run A Python GPT-3 Script

Make a Python script to segment the story into scenes and then use those scenes to generate a number of Midjourney prompts. Copy the prompts, then paste and save them in a text file.

Step 5: Set Voiceover

By going to Azure Speech Studio, pasting the text of the story, and exporting it as an MP3 file, you may create a narrator’s voice.

Step 6: Enhance The Narration Voice

Depending on the nature of the production, you can utilize a program like Adobe’s AI Speech Enhancer to get a clear, sharp voice for a narrator. Use the dialogue improvement tools of the enhancer to get the best sound by dropping the output MP3 file.

Step 7: Create Visuals Using Midjourney

Using the Mid-journey generated images from the previously written screenplay, draw the graphics for the story. Choose the pictures that best tell the story after pasting those prompts into the middle of the journey.

How To Integrate ChatGPT With Midjourney - Midjourney generated images

Step 8: Compile Everything

Utilize an editing program, such as Adobe Premiere Pro or an equivalent, to put everything together. Try to match the narrator’s voice and the story’s imagery.

By following this stepwise guide, you can easily integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney. To produce incredible visual descriptions, integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney V4. With the help of the Midjourney prompt authors’ imaginations, this model is intended to produce incredibly lifelike images. Hence, by using these Generative AI tools, it is simple to make your story tale concepts come to life. 

Wrapping Up

Technology has leveled up by creating content using two popular AI technologies ChatGPT and Midjourney. We hope this article has explained to you how to integrate ChatGPT with Midjourney. For more such informative and interesting articles, check out our website at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does The GPT3 Chatbot Work?

Ans. Using GPT-3 technology to improve automated instant messaging systems gives users the ability to analyze and comprehend client inquiries and have human-like conversations. Scripted bots receive an immediate boost from GPT-3’s contextual comprehension and pattern recognition.

Q2. How Much RAM Do I Need For GPT-3?

Ans. 700GB of RAM is required to store 175 billion parameters (each parameter takes 4 Bytes), which is more than 10 times the maximum memory of a single GPU.

Q3. What Are The Main Disadvantages Of GPT-3?

Ans. The cost of GPT-3 is its main drawback. It costs a lot to access GPT-3 using the necessary API. Due to this, many people and even small businesses cannot afford it. Davinci, the most sophisticated language model, costs $0.02 (about Rs. 1.5) per thousand tokens.

Q4. Can I Use Midjourney Privately?

Ans. Even if they are created on private servers, images created with Midjourney are always subject to content management policies. Other users on can still see images created on private servers. By purchasing the Private Visibility option add-on, users can avoid this.

Q5. How Do I Get Midjourney?

Step 1: Make sure you have a Discord login.

Step 2: Visit the Midjourney website.

Step 3: Accept Midjourney’s Discord invitation.

Step 4: Find the Newcomer rooms in the Midjourney channels.

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