How To Invest In Humane Tech Company Stock?

How To Invest In Humane Tech Company Stock

It’s a Series C funding round and $100MM raised! Yes, this is the sum up of the fundraising structure of Humane in 2023. No doubt investors looking forward to invest in Humane Tech Company stock are really thrilled! 

Based in San Francisco, California; Humane managed to influence many tech geniuses to come and work under one roof and the result is – Humane Wearable AI. But, Humane is a privately held company and is not available for public trade. Hence, to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, you need to be an accredited investor. 

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To invest in Humane Tech Company stock, you either need to own pre-IPO [that you can sell] stock or need to be an accredited investor. If you match the criteria, find a broker to smoothen the process of acquiring Humane socks. 

Humane is a secretive Tech company and its stocks are privately held. The rules for buying the pre-IPO differ largely from that of the publicly traded ones. If you are looking forward to investing in a promising tech company, it’s time to invest in Humane Tech Company stock.

Humane Tech Company Stock Price

So far, Humane is a privately held company, and not anyone can buy Humane stocks. Only accredited investors can buy the pre-IPO and get a chance to get equity. Humane’s co-founder and CEO Imran Chaudhri said to TechCrunch in an interview, “This Series C round presented an opportunity to raise money through equity, and to bring on board great VCs and strategic partners who would like to participate in equity as the company grows.”

Clearly, the stock price of the Humane company is not available publicly. However, in the Series C funding round, Humane managed to raise $100MM and a total of 28 investors. If you are looking forward to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, you can study stock prices for similar public companies like Amazon (NAS: AMZN), Apple (NAS: AAPL), and Facebook (NAS: META).

How To Invest In Humane Tech Company Stock?

If you are enthusiastic to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, one thing should be clarified first and that is Humane is not a public company hence, you need to be an accredited investor to invest in Humane. Moreover, considering this is a startup you can either own pre-IPO or get equity. 

The investment in Humane Tech Company is achievable using the following steps: 

Research: Although you are super excited to be part of Humane, you need to do good research before considering to invest in Humane Tech Company stock. The bespoken truth is the tech market is already captured by the sharks like Apple, Google, and Meta. No doubt, Humane’s initiatives are unique but we do not know for sure till the product hit the market. You should consider the risks side-by-side with the product that is still under research! 

Build Relationships: Imran Chaudhri recently demoed the Humane Wearable AI for the first time on TED Talk [21st April 2023]. It is the first appearance of the product they are working on. If you are interested to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, you should attend more of these public appearances of Humane. Also, you should build relationships with Humane’s current investors and dig deep into the company. 

Engage with professionals and evaluate funds: Seek advice from investment professionals. You should also go through the evaluation of the funds raised by Humane. Being a pre-IPO tech company, Humane has already completed four fundraising rounds including Seed, Series A, Series B, and Series C. Go through the fundraising history and you will find the reason to invest in Humane Tech Company stock.

Get a Broker and Invest: Investing in pre-IPO is different from investing in public companies. Investing in Humane may also mean owning equity, depending on what they are offering. The negotiations will be personal and closed. Hire a broker to take care of the negotiation process and make the investment smooth. 

How To Buy Humane Tech Company Stock?

How To Invest In Humane Tech Company Stock

First thing first, you cannot buy Humane tech company stock just like that! Humane tech company stocks are not available in the market for anyone to buy. Humane Tech is a privately held company; hence to buy Humane Tech Company Stock, you have to be an accredited investor with more than 1 Million net worth. Besides, the negotiation will be private and you will get equity instead of simple stocks. 

Humane Tech Company Valuation

As a startup tech company that is secretive and shrouded with mystery, it made quite a good impression in 2021 by raising $100MM in a Series B funding round. But, the Series C funding round made heads turn as they managed to reach another $100MM from the previous and existing investors. The valuation of the company has just shot up and the founders are enjoying it as many giants are taking a leap of faith to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, including LG Technology Ventures, Tiger Global, Microsoft, Volvo Cars Tech Fund, and Qualcomm Ventures. Even Open AI CEO Sam Altman has shown interest in Humane. 

Humane Tech Company Investors

As of now, Humane has managed to attract a good number of investors. They have got 28 investors and made $100MM in a Series C funding round. The startup company has raised $230 million from investors including Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. With no products to show for a few years, everybody thought Humane is on the back foot. However, they have managed to keep the previous investors and some homes gained more. Now that they have Humane Wearable AI to show off, we can assume that the number of investors is going to increase. 

Is Humane Tech Company A Good Investment?

If you are asking to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, just go through Humane’s past fundraising series. Humane Tech company is no doubt a good choice to invest in. However, the market competition is high and Humane has very limited products that are still in the lab and not in the market. The risk is there as we do not know what other tech giants are up to and if they are going to capture the market with their Wearable AI gadgets before Humane! Just think wisely, do your math, and choose what sounds smart to you! 


Humane has so far shown a very promising investment graph that is encouraging to invest in Humane Tech Company stock, even if it is pre-IPO. There are 28 investment companies that have shown their interest to shape the future with Humane. We praise the noble thought of Humane making technology a more intriguing part of human life and moreover, making Good AI for us.

[Note: Deasilex is not an investment website and this article is not promoting Humane for any remuneration.] 

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