How To Get VIP Customers In My Restaurant Roblox? 8 Methods!

How To Get Vip Customers In My Restaurant Roblox

Are you struggling to get VIP customers in the My Restaurant game of Roblox? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, let us see how to get VIP customers in My Restaurant Roblox. 

My Restaurant game is one of the super hit games in Roblox which was created by BIG GamesTM and has received over 530 million visits since its release on December 6, 2019. 

To get VIP customers in my Restaurant Roblox, buy more royal furniture, buy a VIP game pass, buy a slot machine, wishing well, and optimize your service and layout.

Players construct and run their very own restaurant in the game by hiring staff, improving appliances, and buying additional floors. Depending on the cuisine recipe and whether they are VIPs or famous customers, the customer may be asked for cash after an order is finished. 

How To Get VIP Customers In My Restaurant Roblox?

To get VIP customers in my Restaurant Roblox, buy more royal furniture, buy a VIP game pass, buy a slot machine, wishing well, and optimize your service and layout.

A player in the My Restaurant game in Roblox takes the role of a restaurant manager and manages the restaurant. Your reputation will increase as your income increases. You must pull more clients to My Restaurant so they will spend more on your food and beverages which results in an increase in cash flow in the restaurant.

My restaurant game consists of a range of customers visiting the restaurant and among them, the VIP customer holds a lot of value. As the name says, the VIP customer is the richest customer and there is a 0.1% probability that the customer will enter the player’s restaurant. So, every restaurant manager’s dream is to get VIP customers into their restaurant. With their golden top hats, VIP clients look rich. These clients always order the most expensive meal that your restaurant has and pay ten times the actual food’s cost. You will receive a notification that “VIP customer has entered your restaurant” if they arrive. You can get VIP customers in My Restaurant Roblox by trying the following methods:

How To Get Vip Customers In My Restaurant Roblox - VIP customer

Method 1: Buy More Royal Furniture

Having royal furniture like royal tables, royal chairs, and carpets, and buying royal appliances like royal stoves and sinks attract VIP customers to your restaurant. When there are royal chairs and tables in your restaurant, there is a 100% chance of a VIP customer visiting your restaurant. 

The BIG Shop may have everything you need in terms of appliances, furnishings, and design. You can teleport there using the Shop button by the Player’s Restaurant, or you can choose to walk there.

Method 2: Buy VIP Game Pass

Buying a VIP game pass has the probability of getting VIP customers by 2x in My Restaurant Roblox. VIP game passes can be brought with Robux. Though VIP game passes are expensive, one of the numerous advantages of the VIP pass for your business is an automatic $1,000 donation every 15 minutes and having about 100 clients every minute.

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Method 3: Buy Wishing Well

The wishing well grants you a wish every 5 hours where you can win prizes like cash, hyper stoves, a VIP client, or boosts. Boost refers to the advertising campaign boost as it increases the number of regular customers, you get double profits for the dish you serve and with hyper stoves, your stove can cook three times faster than the normal ones.

How To Get Vip Customers In My Restaurant Roblox - wishing well

Method 4: Buy A Slot Machine

A slot machine is like a casino machine placed in a restaurant. Once every ten minutes, each spin costs 10,000 dollars. By spending 39 Robux, you can skip the 10-minute cool-down period and re-roll. Since you just need to wait for 10 minutes to roll again, it is not advised to spend extra Robux. By having a slot machine you can win cash prizes, VIP customers in my Restaurant Roblox, and many more exciting prizes.

How To Get Vip Customers In My Restaurant Roblox - slot machine

Method 5: Construct More Floors In The Restaurant

Customers entering your restaurant take about 10 seconds to order food and 65 seconds to eat. In order to attract more customers, you can improve your layout by constructing more floors in the restaurant and can build a maximum of 10 floors so that there is a significant reduction in the time it takes for more customers to arrive. The gap between consumers arriving on your first floor can be up to 18 seconds and the duration will be reduced to just two seconds by the tenth floor. Since your layout might attract different types of guests, the chair-to-table arrangement is also essential. Also, hire more waiters and chefs to manage the crowd.

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Method 6: Concentrate On The Variety Of Menu

The quality of your food will determine how successful your business is, so you should design a menu with a wide variety of options to satisfy the needs of your customers to get VIPcustomers in my Restaurant Roblox.

Method 7: Upgrade Appliances

You may upgrade your normal appliances to royal ones like the luxury dishwasher to attract more customers and to get VIP customers in my Restaurant Roblox. You can decorate your restaurant with jewelry cases to attract more VIP customers, which would boost business. To achieve the greatest increase, you require 66 jewelry cases in total. Investing in Golden stand is also truly worth it as meals ordered from the golden order stand have a 5% chance of being delivered on a gold plate. You will receive three times the dish’s worth as a result.

Method 8: Optimize The Service

Placement of essential items such as the cooking station and dishwasher close to one another is one technique to improve the service. Put them close to the teleporter if you can. This stops the waiters and chefs from endlessly walking around your restaurant. You may also place all the royal tables and chairs together on a specific floor as there are high chances of getting VIP customers in My Restaurant Roblox. This process also enables you to attend to many clients at once. 

How To Get Ghost Customers In My Restaurant?

The Ghost customer has the whole body invisible except the face. In My Restaurant, a special customer is referred to as a “Ghost Customer.” About 50 of them will be summoned without having to wait for a Waiter to offer them a seat if a Mystery Customer has entered the Player’s restaurant. They pay 10 times as much for their cuisine as VIP customers do. 

The Ghost Customer will enter without a Waiter or Player interacting with them if they spawn in with a Regular Customer. Similar to the VIP Customer, the Ghost Customer will leave a bag rather than a band of cash after finishing their meal.

How To Get Vip Customers In My Restaurant Roblox - ghost customer

Who Are The Other Types Of Customers Visiting My Restaurant?

  • Normal Customers
  • Headless Horseman
  • Haunted VIP Customer
  • Celebrity Customer
  • Ghost Customer
  • YouTuber

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Wrapping Up

My Restaurant game in Roblox allows you to compete with other restaurant managers by making the game more interesting. By getting more VIP customers, you have a high probability of succeeding in the game. We hope this article has helped you in understanding how to get VIP customers in My Restaurant Roblox. For more such informative and interesting articles, follow us at Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Many Achievements Are In My Restaurant Roblox?

Ans. An aspect of My Restaurant is achievements, which are also referred to as quests or goals. They show up on the side of the screen and, when finished, reward you with money or experience points. The goals include a wide range of responsibilities, including hiring employees, providing customer service, and purchasing furnishings and other items. There are 112 goals total right now.

Q2. What Does A Big Tip Jar Do In My Restaurant?

Ans. The BIG Tip Jar in My Restaurant is a Limited Edition Item. Up until it ran out, it cost 800 Robux to purchase. It works similarly to a tip jar, except unlike a typical tip jar, only 50% of customers leave tips.

Q3. Is The Arcade Machine Worth It In My Restaurant Roblox?

Ans. No! There are only a few of The Arcade Machine (Paintball Edition) at My Restaurant. Customers can play this item and earn money by getting good scores, however, it still provides 50% less than the original arcade machine. Additionally, YouTubers pay 10 times as much to play it. It cost two million dollars and had 20,000 products in stock.

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