How to Make Potions in Minecraft | A Complete Guide!

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Brewing potions in Minecraft again? Brewing is the process of combining various components to water bottles in a brewing stand to make potions, splash potions, and lingering potions. So, which potion is in your mind today?

Brewing potions in Minecraft is easy if you know the correct recipe and of course correct ingredients. The majority of end-game scenario in Minecraft requires the player to make and employ potions. This must be utilized against both the player and their enemies. Potions come in a wide range, from poison and invisibility to strength boosters, elemental remedies, and healing buffs.

A base component is typically needed to create potions in Minecraft that are created through brewing. A secondary modifier can be used to change and improve this. Let’s examine what you should know about potions presently.

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What Do You Need To Make Potions In Minecraft?


  1. Brewing stand
  2. Cauldron
  3. Water
  4. Blaze Powder
  5. Glass Bottle
  6. Water Bottle


When brewing potions in Minecraft, note that all potions begin with base components, substances that can be put right into a water bottle. Because it is necessary for creating the bulk of potions, the nether wart is the most essential of the base components. Modifiers are substances that are added to a potion to change its characteristics or its impact.

Name of the IngredientsAfter adding to the water bottle 
Nether Wart    Awkward Potion
Redstone DustMundane Potion
Fermented Spider EyePotion of Weakness
Dragon’s BreathLingering Water Bottle 
Glowstone DustThick Potion
GunpowderSplash Water Bottle

Follow the Steps to Brew Potions in Minecraft

You must travel to the Nether in order to begin the procedure of making potions in Minecraft because many ingredients are only available there. Nether is extremely hazardous, especially for rookie players. While in the Nether, think about changing the game’s difficulty to “Peaceful” to prevent dying before obtaining Ghast tears, Magma Cream, Blaze rods, and Blaze Powder.

1. Collect Nether Ingredients

Nether Wart: mushroom-like ingredient you will find in Nether strongholds. On soul sand, it grows.

Blaze Rods: When killed, blazes release blaze rods. For Blazes to spawn, you must raise the difficulty setting to “Easy.”

Soul Sand: Grab some of these brown blocks that appear to have faces trapped inside if you want to produce more Nether Wart in the Overworld.

  1. Then it’s time to return to the Overworld and build a brewing stand, then set it down on the ground.
  2. The next step is to craft Glass Bottles. Open the crafting table and set three glass blocks –  in the middle-left, bottom-middle, and middle-right squares and you are ready to move the three glass bottles into your inventory. 
  3. Place a blazing rod in any square on the crafting table, then move the blaze powder into your inventory.
  4. Secondary Ingredients: Base potions are inert and require the addition of another ingredient to produce any effects. What kind of potion you make depends depend on the ingredients you use. 

Here is the list of secondary ingredients you need – Spider Eye, Glistering Melon, Golden Carrot, Fermented Spider Eye, Pufferfish, Sugar, Blaze Powder, Magma Cream, Ghast Tear, Turtle Shell Rabbit’s Foot, Phantom Membrane.

  1. Also collect the potion modifiers: Redstone, Glowstone Dust, Gunpowder, Fermented Spider Eye, and Dragon’s Breath.
  2. Fill the glass bottles you have. Find a water source (such as a body of water or a cauldron filled with water), equip glass bottles, and choose the water to fill the bottles with. You can start creating potions once you have a stack of three bottles.

2. Brewing Potion

How to Make Potions in Minecraft_potion chart
  1. Open the brewing stand.
  2. Your water bottles should be put on the stand. To fit your bottles into the “three squares” at the bottom of the page, click and drag them there.

Tap a square in Minecraft PE, then tap the water bottle symbol on the page’s left side. Press Y or Triangle when the water bottle is selected (for the console version).

How to Make Potions in Minecraft_nether wart
  1. Put the Nether wart in the square at the top of the crafting page.
  2. Add some flame powder. In the brewing stand window, click and drag blazing powder to the top-left square. By doing this, the “Awkward Potion” basic potion will start to brew.

In Minecraft PE, omit this step. Simply press Y or Triangle when the blazing powder is selected (for the console version).

  1. Restock the brewing stand with the awkward potion or potions. You can alter the Awkward Potion by adding an additional ingredient after using it as a base.
  2. Add a secondary component. Put the second item in the square at the top of the brewing stand, like a rabbit foot, for example. Once more, the potion will start to boil. Your initial batch of blaze powder ought to last for 20 brew cycles.
  3. You should keep the potion in your inventory. The time has come to consume your potion.
  4. To make the desired potions, add your secondary component. Place an ingredient from the list below in the top square of the brewing grid along with the three awkward potions in the bottom section to create the potion you want:

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Potions with Positive Effects:

How to Make Potions in Minecraft_melon slice
Healing  Awkward Potion  Glistering Melon  Restores two lives
Night Vision AwkwardPotion Golden Carrot See in the dark 
Strength AwkwardPotion Blaze Powder 30% damage boost 
 Water Breathing  AwkwardPotion Pufferfish Breathe underwater 
Fire Resist AwkwardPotion Magma Cream Immune to fire and lava 
Swiftness AwkwardPotion Sugar 20% speed boost 
Regeneration AwkwardPotion Ghast Tear Heal one life every two seconds 
Leaping AwkwardPotion Rabbit’s Foot Jump 1/2 block higher 
Slow Falling AwkwardPotion Phantom Membrane Falls slower and immune to fall damage 
Turtle Master AwkwardPotion Turtle Shell Slows the player by 60% and reduces incoming damage by 60% 

Potions with Negative Effects

How to Make Potions in Minecraft_spider eye
Poison Awkward Potion Spider Eye Takes away one Life every three seconds 
Weakness Mundane Potion Fermented Spider Eye 50% reduction in damage 
  1. The potion you want to modify must have the modifier component added. The potions you make can be altered with the addition of new components in a variety of ways, including the creation of brand-new potions. To change the potions you just made, look at the chart below:

Modified Positive Potions

Healing II Healing Potion Glowstone Dust Restores Four Lives 
Night Vision+ Night Vision Potion Redstone See in the dark 
Invisibility Night Vision Potion Fermented Spider Eye Makes invisible 
Invisibility+ Invisibility Redstone Makes invisible 
Strength II Strength Potion Glowstone Dust 160% damage boost 
Strength+ Strength Potion Redstone 30% damage boost 
Water Breathing+ Water Breathing Potion Redstone Breathe underwater 
Fire Resist+ Fire Resist Potion Redstone Immune to fire and lava 
Speed II Speed Potion Glowstone Dust 40% speed boost 
Speed+ Speed Potion Redstone 20% speed boost 
Regeneration II Regeneration Potion Glowstone Dust Heal one Life every second 
Regeneration+ Regeneration Potion Redstone Heal one Life every two seconds 
Leaping II Leaping Potion Glowstone Dust Jump 1 and 1/2 blocks higher 
Leaping+ Leaping Potion Redstone Jump 1/2 a block higher 
Slow Falling+ Slow Falling Potion Redstone Falls slower and immune to fall damage 
Turtle Master II Turtle Master Potion Glowstone Dust Slows the player by 90% and reduces incoming damage by 80% 
Turtle Master+ Turtle Master Potion Redstone Slows the player by 60% and reduces incoming damage by 60% 

Modified Negative Potions

Poison II Poison Potion Glowstone Dust Takes away one Life every second 
Poison+ Poison Potion Redstone Takes away one Life every three seconds 
Weakness+ Strength Potion Fermented Spider Eye 50% reduction in damage 
Harming Poison/Healing Potion Fermented Spider Eye Deals 3 life damage 
Harming II Poison II/Healing II Potion Fermented Spider Eye Deals 6 life damage 
Harming II Harming Potion Glowstone Dust Deals 6 life damage 
Slowness Resist Fire/Speed Potion Fermented Spider Eye Slows movement speed 
Slowness+ Resist Fire+/Speed+ Potion Fermented Spider Eye Slows movement speed 
Slowness+ Slowness Potion Glowstone Dust Slows movement speed 
  1. Creating a Splash Potion. A splash potion is called a splash potion. When hurled, a particle cloud containing the potion’s effects (such as slowness, speed, etc.) will be seen for around a second. This can be created by mixing a chunk of gunpowder with any potion from the tables above. Splash potions can be created with awkward and mundane potions.
  2. Creating a Lingering Potion: Similar to a splash potion, a lingering potion’s effect cloud lasts much longer and “lingers” in place. Place Dragon’s Breath in the top slot of a brewing stand and one splash potion in one of the top slots to create a lingering potion.

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Wrapping Up

Now you have the details, on how to make potions in Minecraft. Whether it is a negative or positive potion, make sure that you are placing the right ingredients in the brewing stand as mentioned in this article. If venturing Nether sounds difficult to you should rely on the diamonds that you can find in Minecraft. Wish to learn more tricks playing Minecraft? Let’s comment below. 

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