How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds? Tricks To Know!

How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds?

Instagram no doubt is a very famous social media app where you can add short videos, photos, and reels. But, the only thing that is really frustrating is that you cannot add reels longer than 15 seconds. I must say, that struggle is actually real. Are you eager to know how to make reels longer than 15 Seconds? Well, if so, then you have come to the right place.

Since it is one of the most popular social media platforms trending at the moment, users love the focus of Instagram on communication through videos and pictures. The best part is that this app is optimized for mobile devices, making it a perfect app for today’s technology.

Now, coming back to your question, how to make reels longer than 15 Seconds. As we all know the default time for Instagram reels is just 15 seconds. But, what if I tell you that you can extend the recording time? How is that possible? So, here it is, log in to your Instagram account > your story > reels > find length icon > choose from 15 to 30 seconds.

Scratching your head coz you dint get anything that’s said above? No worries, we are here for you. Below, you will find a detailed description of how you can easily and quickly make reels longer than 15 seconds. Are you ready for it? If yes, then let’s get started.

Length Of Instagram Videos

How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds?

You can take videos and share them on your account or you can even directly message someone and you can even post videos and photos on your story. But these videos come with time limits:

  1. You can post videos that could be between 3 seconds to one minute on your Instagram feed.
  2. Instagram stories can have videos that can last up to 15 seconds.
  3. Your live videos and IGTV videos can last up to 60 minutes.
  4. Reels can last either 15 or 30 seconds.

Yes, this is really annoying when you want to share something that does not fit within these time limits. So how to make reels longer than 15 Seconds? Don’t worry, you will find the answer to this question real soon.

How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds? 

Let us not keep you waiting and start with the methods so that you know How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds.

1. Using Multiple Clips

How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds?

One of the simplest ways by which you can get to post your video is in bits. Say, you want to post a 1-minute video on your Instagram story, but you cannot because Instagram stories allow you to post only 15 seconds videos.

When you choose the video to share it will be trimmed to the first 15 seconds only, the rest of the video will not be on your story. If you don’t want to trim your video then there are a few tricks that you have to work on your own.

You can use editing for instance your phone’s video editing feature to trim the video to 15 seconds increments. You will see that your 1-minute video will be trimmed to four 15 seconds clips that you can easily upload on Instagram.

Next, you have to share those clips on your Instagram. You need to do this in an old-fashioned way and not directly to your stories to make sure that the clips are in the correct order. Here are a few steps that will help you to post a clip on your Instagram.

  1. Click on the (+) sign so that you can add images and videos from your camera roll.
  2. Click on the option to add many pieces of content altogether.
  3. Choose the clips that you want in order.
  4. Then you have to click on the next option.
  5. Now, edit the clips according to your preference, and then again, click on the next option.
  6. Add a caption and also a location.
  7. Lastly, click on the share option.

In this way, you will be able to share the video on your regular Instagram feed and then from there, you can share it on your story. Though this may not be necessary because your feed can post the full minute but there is no way by which you can edit and then add those video clips together if you bypass the feed and then share it directly to your story.

When anyone goes to view your story then they will see the post in that order only that you have posted them. If you want, then you can even rearrange the order of those clips.

2. Go Live

Go Live

Even though the Instagram stories will automatically play in order, it may be a bit disturbing where one video ends and the other starts. If you want your video to be whole then you can try to do it live first.

These Instagram live videos can be of 1 hour in length. With the recent updates on Instagram, you can even post these live videos on your Instagram story. And these will be up, on your story for 24 hours. But yes, you will not be able to post these on your regular Instagram collection. You can only share these live videos with your Instagram story when your live session is complete. However, you can save these videos on your phone or on your desktop and can edit them later.

3. Using Third-Party Apps

If you don’t want to do live videos, or if you don’t want to do so much editing, then you need not worry because you can easily find many apps on the market that will help you to do the same thing but in a simpler way. Here are some of the third-party apps that help you to know How To Make Reels Longer Than 15 Seconds:

StorySplitter For iPhone

Here you an absolutely free app for iOS users. This app too will help you to split the videos into 15 seconds clips without you doing much editing work. If you want then you can even try the premium version of this app at $.99. But you will not be allowed to post a video in landscape format. Also, until and unless you use the premium version you will get to see the watermarks on your images.

Story Cutter For Android

Story Cutter For Android

Now that we have spoken about iOS, there are apps for Android users too. Story cutter is a very popular app that will cut your videos to any length clip that you want. In short, you just decide the length of the video and the app will edit the video for you. This makes it best for other social media platforms too and just for Instagram since all the social media platforms have their own length restriction.

Wrapping Up:

So hopefully now you do have got the answer to your question on how to make reels longer than 15 Seconds, isn’t it? You can use third-party apps or you can edit the videos on your own and post them on your Instagram story.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How To Change A Reel To 60 Seconds?

If you want to change a reel to 60 seconds then you need to open the cassette door. There you will find the small white gear icon situated on the left side of the reel. Rotate the gear counterclockwise with your fingers until it stops. Now close the cassette door and your reel will play for 60 seconds.

Q. Can Instagram Stories Be Longer Than 15 Seconds?

Yes, absolutely Instagram stories can be longer than 15 seconds. The maximum length is 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

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