How To Pause Instagram Reels?

How to Pause Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels are the shortest entertainment videos available on the internet. These reels are designed to be watched in one go and then scroll to the next. Have you seen an option to pause Instagram Reels in the app? No, there is no such option on the screen.

If we do not have a pause option on the screen, we usually watch the Reels again if we missed something. This increases the number of views and encourages the creator as he gets more and more views of the Instagram Reels.

There are several ways to pause Instagram Reels in the app, but they are all less known. Tap and hold to pause the Reel. You can also tap the three dots (ellipsis icon) to pause the Reels.

There is no way to pause the Reel directly. But we can expect this feature to be introduced in the Reels soon. Earlier it was available with just a single tap but in the latest update, it was changed to mute the Reel.

How To Pause Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are a lot of fun to watch and share, but how many times have you missed a part of the reel and had to watch it all over again because you couldn’t pause it? When we tap on the Reel, it mutes and the Reel continues. There are different ways of pausing the Reels on Instagram and all the ways are handy.

Way 1: Using The Pause Button

How to Pause Instagram Reels

If you are looking for a pause button on Instagram Reels, then you won’t find one because there isn’t any pause button. To pause Instagram Reels, tap and hold on to the Instagram Reel, and it will pause as long as you hold. Once you release it, it will play again.

Way 2: Tapping The Screen

How to Pause Instagram Reels

Another method to pause Instagram Reels is to tap on the three dots ellipses icon on the screen. In this way you can pause Instagram Reels without holding.

Way 3: Using The Volume Button

On some phones, screenshots are taken using the volume buttons. You can take a screenshot, and it will pause the Reel for a few microseconds.

Way 4: Use The Timer Function

The timer function is used to delay the recording of a Reel by a few seconds to adjust the camera perfectly. We do have a similar feature in the camera as well. To use the timer function,

Step 1: Open the Instagram app.

Step 2: Tap to create a new Reel.

Step 3: On the left side of the screen, you will find the timer option.

Step 4: Tap on it. You can set a timer at 3 seconds or 10 seconds.

Step 5: Tap on a set timer.

Step 6: Now start recording a Reel and you will observe there is a countdown timer on the screen.

Way 5: Using Third-party Apps

You can use third-party apps to pause the Reels if you want to extract something important from them. There is no such third-party app that can help you to pause the Reels on Instagram, but you can use third-party apps to download the Reels and then pause the Reels. The third-party apps include:

  1. Video downloader for Instagram
  2. Inshort
  3. Instore
  4. Insave

Way 6: Using Voice Commands

The latest smartphones have a feature of voice commands for all their functions. You can use the voice commands feature to pause the Reels. But this feature is not available on all phones.

Way 7: Using Gestures

There are some flagship phones that support gesture recognition and wave features. With those features, you can pause and play the Instagram Reel without even tapping on the phone.

Way 8: Use Instagram Desktop Version

How to Pause Instagram Reels

The easiest way to pause Instagram Reels is to use the desktop version. Log into your account on your PC or laptop and then click on Reels. On the top of the Reels, you will find the option to play and pause the Reels.

How To Pause Instagram Reels On iPhone?

You can pause the Instagram Reels on the iPhone by tapping and holding on the screen. Once you release the tap, it will play the Reel again.

How To Pause Instagram Reels On Android?

The best way to pause Instagram Reels on Android is by tapping on the ellipses icon (three dots). This way you can pause Instagram Reels as long as you want.

How To Unpause Reels On Instagram?

If you have paused an Instagram Reel by tapping and holding on it, you can unpause it by releasing the tap, and the Reel will play again. If you have paused a Reel by tapping on the three dots (ellipses icon), then tapping on the Reel will play the Reel again.

Why Can’t I Pause Instagram Reels?

If you are trying to pause Instagram Reels by tapping on it or tapping on the ellipses icon and the Reel does not pause, then you have to update the Instagram app and then try again.


Instagram Reels have given many content creators the opportunity to showcase their skills. Many artists create Reels as they create their artwork, and then get millions of views on the reels. This helps them make money from their art and keep their art alive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Long Can Instagram Reels Be Paused For?

You can pause an Instagram Reel as long as you want. It mainly depends on the method used to pause Instagram Reels.

Q2: Can I Pause Someone Else’s Reels?

Yes, if someone has uploaded a Reel, you can tap and hold on to the Reel to pause it. 

Q3: Does Pausing Instagram Reels Affect The Algorithm?

No, pausing the Reels does not affect the algorithm of the Reels.

Q4: Why There Is No Pause Option For Reels On The Instagram App?

Instagram Reels are made for just few seconds. It is expected to watch the Reel in a single go and by rewatching the Reels, the views go up.

Q5: Is It Possible To Rewind Or Fast Forward Reels?

No, there is no such option available on the Instagram app, but you can download the Reel and then fast-forward the Reel or rewind the Reel.

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