How To Play Cryptovoxels? How To Earn While Playing?

How To Play Cryptovoxels?

Metaverse is a big word today. It is not just a solo world but a collection of many virtual worlds. Cryptovoxels is one such famous virtual world of Metaverse that allows you to play and earn. Want to know how? Here is a post that will tell you how to play Cryptovoxels and how to earn from it.

Cryptovoxels has been a part of Metaverse since 2018. Cryptovoxels is a 3D virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptovoxel Metaverse consists of the Origin City, owned by the Cooperation, and players’ land parcels. Cryptovoxels is the smallest virtual blockchain world (VBW) by land area. The land of Cryptovoxels is not fixed. It is expanding without any limits. 

In this post, we will be guiding you on how to play Cryptovoxels. We will also help you explore new places and build your shop from where you can earn. So, without wasting time, let’s start from the ground.

How To Get Started With In Cryptovoxels?

Before heading straight to How To Play Cryptovoxels, you must know what you need. Although you can explore Cryptovoxels without making an account. So, you need an account to get started to use all the features.

  1. To sign in to Cryptovoxels, you need to have a digital wallet like MetaMask.
  2. Sign in to MetaMask on the computer or laptop first.
  3. Then Sign into Cryptovoxels using the same wallet.
  4. Now you are ready to explore and play in Cryptovoxels.
  5. If you have a virtual device like the HTC Vive, you can use that to experience a whole new world.

How To Play Cryptovoxels?

How to play Cryptovoxels?

If you are playing for the first time, go to the Cryptovoxels website and click on the play button. This will take you to a new page where you are inside the Cryptovoxels. You will find yourself on a random street. You will have a guide on the right side of your screen. It shows the keys that you will need to control your avatar.

  1. You can look around using mouse directions.
  2. Zoom in and out using the scroll key on the mouse.
  3. A map is located on the bottom to see the city and roads.
  4. Keys controls
  • F – Fly
  • C – change view
  • WASD  – Walk
  • Shift – run
  • Release mouse – ESC
  • H – More Help
  1. On the bottom, you have a few more options
  • Emote / animate
  • Nearby Chat
  • Womp / teleport
  • Quick Start Guide

You just have to explore shops, museums, land, houses, buildings and much more. If you find an NFT that you would like to buy, right-click on that, and it will take you to OpenSea Marketplace. Here you can easily purchase that NFT or land parcel.

How To Build In Cryptovoxels?

If you are interested in building in Cryptovoxels, then you don’t need to go and learn any other software. It is super easy to construct in Cryptovoxels. Cryptovoxels has its own built-in tools for that. You have three ways to construct Cryptovoxels.

  1. You can purchase your land parcel and start building on that.
  2. You can build on the sandbox parcels.
  3. You can also use space under your account settings.

The different features added to the land parcel are audio, buttons, voxel models, text, images, gifs, and polytext (3D). You can create a shop in Cryptovoxels Metaverse and display your NFTs on that. When someone buys it, he will be redirected to the OpenSea marketplace and complete the rest of the transaction.

How To Earn in Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is considered to be an economic strategy game. Players are expected to make good financial decisions that will benefit them without harming society. There are four ways to earn in Cryptovoxels Metaverse. 

1. Land Parcels

You can buy your land parcel or create a new space. These new spaces are isolated land parcels that are not available in Cryptovoxels. You can share the link or teleport to that land. Once on that, you can start building homes, buildings, shops, museums, and much more. Now you can earn from these buildings or land parcels by selling them as NFTs on marketplaces like OpenSea.

2. Shops And Museums

Players can earn good profits from shops and museums in Cryptovoxels. Once you have constructed a shop or purchased a shop, you can display your owned NFTs on it. Other players visiting your shop can purchase the NFTs there. You can display any NFT in your shop. Once a player wishes to buy it, he will be redirected to OpenSea to complete the transaction.

3. Wearables

You can design your 3D wearables in Cryptovoxels Metaverse. These wearables can be sold on the marketplace as NFTs and you can earn from them while playing in Cryptovoxels.

4. Play To Earn Game Festival

This Play to Earn Game Festival is a celebration of blockchain-powered games. These games allow players to be owners, instead of mere consumers. The play-to-earn game festival is from Nov 2 – Nov 13 to learn about games and win prizes!

Wrapping Up: 

That’s all for how to play Cryptovoxels. I know you are excited to play in Cryptovoxels now. This Metaverse is continuously increasing and will soon compete with Decentraland. People are predicting its bright future. If you want to get involved in Metaverse, Cryptovoxels is a perfect place to start with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Do Cryptovoxels Have a Coin?

Cryptovoxels has a token— the Cryptovoxels Parcel (CVPA). 

Q2.  Who Created Cryptovoxels?

Nolan Consulting is the developer of Cryptovoxels. This project was first released in May 2018, and the first sales were made in June 2018.

Q3. Can You Make Money On Cryptovoxels?

Yes, you can make money on Cryptovoxels by selling land and collections created on this platform. If bidders are interested in your parcel, you can earn more by auctioning parcels.

Q4.  How Many Parcels Do You Get With Crytovoxels?

As per OpenSea, there are approximately 6826 parcels available within the Cryptovoxels Metaverse.

Q5. What Does Metaverse Mean?

Metaverse is described as a fully-realized digital world in nature and exists beyond the one we live in. Metaverse is a 3D virtual world where you can enter your avatar and socialize with other people. It is seen as the future of social networking. 

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