How To Build In Cryptovoxels? A Guide For Beginners

How To Build In Cryptovoxels?

Metaverse is trending all around the globe. With every passing day, new companies enter Metaverse. Cryptovoxels is one such metaverse. This article on all about Cryptovoxels and how to build in Cryptovoxels.

Cryptovoxels is a 3D virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Cryptovoxels is a Metaverse that was launched in June 2018. Cryptovoxel Metaverse consists of the city called Origin City, owned by the Cooperation and land parcels that players own. There are many more features of this Metaverse that made it famous.

In this post today, we will be discussing how to build in Cryptovoxels if you own a land parcel. We will also be taking a quick tour of Cryptovoxels and its main features that you can explore as players. So, let’s start.

What Is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is an Ethereum powered Metaverse that comprises real-life frameworks like buildings, homes, roads, streets, lands, and much more. Using Ethereum wallet, you can purchase a land parcel in Cryptovoxels and start building structures.

You can create anything on land. It all depends on your skills and imagination. Once you have constructed your land, you can start earning from it. You can sell or rent on Cryptovoxels. You can even embed audio, video, or images on the land parcel. 

Currently, Cryptovoxels is a web-based or browser-based Metaverse. But you can access it using virtual reality devices like Oculus Quest, Rift, and HTC Vive. You can currently access it through your web browser like chrome, firefox, safari, and so on. Cryptovoxels uses babylon.js for high-speed rendering within the web browser.

How To Get Started With Cryptovoxels?

Before you can build in Cryptovoxels, you need to know how to start with Cryptovoxels. The best feature of Cryptovoxels is that it lets you explore this Metaverse even without an Ethereum wallet. You can directly go and start to play.

To start building, Cryptovoxels provides three options:

  1. You can purchase your land parcel and start building on that.
  2. You can build on the sandbox parcels.
  3. You can also use space under your account settings.

How To Buy Land Parcel In Cryptovoxels?

You can buy Cryptovoxels land parcels on any Ethereum Marketplace like OpenSea. Once you have successfully purchased on OpenSea, you can follow these steps to buy the land before you want to know as to how to Build in Cryptovoxels:

  1. You need to sign in to MetaMask or any other wallet.
  2. Go to your land parcel and click on the visit.
  3. Press Tab to see the menu.
  4. Go to the Blocks tab.
  5. Select block.
  6. You can now click and shift-click to start building.

How To Build In Cryptovoxels?

Land parcel owners in Cryptovoxels can build on their own land. Owners can add and remove voxels (blocks) and different features on their parcels. You can also make your land parcel a sandbox parcel, allowing anyone to build on it. The different features added to the land parcel are audio, buttons, voxel models, text, images, gifs, and polytext (3D). To start building in Cryptovoxels, follow the steps ahead.

Step 1: 

  1. Right-click or Press Tab to bring the menu options.
  2. Here you have blocks, polygon, and text
  3. First, we will look at blocks options.

Step 2:

  1. Click on the Block tab, and different blocks open.
  2. Colors are also placed at the bottom.
  3. To place a block on the canvas, bring up the menu, select the block and place it in the right position.
  4. In this way, you can build buildings and homes with blocks along the 3 axes.
  5. You can also add color to your blocks.

Step 3: 

  1. Click on the polygon option in the menu.
  2. You get different options. 
  • Edit
  • Text
  • Image
  • Paragraph
  • Audio
  • Polytext
  • NFT Image
  • Call bell
  • .vox
  • Video
  • Particles
  1. You just have to select it and place it in the right location.
  2. In this way, you can create your own world in Cryptovoxels Metaverse.

Market Value Of Cryptovoxels

Total items6.8 K
Floor price1.61 ETH
Volume traded23.5 K
Available for sale492
Highest Price item on sale10,000 ETH ($31,487,800.00)

Wrapping Up:

In this post, we have discussed Cryptovoxels and how you can buy in Cryptovoxels, along with how to build in Cryptovoxels. 

It is pretty easy to start building in Cryptovoxels, and you don’t need any coding skills for that. It is a straightforward method. If you are using Virtual devices while building, you can create a next-level 3D model in Cryptovoxels.

If you want to know more about any topic on Metaverse, leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Much Does Land Cost In Cryptovoxels?

The land parcels of Cryptovoxels Metaverse costs from $821 to $3,895 or 1.61 ETH to 10000 ETH. You can purchase it easily from OpenSea. The current floor price of Cryptovoxels is 1.61 ETH.

Q2. How Can I Buy Cryptovoxels Land?

Anyone can buy land on OpenSea. It is freely available at all times. No sales or airdrops.

Q3. Is Cryptovoxels A VR?

Cryptovoxels is compatible with virtual reality devices like Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, etc.

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