How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal? 2023 Top Solution!

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal

Considering that till now you have heard enough about BeReal and its unique strategy of being real! So, it’s time to get to know your friends and their friends by learning how to see mutual friends on BeReal. If this interests you then stay a bit longer and get the details.

BeReal, the most latest and trending app of this year, guarantees its users the reality of the platform. Everyone on this platform has to be real and cope-up with its strategy. To know who are on BeReal from your circle and who are the mutuals between you and them you can read how to see mutual friends on BeReal in this blog post. 

Here is how to see mutual friends on BeReal: Open BeReal > Two People Icon > People You May Know > Open Profile > Below Add > Mutual Friends. If you want to know the same in detail then you can refer to the further sections.

BeReal brings a new trend of being you, just you! Which is loved and accepted by many! Now you have to find out whether your friends and their friends are into this too or not.

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal?

If you are on BeReal then joining and posting BeReal would be one of your best decisions made so far! Spreading love through the realness of this platform is the ultimate goal of this social media app. Now it’s all upon the users, how they adapt and accept this strategy and post BeReal. 

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To know how to see mutual friends on BeReal follow the given detailed guidelines:

Open BeReal > Two People Icon > People You May Know > Open Profile > Below Add > Mutual Friends

Step 01: Open the BeReal application on your device (Android, iOS, Desktop or Mac).

Step 02: From the BeReal Home Screen, click on the Two People icon at the left corner.

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal

Step 03: Next, you will reach on the Invite Friends page, below that you will find the People You May Know option. Under the People You May Know, you will find Suggestions given by BeReal.

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal

This Suggestion list will include people whom you might know or might be interested in knowing based on your friend list. 

Step 4: Next, you have to open any of the suggested user’s accounts and head to his\her BeReal Profile.

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal

Step 05: Once you reach there, you will find an Add button. Below this, you will find BeReal IDs of users who are mutual with you and them. In other words, they are added with both of you on BeReal.

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If you wish to view the BeReal profiles of those Mutual Users, you can click on their Profile pictures and take a look at their profiles. So, this was all about how to see mutual friends on BeReal.

How To Share A Mutual BeReal Profile?

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal?

Sharing a mutual profile on BeReal after learning how to see mutual friends on BeReal means that you want your other BeReal friends to know about these users as a reaction to which they can either add or follow them on BeReal too! Sharing a Mutual profile with your other friends on BeReal can help them to know who else is following their friend on BeReal. This will not only enhance the app circulation but will also make your circle grow!!

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So, here is how to share a mutual friend’s BeReal profile with others on BeReal: 

Step 01: Open the BeReal app on your device.  

Step 02: Find the mutual friend’s account with the help of the guide given above and select the Profile by clicking on the person’s profile at the top left corner.

Step 03: Next, click on the Menu. It will be represented as Three Dots at the top right corner.

Step 04: From the pop-up Menu, click on the Share or Share This Profile button.

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal

Step 05: Now, this will show you a list of applications, from which you have to select a Platform on which you need to share that profile.

How To See Mutual Friends On BeReal

Step 06: After selecting the app, select the Friend\Friends with whom you want to send that mutual profile.

Step 07: At last, click on the Send button and you will be good to go!

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And this is how to share a mutual BeReal profile with your other friends. If you find any difficulty in how to see mutual friends on BeReal and in sharing their profile, then you can contact us in our comment section.

Wrapping Up

Knowing who are the friends of your friends helps you in knowing your circle even better, whether it’s in your offline life or online life. By online we mean the social life that you live. On social media platforms it’s even easier to know who is in their friend’s circle other than you just by peeking in their friend list. The friends which are connected with you and with any of your other friends are known as mutuals. On Bereal, you can find these by heading to your Invite Friends page and looking for BeReal suggestions. After opening any of the suggested friend’s profiles, you will find profiles of all the mutual friends that you have with that suggested user.

If you crave for more BeReal related hacks and solutions or even related to any other social media platform then just pay a visit @Deasilex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How Do You Get Mutual Friends On BeReal?

Open App > Invite Friends > Suggestions > Open Profile > See Mutuals. 

Q. Why Can’t I See Friend Requests On BeReal?

Make sure your BeReal app is updated to access all the features properly. Or else you try closing and re-opening the app if this also is not working then you can join the beta version of the BeReal app.

Q. Does BeReal Notify When ScreenShot?

Unfortunately, yes. BeReal notifies the users whose BeReal’s post you are trying to screenshot. But still, you are allowed to capture screenshots of as many profiles as you want. So, be fearless and take screenshots!! JK!

Q. Does BeReal Notify Everyday?

Yes, every user on BeReal receives a notification once a day asking them “It’s Time To BeReal” which means you have to click and post a BeReal selfie under a time period of 2 minutes.

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