How To Send BNB To A MetaMask Wallet? Tricks To Know!

How to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet

Investors are showing quite an interest in the BNB coin. Well, if you are here searching for how to send BNB to a MetaMask Wallet, then you have landed on the correct page. Below is the step-by-step guide that will assist you in accomplishing the task. 

MetaMask wallet allows users to interact with the blockchain. It is one of the trustworthy and safe tools that helps to keep everything encrypted in the browser you are using. The best part is MetaMask doesn’t store any personal data on its servers. 

In this post, we will tell you how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet. The process of how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet is quite easy, all you need to do is follow Metamask wallet> Mainnet Fields> BNB address> Send. Still not clear? Don’t worry we are here to guide you through this.

Let us get some information and begin with How to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet. 

About Binance And BNB 

Binance is among the largest cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide in terms of the trading volume. It is a platform that allows users to quickly and easily trade cryptocurrencies.

The platform supports a wide number of cryptocurrencies. It operates on its blockchain.

BNB or the Binance coin is optimized for fast trading. It allows users to convert their crypto extra fast on Binance’s network. Binance provides certain benefits to users who trade in BNB. It provides users with an opportunity to save around 25% on all spot and margin trading fees, provides access to Initial Exchange Offerings when any new coin is launched on the network, etc. BNB works great because of the Binance Smart Chain.

Let us get some information about the Binance Smart Chain. 

About Binance Smart Chain And MetaMask 

Binance Smart Chain- How to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet

BNB users use a foundation Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, for various transactions. It provides users and developers with the ability to create NFTs, crypto games, etc. quickly.

MetaMask can be configured to connect to the Binance Smart Chain. You can quickly transfer BNB from Binance to MetaMask and convert it to a game currency. MetaMask is a cryptocurrency wallet that helps users safely store their crypto. Users can connect to crypto games with MetaMask. MetaMask, by default, connects to the Ethereum blockchain. But you can also connect it to BSC. We will tell you how to connect MetaMask to the Binance Smart Chain along with how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet further.

How To Send BNB To A MetaMask Wallet? 

Before knowing how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet, you should be aware that this is not a straightforward process. It is because the Smart Chain network is not added to the list of networks automatically. You need to do it manually. This is how you can do it.

  • You can simply switch your network from Ethereum Mainnet to Smart Chain. 
  • Copy the BNB address by tapping on Account 1.
  • After copying, navigate to the withdrawal page of BNB on Binance. 
  • Paste the address from MetaMask on the Address field.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send and hit the Withdraw button. 

Let us now check how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet. Here are the steps involved in this process. 

1. Open MetaMask Wallet 

Here is all you need to do.

  • Open your MetaMask wallet by tapping the MetaMask icon on the Chrome toolbar
  • Enter the password and unlock your wallet 
  • Tap Ethereum Mainnet to open a list of networks 
  • The network’s list will include Kovan Test Network, Ropsten Test Network, etc.
  • Hit on Custom RPC to add a new network.

2. Copy Mainnet Fields

You will now land on a Networks page where you can add a new network. You will need to add a Smart Chain network. Add the mainnet network to MetaMask and don’t add the testnet network. You will find some fields in the mainnet network, copy all these fields and move toward the next step.

3. Paste Mainnet Fields

You will now need to paste the copied mainnet network fields into the respective fields. You will find multiple fields on the networks page on MetaMask. Paste them in the following manner. 

  • Paste Smart Chain to Network Name field
  • Paste the link to New RPC URL 
  • Enter 56 to Chain ID
  • Enter BNB to Currency Symbol 
  • Paste URL to Block Explorer URL.

You can now tap the Save button to add a Smart Chain network.

4. Copy BNB Address

Once you add the BSC network to MetaMask, you will connect to it automatically. You can find Smart Chain selected on the Network box, which means you are on the Binance Smart Chain network. If you don’t find it then, tap the dropdown box and choose Smart Chain. You can now copy your BNB address by clicking on Account 1.

5. Log In

After copying the BNB address on MetaMask, you need to visit Binance and log in to your account. On Binance, tap on Wallet on the top navigation bar. You can now view several options that include Fiat and Spot, Overview, etc. Hit the Fiat and Spot button. You will view a list of cryptocurrencies owned by you along with their balance on Fiat and Spot wallet. Scroll till you find BNB. Once you find your BNB balance, tap on Withdraw and go to the withdrawal page.

6. Send BNB 

You will find three fields on the BNB withdrawal page that includes Address, Network, and Amount. Check if BNB is selected in the Coin dropdown box, if not, select BNB. Paste the BNB address from MetaMask that was copied before in the Address field. You can now select the BEP20 network in the Network box. Enter the amount of BNB you want to send in the Amount field. Hit the Withdraw button to withdraw BNB and complete the verification process by entering the security code which is sent to your mobile. 

The withdrawal process will take some time to complete. Once it is completed, you can see your BNB balance on MetaMask. 

Be careful and check if the address you are sending BNB to is right or not. In case you enter the wrong address, you will lose your cryptocurrency. Also, take care that the network you have chosen is right or not. If it is wrong, it may not support your actions and you may lose the cryptocurrency. 


This post covers all the necessary information on how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet. We hope you must have got clarity about how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet. If you are still left with any you can drop your queries related to how to send BNB to a MetaMask wallet in the comment section. If you want to offer any advice you can tell us through your comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Does MetaMask Support Binance Smart Chain? 

A. Yes, MetaMask has support for the Binance Smart Chain or BSC. You can add Binance Smart Chain to your wallet in the network settings and send the coins to MetaMask. 

Q2. Which Crypto Can I Transfer From Binance To MetaMask? 

A. You can transfer any crypto coins if you have connected the MetaMask wallet to a blockchain of those coins you want to send from Binance to MetaMask

Q3. How Long Does It Take To Transfer BNB To MetaMask? 

A. It usually takes around 30-60 minutes to transfer BNB to MetaMask. 

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