How to Send GIF on Slack | A Detailed Guide!

How to send GIF on slack

Slack is a distinctive messaging program; it’s designed for the workplace and includes all of the features you’d expect from a messaging service. Even if the true purpose is to serve the workplace – why miss the fun part of messaging using GIFs? Do you want to know how to send GIF on Slack? 

Although the number of slack users is increasing drastically, most of the Slack users are unaware of the playful side of Slack. When the number of Slack users is increasing like anything, most of the users are using this app for the workplace don’t know even know this app can make workplace chat fun too! Like other social media now you can comment with emojis on this popular platform. 

Slack has its own set of functions, but many other apps could be built on top of it to expand its capabilities. This enables users to create Slack-integrated apps that are tailored to their needs. GIF apps are an example of this. There are a plethora of GIF apps available for Slack. Here, in this blog, we will show you how to send GIFs on Slack without a sweat. 

How to Send GIF on Slack?

Sending GIFs in Slack is easy. In fact, you can opt for three different ways to pick your favorite GIF and send it. You can go for adding integration. In this case, we always recommend Giphy. Also, you can directly copy GIFs from other sources in Slack. And, the third but most creative way is to use a GIF maker or use a screen-recorder and create your GIF on your own. 

1. Go For a Slack GIF Integration

On the Slack app directory, you’ll find a plethora of GIF keyboards. Tenor, GIPHY, RightGIF, SlashGIF, GoGif, GIFMAGAZINE, and Gfycat are all options for connecting Slack to Gif Keyboard. The Coding Love GIFs for coders, DEVGIF for DevOps teams, and Kulfy App for Indian GIFs are among the apps included in the list.

When you ask How to Send GIF on Slack I recommend Gif Keyboard by Tenor or GIPHY in Slack out of all of these apps. The most searchable GIFs may be found on Gif keyboard and GIPHY Slack. You can find everything on Gif Keyboard or GIPHY Slack, whether you’re searching for a popular clip or a fresh GIF that perfectly describes your mood.

How to Send GIF on Slack

You can locate GIFs with the /gif command in both Gif Keyboard and GIPHY Slack, then enter in your search query. If you don’t like the first GIF that appears, you can use GIPHY Slack’s “shuffle” feature or Gif Keyboard’s “View More” feature. In either case, searching through all of the alternatives for a certain image may take some time. As a result, you might want to look for the right Slack GIF on another platform.

To find a GIF, insert the following into any channel’s input message field-

/giphy [type of GIF you need]

Giphy will generate a GIF based on the phrase you submitted. Hit the Send button underneath the GIF if you like it. If you prefer a different GIF, feel free to select the Shuffle button to receive a GIF that matches the word/words you input.

The GIFs are sent as links, and in Slack, you can see a complete preview of them. This implies that the GIF will not take up any disc space, but neither you nor the receiver will have to open it in their browser to access it.

I should remind you that using Slack to share GIFs can be annoying. You can uninstall the program if you believe it is no longer useful. To uninstall the app, go to Slack on your browser then login to the workplace where you wish to uninstall it.

How to Send GIF on Slack_Giphy

Select the app you wish to uninstall from the Manage tab. To uninstall the app, go to the top right and select Remove. You can easily remove it from this screen if you like.

2. Find a GIF Online

How to Send GIF on Slack – this is probably the easiest way to find appropriate GIFs and share them on the Slack platform. 

How to Send GIF on Slack)Giphy website

If you’re looking for a certain GIF to share, an online GIF library is the best place to start. You may rapidly look among hundreds of GIFs or seek the ideal one using a website like GIPHY.

You may share your GIF by clicking “copy link” and then copy-pasting the URL into Slack once you’ve found it. Your GIF will display in the chat without the need for a redirect! Within the platform, your coworkers will enjoy your chosen GIF.

3. Make Your Unique GIFs

Finally, you can learn how to create your own GIFs and not just How to Send GIF on Slack. You can do this by using an app like Droplr to record a GIF, converting a video to a GIF, or making a GIF out of a series of photos. You may also add text and stickers to GIFs, as well as crop and trim them to the exact size.

After you’ve finished making your GIF, you can copy and paste it into Slack or upload it in an attachment. If you made it in GIPHY, you can add it to Slack using the same approach as in the preceding sections. If you made a screen recording with Droplr or any app, you can share it in Slack by copying and pasting the produced short link. Droplr GIFs, on the other hand, don’t show up in the platform’s preview, so your receiver will have to open the link in a new tab.

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4. How to Send Slack GIFs with Captions

Learning How to Send GIF on Slack with captions is a bonus. You can also include a caption or a quote in a GIF. Follow the instructions outlined below.

1. Go to your Slack workspace and log in.

2. Select the conversation text box.

3. Type /giphy #caption and the word or phrase you want to convey after it.

4. Finally, hit the Enter key.

5. At this point, you should be able to find a GIF. To send a GIF, click Send.

6. Enter /giphy #caption “quote” and the phrase you want to use.

7. Hit the Enter key on your keyboard.

8. At this point, you should be able to find a unique GIF. To send a GIF, click Send.

Wrapping Up

Thus, this was a complete guide on how to send GIF on Slack. We hope this article offered you with everything you were looking for and we wish to see you again if you have any more queries. Furthermore, if you have any related doubts or queries do feel free to ask us in the comment section below. We assure to revert as soon as we can!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to Send GIF on Slack query often comes with several FAQs, here are some of them

Q1. Is it possible to create my own GIFs and send them to Slack?

Ans. Yes, you may use the Giphy website to make your own GIFs and share them on Slack.

Q2. In Slack, what are the top Giphy alternatives?

Ans. Some of the greatest Giphy alternatives include GoGif, Kulfy, Gfycat, and Frinkiac. Other Slack GIF apps can be found in the Slack app library.

Q3. Is it possible for everyone to share GIFs on Slack?

Ans. Yes, anybody can learn How to Send GIF on Slack. If any GIF software is connected to Slack, anyone can send GIFs. However, you must have permission from the workspace administrator for sending GIFs to your coworkers.

Q4. Is the /giphy command also applicable to other apps?

Ans. No, the /giphy command can only be used to search and transmit Giphy GIFs. For other programs, this command is different. If you’ve linked Frinkiac with Slack, for example, you’ll need to type /frink followed by the word. The instruction to use can be found in the app’s description.

Hope this guide helped you to learn How to Send GIF on Slack. Let us know your thoughts.

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