10+ Free Vector Software For Mac That You Must Try In 2022

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If you search for the finest vector software for Mac, you will probably come across a number of reviews with Adobe Illustrator being recommended as the top pick. There are many excellent alternatives, though, if you can’t afford the cost or just want to test another piece of software.

When you are looking forward to a different kind of picture editor – namely vector software for Mac, this is going to be different from Windows. Vector software that is used for Windows differs from the one used for Mac. However, the most popular vector designer software comes in two versions covering both Mac and Windows users. 

If you’re looking for a free Mac vector software that can be used for your next project, as good as Adobe Illustrator, you should give one of these a shot.

Best Vector Graphics Software for Mac

1. Adobe Illustrator   

Free vector software_adobe

Specification: Mac and Windows

Website: Adobe Illustrator

Pricing: $20.99/mo

Brief: One of the most widely used graphics and vector software packages worldwide is Adobe Illustrator. It can be used to make logos, banner advertisements, buttons, photos, diagrams, clipart, text, logos, and other website elements for both print and online.

In order to make seamless transitions between photos, Illustrator also lets you merge text and the objects that it encloses. In contrast to other programs, Adobe Illustrator focuses on the user’s ability to select the appropriate kinds of shapes, colors, and lines to produce your artwork. Designing is simple using this tool. Professional designers mostly go for Adobe illustrator.


  1. Small source file sizes
  2. Excellent compatibility with other Adobe items
  3. Numerous unique plugins
  4. Reduced vector routes

2. Inkscape

Free vector software_inkscape

Specification: Mac and Windows

Website: Inkscape

Pricing: Free

Brief: One of the most flexible free vector software editors for Mac is definitely Inkscape. Inkscape has a lengthy history of development and a devoted following; it is free and compatible with all three major operating systems.

Like many other free open-source mac programs, Inkscape follows an open-source development strategy, which frequently causes its technological advancement to lag behind that of its commercial competitors. Inkscape tries to be one of the best user-friendly SVG editors for Mac and takes pleasure in responding with the W3C open standard SVG.   


  1. On all major platforms; supported (Mac, Windows & Cloud)
  2. There is access to documentation and help forums.
  3. Used for web graphics, engineering, cartooning, marketing, and branding.

3. LibreOffice Draw

Free vector software_libreoffice draw

Specification: Mac and Windows

Website: LibreOffice Draw

Pricing: Free

Brief: A well-liked free alternative to Microsoft Office called LibreOffice includes a vector drawing software named Draw. Although LibreOffice Draw doesn’t have as many features as some of the other apps on this list, it does provide a few options.

Users who want to make flowcharts or diagrams appear to be the target audience for the free vector editor. Additionally, it is capable of producing technical drawings as well as brochures. Without having to have a lot of artistic talent, LibreOffice Draw is a fantastic Mac vector editor for people wishing to construct network diagrams.


  1. Diagrams and flowcharts are simple to design.
  2. Supports brochures and technical drawings
  3. Construct network diagrams

4. Boxy SVG

Free vector software_boxy svg

Specification: Mac App and Browser

Website: Boxy SVG

Pricing: $9.99/mo

Brief: A Mac version of vector software called Boxy is functionally comparable to Inkscape. It has Mac software that is accessible through App Store and a web version in addition to supporting and importing SVG file extensions. Additionally, PNG, JPEG, as well as GIF files are supported.

Transform tools, painting tools, and grouping tools are all supported when using Boxy, along with support for gradients and patterns and predefined forms. Boxy is a great vector design that was created using online technologies. Additionally, it is portable and cries out to be played with.


  1. Contains development tools.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts are built-in.
  3. Supports cloud-based and cloud-based versions as well as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux.

5. Vectr

Free vector software_vectr

Specification: Mac and Windows

Website: Vectr

Pricing: Free

Brief: Vectr, one of the most popular free photo editing apps was created using web technology. Vectr can be downloaded for Windows, Linux, or Chrome OS, or you can use the browser on a Mac.

The software advertises that it will be “free forever.” Its tools are primarily geared toward producing artistic vector designs, such as posters, brochures, and logos.

The best part is – Vectr comes with a thorough user manual and tutorials so you may quickly become proficient with it.


  1. Has compatibility with Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and macOS (browser version only)
  2. Accessible user manuals and tutorials
  3. Includes picture editing and collaboration tools.

6.  Pixelmator Pro

Free vector software_pixelmator pro

Specification: Mac

Website: Pixelmator Pro

Pricing: $39.99/mo

Brief: One of our top picks on this list of alternatives to Adobe Illustrator for manipulating vector pictures is Pixelmator. The program provides outstanding support for vector drawing using shapes and lines.

Several vector mapping techniques and shapes are already included in Pixelmator, but experienced users accustomed to Illustrator’s sophisticated features would undoubtedly wish for more. It’s still a fantastic program that can handle plenty of regular jobs.


  1. Workspace presets for layer-based image editing for photography, design, illustration, and painting
  2. Luminance, colors, and RGB modes for a live histogram

7. Affinity Designer

Free vector software_affinity designer

Specification: Windows, macOS, iPadOS

Website: Affinity Designer

Pricing: $20.99/mo

Brief: Following the enthusiastic response to its raster editor Affinity Photo, the makers of Serif Labs unveiled Affinity Designer to compete in the market for vector editors. By charging a one-time price rather than a recurring monthly fee, it expressly takes aim at Adobe Illustrator’s subscription business model.

The finest PSD import engine is Affinity. Affinity does support the following file formats: PSD, PDF, SVG, AI, Freehand, and EPS, however, there is a doubt, and sure Adobe would have a problem with this.

All of this is in addition to the standard capabilities you would anticipate from a program of this type, like a superb pen tool, flexible text, curve editing, smart shapes, and a number of workspace templates for web and print.


  1. 16-bit channel editing is selected.
  2. Tools for supporting graphics tablets include flexible text, raster style effects, and curve manipulation.

8. Sketch

Free vector software_sketch

Specification: Mac and Windows

Website: Sketch

Pricing: $9/mo

Brief: Sketch advertises itself as a sophisticated vector program for designers, and it is also the most expensive SVG editor for Mac here on the list. Sketch attempts to create high-quality vector drawings while being simple to use. Even better, the Sketch Mirror companion app lets you preview your designs on the go as you work.

The Sketch support pages contain information on the program’s features and workings. Downloading community resources, like as icon templates and iOS development kits, will also assist you with your project.


  1. Resources for advanced user interfaces and an ios development kit.
  2. Version testing for 15 days   

9. Krita

Free vector software_krita

Specification: Mac, Windows, Linux

Website: Krita

Pricing: $14.99/mo

Brief: This fantastic vector software for producing new and editing existing illustrations is called Krita, and it is available for free. Along with pencils, brushes, and pens, it has pastel chalk, watercolors, oil paint, and charcoal. This image editing tool offers layer and panel templates and supports mainly bitmap and vector formats.


  1. Supports web-based, Mac, Windows, and Linux applications.
  2. Gives users the ability to make and modify 2D drawings
  3. There are numerous animation templates included.

10. Corel Draw   

Free vector software_corel

Specification: Mac and Windows

Website: CorelDraw

Pricing: $39/mo

Brief: This is last in the list, yet widely used. Your hunt for a less expensive alter to Adobe Illustrator with the same functionality is over if you use Corel Draw. This application, which can be easily found in the Apple Mac App Store, has incredible vector illustration skills that can transform straightforward lines into intricate works of art. Users can design a variety of papers, including multipage documents, brochures, and newsletters, and alter the color, font size, style, shadows, and other elements.


  1. Multiple Language Support
  2. Designing clothing and textiles are involved
  3. Support for iPad and Apple Pencil is available in SideCar

Wrapping Up

The list of the top vector software for graphic design is now complete, and it is up to you to make your pick. When Adobe is the best in the industry, you can always search for another option that comes with almost the same features but at an affordable price. Hope, this article will help you to explore more options for vector software for Mac. Let us know which one you prefer most. Do you want us to include some more options? Comment under the article and let us know! 

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