Slack Scheduled Messaging: How It Works

Slack Scheduled Messaging

Slack is where work happens. It’s a new layer of technology that brings together people, applications, and data and it’s replacing email around the world. Recent reports show that Slack has over 8 million daily active users. And if you’re reading this article, odds are you are one of them. When it comes to team communication, Slack has become the go-to platform for a lot of companies. On top of that Slack scheduled messaging gives much relief to busy schedules to be planned prior.

Slack is fast and easy to use. Slack has two main methods of communication; there are channels and then there are direct messages. You might assume that your conversations that happen on direct messages are private but that’s not necessarily true. At this point, you might be feeling nervous, and it’s okay to feel so, but yes your company could be reading your private Slack messages. But that’s just an assumption here. So, relax!! 

The first thing you need to understand is that Slack has three different plans available. There’s a free plan, and there are two paid plans. One Is called standard and the other is called Plus. Only by using the Plus Slack plans, your direct messages can be accessed by your boss. So, chill! In this post, I’ll be telling you about Slack Scheduled Messaging and How it works? 

We all love convenience, whether it be convenience at home or the workplace. If your company is using Slack, then you are already enjoying the comfort I am talking about. Super easy to use features, private rooms, and much more! Now save a lot of your work stress and time with the Slack Scheduled Messaging feature. Here have a look at how it works.

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What is Slack?

Slack Scheduled Messaging: What is Slack
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Slack is a free business tool making our lives easy since it was invented. It offers so many features like persistent chat rooms, private groups, business channels, and direct messaging. 

Slack is faster, better, and cheaper than emails. The easiest way to understand Slack is that it replaces email inside your company. Slack shifts team communications to channels to promote team collaboration and transparency. 

What is meant by Scheduling the Messages?

Scheduling messages means saving the message to send it later. In some apps having the feature of scheduling messages, you can easily type a message and save it for later use. You can set the time when you want to send it and the message will be delivered automatically at the chosen time and date. Great, right!!

What is needed for Scheduling messages on Slack?

Slack Scheduled Messaging: What is needed for Scheduling messages on Slack
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It’s human nature that we tend to forget the most important things. Like sending an email on time, replying to clients, making meeting schedules, or any other such thing. 

Scheduling messages helps you to get the worry off your head by saving your messages for sending them later. Whenever something important hits your mind, just write it down and forget about it. 

Scheduling messages also helps to communicate at the right time. Like you type a business proposal for a client but it’s in the morning, sending a message at this time can have an odd impact on your company. So, instead of sending the message at that time, schedule it for the morning around , the standard office timing. This will have a good impact on your company’s punctuality.

Also, it is draining throughout the day, when you want to rest for a while but you have to send an important presentation a few hours later. Relax, simply schedule the presentation file and go get some rest. Save time and energy both!! 

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Slack Scheduled Messaging – How To Schedule a Message On Slack?

Slack Scheduled Messaging: How To Schedule a Message On Slack
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Follow these simple steps and you are good to go.

  1. First, navigate the channel and click the shortcuts in the text box.
  2. Find a Holopod and click on schedule a message. This will automatically pull up the channel you’re already in.
  3. You can also choose a different channel as well as send it to individual people.
  4. Every message sent through the message schedule will be from you directly. Write your message in the given area.
  5. Now choose the time you want to send your message, for example ‘tomorrow morning at 9:30 a.m.’
  6. Click on schedule send. This will send you a confirmation of that message which you can then delete or send now.
  7. That’s it, your message will be delivered at the right time to the right person.

Do slack Scheduled Messages appear as normal texts?

Yes, they appear as normal messages. If you are worried that pre-writing a message and scheduling it for later can let the receiver know about this, then stop worrying because it’s not how you feel. 

Scheduled messages are delivered right on time automatically and as normal texts. The receiver gets it like any other normal message on Slack. So, go ahead and keep scheduling messages for your convenience.

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No doubt Slack is becoming a favorite tool for businesses with its user-friendly navigation and great working experience. You can add your daily status on Slack that could be an inspiration thought or some Monday Motivational Quote to help you stay active throughout the working hours. Do share Slack Scheduled Messaging information with your teammates and new users (friends, family, anyone) so that they too can work with convenience.
Have a great day at work!!

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