How To Send GIFs On Instagram? The Easiest Way!

How To Send GIFs On Instagram?

Doesn’t matter if it’s someone’s Birthday, Anniversary, or a sad moment, you and they deserve to send funny, sad, happy, depressed GIFs to each other through Instagram DMs. Don’t you? You do. So let’s find out how to send GIFs on Instagram through DMs for each and every emotion that you go through or feel like sharing.

It was your last episode of your free TV show, send a GIF! If you feel low today, send a GIF! Are you excited for something? Send a GIF. Because we have a vast variety of trending GIFs expressing your emotions even more clearly to the person whom you are sending it to. All memes and jokes included. With these amazing gifs you can even make someone laugh in their bad times. So why to lag behind, come let’s learn to send GIFs on Instagram app.

In order to learn how to send GIFs on Instagram, you have to Open Instagram > Chat list > Select a Chat > Smiley face > Menu > GIF > GIPHY > Select > Send. And wallah! Done. If you are finding it somehow difficult, then the details are waiting for you below.

Say no to boring conversations, mix up some GIFs, and giggle at their message reactions. To make this possible, come let’s learn how to send GIFs on Instagram

How To Send GIFs On Instagram?

How To Send GIFs On Instagram?

If you wish to send GIFs and cartoon live stickers to your friends or loved ones on Instagram through Direct Messages, then you can make use of Instagram’s inbuilt keyboard features. However the process isn’t that much seamless, but still one can send GIFs at one go. You just need to perform a couple of extra steps and you will be ready to deliver your GIF to your friend. 

To learn how to send GIFs on Instagram, you have access to GIPHY. It’s the world’s largest collection of GIFs at present. It’s a treasure for those who are GIF addicts, it’s totally fun to access. So install GIPHY if you haven’t already. 

After downloading and installing GIPHY on your iPhone and Android devices, you need to follow these steps to upload or send a GIF to your friend on Instagram through DM: 

Open Instagram > Chat List > Search Friend > Open Chat > Message Bar > GIF > Select > Send.

Step 01: Launch Instagram application on your device and head to the Chat list by clicking on the Facebook messenger icon at the top right corner of the screen.

How To Send GIFs On Instagram

Step 02: Select the Instagram Friend to whom you want to send a text message or GIF by clicking on the Chat (if already existing) and if you don’t have any, then initiate a chat with them.

How To Send GIFs On Instagram

Step 03: After opening the chat, click on the smiley face on the Message Bar.

Step 04: Next, a fresh Menu will appear, tap on the GIF icon at the base.

How To Send GIFs On Instagram

Step 05: Select whatever GIF matches with your emotions or the current situation, and if not found then you can also search from the Search Bar to search GIPHY.

Step 06: As a result, you will find GIFs of your choice, select any one among them.

How To Send GIFs On Instagram

Step 07: After selecting, click on Send.

With this you have successfully learnt how to send GIFs on Instagram. So from next time don’t just send emojis, have fun with GIFs too!

Wrapping Up

Graphics Interchange Format, popularly known as GIF. These are mini animations kept in a single file. Whereas, these GIFs are used to express your funny, happy, sad, excited, shocked etc etc feelings to the person with whom you are talking. These are especially useful in expressing your sarcastic side through social media platforms. 

In this article we have shared ways through which you can learn how to send GIFs on Instagram if you didn’t know. GIPHY provides the users with one tap fixes to convert any GIF into a repeated 15 second video, which one can upload or send directly to anyone on any platform. Here we have explained how to send GIFs on Instagram. 

Kindly express your concerns like doubts and questions in the comment section, if you have any.

Till then, enjoy the fun with GIPHY!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can You Send Animated GIFs On Instagram?

Well, Instagram does not allow GIF files. However, one can convert their GIF into a repeated 15 sec video in order to share it with someone on Instagram. After downloading the GIF on your device, install a GIF-to-video converter application. We suggest you, GIF Cracker.

Q. Can You Post A GIF On Instagram 2023?

Choose a picture or video for your Instagram Story post. Add GIFs to your picture or video on Instagram Story through the sticker icon from the top of the screen. GIF > Select GIF > Attach > Post.

Q. How Do You Post A GIF On Instagram Without GIPHY 2023?

Click in the Purple Instagram icon, grant permission to your camera roll and then launch Instagram. Next you will find options to upload to your Feed or to your Instagram Story section. This will download the GIF as a  15 second Video on your device.

Q. Why Can’t I Find My GIF On Instagram?

Try restarting your device and then GIF stickers might appear in Instagram’s Camera roll. If it doesn’t work as expected, just wait a little bit more, and update the Instagram application on your device.

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