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Are you an admin of any group on Facebook? If not, then you sure would be a member of some Facebook groups. Whether you are the admin or just a member, you sure need to know about the latest features now accessible to the group admins on Facebook. Yes, we are talking about “Facebook Community Tools For Group Admins” introduced recently for group admins.

Facebook has been one of the oldest social media applications and with the most active users. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t use this social site. Nowadays, there can be seen numerous groups on Facebook based on different genres. Whether you follow sci-fi, technology, literature, music, or whatever, there is a group for every single category on Facebook. These groups help connect people who have similar preferences so that they can share their views and information regarding the same. 

There are three categories of Facebook groups- some are public groups, some are open groups, and others are closed groups. Anyone can join public groups and everyone in the Facebook community can have access to their content. Open groups include membership. The last category, i.e. the closed groups, are the ones that not everyone can join. Only the ones who have been invited by an already existing member of the group can join these closed Facebook groups. 

The Facebook community greatly participates in these groups, yet, there were not many features available for the group admins which made it hard to manage the groups and maintain safety within them. But recently, Facebook has launched some new features to its application which have been specifically designed for the group administrators for better management of their groups. Let us know more about Facebook Community Tools for Group Admins.

What Are New Facebook Community Tools For Group Admins?

TheFacebook has rolled out Facebook Community Tools For Group Admins. The Group Admins have the prime motive to attain safety within the groups and prevent the spread of false information through these groups. These tools will now allow the Group admins to have certain control over the participants’ functioning inside the groups. 

Here are some of the features that have been included:

#01 Decline Incoming Posts

The group admins can now directly turn down the incoming posts that include misinformation as per the evaluations of third-party checkers. In this manner, no kind of false information will spread in their respective groups. 

#02 Suspend Function

The “Mute” option that already existed on Facebook has been now improvised and turned into “Suspend” function. Through this feature, the admin gets the power to suspend any participant on a temporary basis.

On suspending, the participant will not be permitted to post, comment, or react in the group chats. In other words, the member’s participation will temporarily be restricted in the group. So, if anyone is causing any kind of trouble in the group chat, their access to the group shall be blocked by the group admin. 

#03 Approval Criteria

In the new functionality, the admin will be able to confirm or reject the requests as per certain criteria that the admins will themselves set up. For instance, the admins can make the users answer a few questions and only then their request shall be approved. 

#04 Admin Home Page

Facebook has also updated the Admin Home Page for the Facebook groups. This works differently for desktop and for mobile phones. In the case of desktop, the admin will have an overview section that is included for the admins so that they can review the important things in little time. And for mobile phones, the admins will find an insight summary through which admins can infer the engagement in their groups. 

#05 Invitations Via Emails

The Facebook group admins now also have an option to send invitation links to people through emails, so that they can join their groups. There is also the availability of QR codes which will have to be downloaded by the admins and then can be shared to people for joining their groups. As you scan the QR code, you will reach the “About” page of that Facebook group, where you can join or send joining request to the group. This feature will help the admins to expand the growth of their groups by adding more and more members in them. 

Wrap Up

That’s all for Facebook Community Tools for Group Admins

These are the features that Facebook has provided the Group admins with and are available all over the world. So, if you are also a Group admin on Facebook. Then go ahead and apply these tools to your groups and stay updated with the new features. We hope this article is useful to you

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