How To Turn Off Facebook Data Saver?

Fed up with the extra data consumption? Well, do you wonder how this happens every month? Well, one reason for your data utilization more than expected at the climax of the month can be these media-rich applications involuntary video playing and visualizing top-quality pictures by default. Some people like to keep their data utilization low by compromising with quality whereas other users prefer quality over everything. So in this memoir, we’re going to give information about how to turn off Facebook data saver for both Android and iPhone users. 

If you invest a large amount of time on Facebook, you will end up exhausting more than half of your data in just a short time by scrolling pictures, videos, memes, etc. In that case, you have two choices to restrict the data damage. You can turn on a data saver, and for the second, to view quality content turn it off.

Facebook’s data saver mode reduces your feed section and indulges more congested sorts of images as you scroll, so every post doesn’t devour as much data. Data saver also restricts videos from autoplaying, which you can turn off specifically if you’d like to. You can turn on Data Saver mode when you don’t have an unlimited connection or you’re not connected to WiFi. In this way, even if you are playing videos on autoplay mode, you can at least ensure that Facebook only plays them when you have extra data to spend on.

What Is Facebook Data Saver?

Facebook is always on the urge to give its user a better experience, be it the new screenshot alter feature or the Data Saver.

Data Saver is a Facebook feature. This feature compresses pictures and prevents videos from auto-playing in your main feed section.

It utilizes up to 40% fewer data by decreasing the quality as compared to the original ones. In this way, the Facebook application utilizes fewer data and saves a lot of it. If you have only a few MBs of data left then this feature is a lifesaver for you, surely go and turn it on. It will help you spare some more time on Facebook and help you save more data that you can spend somewhere else.

Luckily, there are options to turn off the feature by default when your device gets connected to a WiFi network. Other than that, there are options in settings that you can use to enable or disable autoplay videos in the app in order to save mobile data. Anyways, no issues to make you aware of all these details and settings in just a few moments in this post “how to turn off Facebook data saver”.

How To Turn Off Facebook Data Saver On Android?

Turning on Data Saver in the settings page will decrease the quality and resolution of pictures that appear in your Facebook feed and also turn off autoplay videos in your application.

Here is how to turn off Facebook data saver on Android:

  1. Open Facebook application.
  2. Click on Menu symbol (hamburger menu).
  3. On the Menu page, click on Settings & Privacy.
  4. In the resulting list, click on Data saver.

NOTE: Ensure that the Data Saver slider is ON.

You can switch the Data Server off on WiFi anytime you want. This will allow high-resolution pictures and will enable auto-play when you’re in connection with WiFi. But, always remember to turn Data Saver on again when you toggle the cellular data on.

How To Turn Off Data Saver On Facebook On iPhone?

Somewhat shockingly, three years post-launch, the Data Saver feature isn’t available on Facebook on iPhone. You can still save your megabytes from the most data exhausting features: video auto-play.

Here is how to turn off Facebook data saver on iPhone:

  • Open Facebook Application.
  • Click on Menu symbol (hamburger menu).
  • On the Menu page, click on Settings and Privacy.
  • Click on Settings, from the resulting page.
  • Scroll down till the Media and Contacts option.
  • Click on Videos and Photos.
  • Under Video Settings, Click on Autoplay and choose WiFi Connections Only.

If you are uploading any picture or video on cellular data, you may make sure high-quality upload is disabled under both Photo and Video Settings.

Wrapping Up:

So, that’s all for the guide on how to turn off Facebook Data Saver.

Facebook is one of the most popular and famed social media platforms. It has multiple versions of web browsers/mobile, Android and iOS applications, basic mode, etc. Although, if you have the Facebook application installed on your smartphone and spend a lot of time scrolling, then you might be exhausting a lot of mobile data. There is a number of users who don’t care about mobile and on the other hand users like us, who want to save every single MB which can be saved.

Fortunately, you’re the lucky one, because Facebook’s recent update allows their users to protect their mobile data by enabling the data saver feature.

Yes, you heard right. This feature in Facebook is known as Data Saver, with which you can save hundreds of MBs. All you need is to enable the feature and you are all set to go! It will automatically start functioning and saving your data. Other than that, you can disable it whenever you want.


Q1. Is The Data Saver Feature Available On All Devices?

Ans. Unfortunately, not. Data Saver is not available on iPhones. Although they have an alternate option to save data. We’ve mentioned the data above, give it a read to learn how.

Q2. Can One Save Their Mobile Data On Facebook?

Ans. Luckily, yes. All you have to do is simply enable the Data Saver mode. Here’s how to do it :
Open the app.
Go to the menu.
Go to settings and privacy.
Click on Settings.
Tap on Media.
Hit the small box near ‘Data Saver’.

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