How To Use Midjourney AI?

How To Use Midjourney AI?

We are living in an era that is under the influence of Artificial Intelligence. There have been various AI tools available that are taking the tech industry to new heights. Midjourney AI is among them. We have previously written articles on Dall-E and its features that enable you to convert text into speech, and in this article, we will help you to understand how to use Midjourney AI, which will enable you to convert text into images.

Many Research laboratories are constantly working with AI as their basic model to come up with something which could really expand the imagination powers of humankind. AI tools are intelligent, but they can only interpret your imagination to create something in the form of an image or sound. AI tools like Vall-E, Dall-E, and ChatGPT are some of the most prominent ones of their times.

This has happened for the very first time in the human era that machines have forced humans to think differently. This has happened for the very first time that someone apart from humans is guiding us to some unexplored world. Now, let’s go through the Midjourney AI and Complete guide to understand How To Use Midjourney AI.

What Is Midjourney?

How To Use Midjourney AI

Midjourney Research Laboratories came up with their new program called as Midjourney AI. The mode of operation is again Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. You can draw images by feeding in the text.

Earlier, Craiyon which was formerly known as Dall-E 2 was launched by Open AI, which is at the basic level of its development. If you really want to witness something great happening on your computer screen, then Dall-E is the program to go for.

Many users reported that the end results of Midjourney AI are not so good, and it hardly meets expectations. Some users have also tried integrating Midjourney with ChatGPT for some different results. It’s not wrong to say that Midjourney gets its spot somewhere between Dall-E 2 and Craiyon. It’s not that capable to do wonders like the great Dall-E and it’s not too basic like Craiyon. 

The good part is anyone can use Midjourney AI, so no waiting is required. In this article we will help you to know how to use Midjourney AI.

How To Use Midjourney AI?

Step: 1 

Midjourney AI works entirely on Discord; Discord is another group chat platform like Slack. It’s required to have a discord account.

If you didn’t have an account on Discord earlier, then you will be asked by the bot to create a new one. It’s easy; see below for step by step guide.

Step: 2

You need to visit the Midjourney website. From here, you will have to choose to join Beta.

How To Use Midjourney AI

It will prompt you to another page of a Discord invite. 

How To Use Midjourney AI

We always make sure that with every step, we guide you to the next step of understanding. Links have been given, and you don’t need to wander anywhere else to look for the right path and address. Stay with us till the end to know how to use Midjourney AI.

Step: 3

A page with the invite option will appear on your computer screen after completing the above two steps successfully. Accepting the invite is necessary. You can then only be taken to the Midjourney AI tool dashboard. Choose to continue on Discord to access the Midjourney Discord Bot.

How To Use Midjourney AI

Step: 4 

After this, you have to click on the boat-shaped icon appearing on the left menu on your computer screen. The discord application will not open automatically, and you will have to click on the boat icon, as mentioned above.

How To Use Midjourney AI

Step: 5

Finally, you have landed on the Midjourney page. Find the newcomer rooms on the left side of the screen. You will see many rooms with different names, and you can select any room from these to begin your journey with Midjourney.

Hope you are clear up to here, just try the steps at the same time while going through this article. How to use Midjourney AI journey is safe with us. Sit back and relax!!

Step: 6

From here, now you can start generating AI art. You can create images by prompting the bot with text which shall elaborate on the type of image you are looking for and mention all the features you want in the image. Don’t forget to add commas while mentioning different features; it will help the bot to understand what you are saying more clearly.

Please be informed that you can create only 25 images as part of the Midjourney free trial. After the free trial is over, you need to purchase the full membership. Be careful while creating images; try to understand the pattern of the bot and if it really gets closer to your imagination, and then make up your mind if you really want to continue with purchasing the membership or not.

You can also type “/help’, to get a list of tips that may be helpful to you. But if you are reading this article on how to use Midjourney AI article, then you will hardly feel any need to look for help from anywhere else.

Step: 7 

Type “/imagine” when you want to start creating an image. Try to be clear with the description of the image. Be precise with features to get the end result matching what you have thought in your head.

Keep changing the preferences if you aren’t okay with what is coming as an image in the end. You will just get used to the program once you keep using it. More familiar you are with the bot and with the best prompts to use, the more good results you are going to get.

How To Use Midjourney AI

We hope that it’s clear upto here. Try to perform the steps one by one while you are reading them here, it will just help you to avoid any sort of confusion, and you can easily land at the right place in one go.

Step: 8

Midjourney will not take more than a minute to create an image out of the prompted text. An image will appear on your screen, with U and V buttons varying from 1 to 4 below the newly created image. The number reflects the four images which Midjourney created for you to choose from.

How To Use Midjourney AI

With U, you can easily increase the aspect ratio and resolution of the image, specifically in cases where you intend for a larger-sized image. With V, you can create different versions of the same image already created. By clicking the refresh, you may request a new set of images to select from. Proceed carefully; judicious use of your free credits is always advised. These are some of the tips which we always keep crispy in our articles. In the case of this article, we have tried to give you all the information related to how to use Midjourney AI.

Step: 9

Select an image that you like and want to continue with. Upscale the image if you wish to before downloading it. New options will appear when you will upscale. It’s a good idea to upscale the created image; maybe sometime later, you want a larger copy of that same image. Then you don’t need to visit the Midjourney bot again and spend some more free trials or maybe if you are a member now, then you will need to spend some real money here.

Step: 10

To finish up, DM the image directly to yourself by just clicking the Envelope icon and adding it to your chat. You will now be allowed to save and download it for future use. Now, if any of your friends ask how to use midjourney AI; then you have a lot to tell.

Step: 11

If you like creating AI art on Midjourney’s bot and want to continue with the more adventurous journey. 

Just simply type “/subscribe” in the discord. This will create a link to pay for the subscription.

You can pay for the subscription with many options available to choose from, select the desired amount of time and proceed. You can cancel Midjourney subscription any time later. Bon Voyage!!

How To Get The Most Out Of Midjourney?

Every program comes with its own specifications. You definitely need some time spent on the tools and features provided in any new program you are trying to access.

MidJourney AI has some simple tools, and some may be complex for many users. No worries, we will help you guide how to make the most while using Midjourney AI.

Unlike Dall-E, Midjournye needs the prompts to be given in a slightly different way. In Dall-E, we just need to type what is going on in our head, and it will simply convert that into an image. In Midjourney AI, make sure that you enter the feed using commas while asking for many specifications from the bot.

For example, a car-shaped dog, white hair, golden leash, hyper-realistic. This will help you get closer to what you are expecting from the Bot.

This AI bot comes with features labeled as buttons. These buttons enable you to modify the end image created. Likewise, Dall-E, the program gives you many options to customize the image created from the text.

We will first talk about the U button, which you will find just below the generated image. The U-labeled buttons are there to upscale the image, with U1 upscaling the first and so on. This enables you to increase the resolution of the image if you need a higher-quality image.

Now, in the bottom row, there is a button labeled V, which signifies a greater role also.

With this, you can make variations with a chosen image. Here, a redo has also been provided, which will just repeat the prompt, and you can see all new results.

This process could be repeated multiple times. Until you reach closer to what you have actually imagined in your head. So, it’s just how well you prompt the bot and how well the AI bot understands your mind,

Every AI tool relies on the prompt. Many AI tools seem to respond well if you notice their pattern and the different reactions with different types of feeds. This is just aligning with your new boss in your office. Once you settle, you can go hand in hand.

Many great AI art is being produced every other day by many great artists around the globe. They just have learned quite well how the AI system works. They are driving it accordingly and giving this world many unique creations.

Wrapping Up

Concluding any AI tool is like limiting the power of your own imagination. AI is something created out of human heads and relies on human heads to work accordingly to human heads.

Many users have reported that Midjourney’s AI tool still needs many developments and changes to make it more user-friendly. Our research team also suggested that Dall-E and Google-Imagen are way ahead of Midjourney’s bot.

But still, it depends from user to user and their different experiences. Different user cases have different opinions. You, as a user, have all the authority to decide with any new AI art generating tool or program. User experience is something that could lead to revolutionary changes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Can I Use Midjourney AI?

It’s just between your mind and the bot. You just need to go to Midjourney’s website and create an i.d. A complete step to step guide for how to use Midjiourney AI process has been given above in this article.

It’s less complicated to start with. You can start creating AI art in a minute. Rest is just your imagination. 

2. How Do You Use  Midjourney’s Bot?

We have made this simple for you. If you are reading this article, then you’re surely at the right place to know How to use Midjourney AI.

Please understand that bot is a word derived from Robot. Who doesn’t know what a Robot is? We all do, right!! So, Midjourney AI is for Midjourney artificial intelligence, and Midjouurney bot is for Midjourney Robot. Look closely; they are actually the two same things. Go through how to use the Midjourney AI process at the top of this article.

3. Can You Use Midjourney For Free?

After logging in successfully and when you land on that discord page of chat rooms. You will be given 25 free credits, which means that you can create only 25 free images. After that, you will need to buy the subscription to proceed further with Midjourney’s AI art creator. This can be done by typing ”/subscribe” in the chat. A link will be created, which will lead you to pay for the subscription and enjoy creating art.

4. How Do I Use Midjourney In Discord?

Discord is just another community group chat room like Slack. In this, many communities or groups can be created. Admin can easily add members to whom they can further share any data or information. Midjourney’s AI is currently running on Discord. You just need to create a Discord i.d, and after that, you are good to go. Create images by prompting the AI tool with text. Customize the image as per your need. You can then finally save or download the images created. These images you can directly DM yourself by clicking the envelope icon. 

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