How To Use Trip Planner On Tesla?

How To Use Trip Planner On Tesla

Planning for a weekend trip? A long trip could be stressful, and this is where you need Tesla Trip Planner. Road trips in an electric vehicle are now mostly stress-free because of Tesla’s dedication to tackling range concerns. Long-distance road excursions are now increasingly common due to the vehicles’ range, and wide charging network, including in navigation systems. If you are wondering how to use Trip Planner On Tesla, this article is just meant for you! 

The route planner from Tesla is now available online, so you may use it while still seated at your computer. It isn’t as comprehensive as the in-car version, but it can estimate your driving time and distance based on your route and the specific Tesla you are driving. Sounds fun? Let’s go through the article and learn more about how to plan a trip using the Tesla Trip Planner.

To use Trip Planner On Tesla, Go to the portal, put the origin and the destination location and Tesla Trip Planner will find the best route with charging stations. 

Let’s go through the article and explore more about how to use Trip Planner on Tesla! If you are having any issues, you can fix Tesla Trip Planner not working.

Tesla Trip Planner And Route Planning

How to use trip planner on Tesla

Now that you are looking forward to knowing how to use Trip Planner On Tesla, you should learn about the importance of Tesla Route Planner on route planning. A method for determining and assessing the most efficient means of moving goods/items from one location to another refers to route planning. It involves choosing the optimum path to complete a journey while taking numerous stops into account. In the US, Tesla reportedly has a system in place for planning routes for both commercial & passenger vehicles.

Tesla’s trip planning application also displays the number of charging stations, and the number of superchargers, including the wait times at each charging point together with a trip map. A large percentage of route planning activities currently take place in the US, but they are growing to include advanced nations like the UAE, Singapore, Japan, and China.

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How To Use Trip Planner On Tesla?

The in-car navigation system from Tesla is a dependable, user-friendly journey planner. Go through these steps and use Trip planner on Tesla t enjoy the ride.

Step 1: On the touchscreen, simply input your destination,

Step 2: Navigation displays the routes, and the best places to charge, including an anticipated charging time.

Step 3: By touching on the lightning bolt icon there in navigation, you can also find the closest Supercharger at any minute.

Step 4: Tapping on a red Supercharger pin will provide information about the total number of available stalls and the cost of charging.

Pros And Cons Of Using Trip Planner On Tesla

If you own a Tesla model and looking forward to a long trip in your car, you must be concerned with the best route where you can find maximum charging stations. Do not fret! Elon Musk has definitely given it a thought! All you need to know is learning – how to use Trip Planner On Tesla. In this article, we have already briefed how to use Trip Planner On Tesla; however, the knowledge is incomplete if you do not know the Pros and Cons of using Trip Planner on Tesla! 

Trip Planner On Tesla – Pros

1. Convenient: Everything seems to be automatic, and the app is simply reachable on the touchscreen.

2. Ease To Access: simple to use and really easy to understand.

3. Stress-free Planning:  The car can properly forecast how much energy is needed and how long it will take to finish charging before moving on to the next stop thanks to access to real-time data.

4. Preconditioning:  Your Tesla will proactively prepare the battery to guarantee it’s in the best possible state for charging because it knows when you will be recharging along your trip. As a result, charging takes place faster and takes less time.

5. Less charging pauses:  The app will show you the course with the fewest stops if you prefer not to stop to charge.

Trip Planner On Tesla – Cons

1. Limited charging choices: Only Tesla charging stations will be recommended by the app.

2. No Waypoints: Presently, you may only enter one destination at a time, but it appears that waypoints may soon be able to be added. Elon agreed to implement this feature on Twitter after receiving numerous requests from Tesla owners.

How to use trip planner on Tesla

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Wrapping Up

Hope, this short article, helps you to eighteen your knowledge and find the answer to – how to use Trip Planner On Tesla. Trip Planner On Tesla has already proved its efficiency to the EV drivers. However, flaws are there and we are looking forward to experiencing an updated Trip planner on Tesla. Let us know which Tesla model you are riding now and how efficient Tesla Tip Planner was for your vehicle! Follow Deasilex for more updates on Tesla! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Does Tesla Trip Planner Work?

Real-time traffic conditions are picked up by your Tesla vehicle, which immediately modifies the predicted travel and arrival times. If traffic circumstances change, the navigation system can redirect you to your destination. Tap the gear icon on the map, then select “Online Routing,” to enable or disable this option.

Q2. How Accurate Is Tesla Trip Planner?

The journey planner is generally quite precise. The charge you’ll have left when you arrive at your destination is often predicted to be within a percent or two. In general, if it promises you’ll make it, you will.

Q3. Can You Track Trips On Tesla?

When you tap Controls > Trips or the cards are on the car status display, the screen shows trip details. You may see the length, duration, and average energy used for the current trip. Additionally, you can see the amount of time, energy, and distance traveled since your last charge as well as for additional excursions.

Q4. Should You Charge Tesla To 100 On Trips?

Tesla advises that you retain your charging limit at 100%, even for everyday use, and that you periodically charge your car to 100% if the battery image shows “50%” and “100%.”

Q5. Can I Schedule Departure On Tesla App?

If your battery isn’t appropriately preconditioned, it will consume some of its energy to warm up instead of putting that energy toward extending your driving experience. On the display of your car, look for “Scheduled Departure” under “Charging,” or choose “Schedule” from the Tesla app.

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