How To Use YouTube Bot Discord | YouTube Bot Commands

How To Use YouTube Bot Discord

YouTube is considered the biggest source of entertaining videos watched by almost 90% of the world. The users access YouTube for watching YouTube and searching videos. If talking about Discord, Google also dropped its YouTube bot on Discord. Today we’re going to discover how to use YouTube bot Discord.

YouTube became popular because of Google’s spontaneous hard work and promotion on multiple platforms. Google gave its contribution to Discord too, by launching its bot and it a better platform. The bot gained users’ trust immediately because of the parent brand. It was added to more than 127K servers just after the launch. It offers YouTube videos primarily but also serves as a gaming bot and as a social purpose. 

To find out how to use YouTube bot Discord, add it first! And to do so, go to YouTube bot Website >> Invite button >> select Server >> Authorization >> Captcha. And done! Get back to the selected server and see, if your bot has been added. Still using it is a different thing right! Go, it’s waiting for you! 

This post is serving you with all the necessary data that is required to learn more about the YouTube bot. Leaving the post can cause you a loss of knowledge, if you wanna be a pro then read it till the end! Don’t miss out on anything buddy.

How To Use YouTube Bot Discord On Your Server?

How To Use YouTube Bot Discord On Your Server?

Before learning how to use YouTube bot Discord, we’ve to know how to add a YouTube bot to your server. You can simply invite the YouTube bot to your server by accessing the invite link from the official website of the YouTube bot. In order to add YouTube bot follow the given instructions:

  1. Go to the official Website of the YouTube bot.
  1. Tap on the Invite button given over there.
  1. Select the Server to which you wish to add the bot.
  1. Give Authorisation, so that the bot may function properly.
  1. Fill up the human verification, Captcha.
  1. Get back to the selected Discord Server.

And here we’re done with adding YouTube Bot to your server. Once you’re done with the given steps, get back to your server to spot the YouTube bot on your server. After completing the entire process, you can successfully move forward to learn how to use YouTube bot Discord.

Also, we will be adding the support community group for the YouTube bot so that if you go through some difficulty with the bot you can call for support in the community – YouTube Bot Support Server.  

YouTube Bot Commands

YouTube Bot Commands

The bot provides one of the most exciting and highly appreciated features which is browsing for URLs in the bot. Also with these, the bot also displays its users the most popular videos, next tracks, and many more to build an amazing experience for its users.

General Commands

  1. yt invite – Get the invite link for adding YouTube to your server.
  1. yt ping – Check latency to Discord
  1. yt statistics – Observe different statistics for the bot.
  1. yt support – Get the link to YouTube’s support server
  1. yt test – Test permissions for YouTube in the current channel
  1. yt policy – View YouTube bots policy

YouTube Commands

  1. yt notifier – Lists YouTube channels or add/remove a YouTube channel
  1. yt prefix – See and customize prefixes
  1. yt channel <channel-name> – View information on a YouTube channel
  1. yt lyrics <song-name/song-url> – View a preview of a song or YouTube video’s lyrics
  1. yt playlist <playlist-name/URL> – View information of a YouTube playlist
  1. yt random <keyword> – Find a random YouTube video based on the keyword
  1. yt related <keyword> – View a YouTube video’s  related video
  1. yt trending – View the trending videos on YouTube
  1. yt video <name/URL> – View information of a YouTube video

How To Fix YouTube Bot Not Working?

A few times the bot stops responding in between or it may get offline, such issues occur when the bot server gets down because of some reasons if you go through the same problem check in the YouTube Support Community Server. Also, make sure you’ve provided enough permissions for the bot to function properly.

Wrapping Up

This post is all about learning how to use YouTube bot Discord. The YouTube bot is amazing from every perspective, as it offers excellent service along with a user-friendly interface to work with, and an interesting set of unique and fun features which are continuously updated by the YouTube bot discord support staff. So, give this amazing bot a try for sure and enjoy it on your servers quickly. The YouTube bot is a result of perfection, hence the services are also amazing because of the same.


Q1. What Is a YouTube Bot?

Ans. It is a free, powerful and easy bot on Discord. It sends detailed statistics on YouTube videos, playlists, lyrics, and more. 

Q2. What Is The Role Of YouTube Bot?

Ans. It gives its users precise statistics of notifications, sub-roles, YouTube videos, etc. You are also allowed to set subscriber roles to give users roles when they achieve a certain number of subscribers.

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