Hyundai Metaverse Concept Will Take Us To The Mars!!

Hyundai Metaverse Concept

We know that the internet is evolving rapidly. Soon we are going to enter the Web 3.0 era, an era of the virtual universe known as the Metaverse. Well as we know that every new concept is opposed in the beginning. The same was the case with Metaverse, people were being ignorant. But, now there are various companies that have started investing in the Metaverse and the most recent name is Hyundai. So, here we are with the post on “Hyundai Metaverse Concept”.

Recently the CES convention was held in Las Vegas that ran from 05 January 2022 to 07 January 2022. Initially, the convention was supposed to end on 08 January 2022 but, due to public health concerns many companies withdrew their names from the convention and it ended on 7th January. Well, if you don’t have any idea about what the CES convention is then here is a brief explanation for you.

CES stands for the Consumer Electronics Show, it is the annual trade of the consumer tech companies organized by the Consumer Technology Association. Various big tech companies participate in the trade and share their vision and upcoming technology for the future.

As we said recently it was held in Las Vegas. There were several companies that participated in the annual trade. Do you have any idea which company stole the show by its vision? Although there were no prices or rankings. As a tech consumer and writer, I was fascinated by the Hyundai Metaverse Concept. What was it and how is it different from the other Metaverse? Let’s find out.

What Is The Hyundai Metaverse Concept

The Hyundai Chairman, Mong-Koo Chung introduced the world to the company’s vision about the future. Mong clearly said that their company along with the development of urban air vehicles will focus on developing the virtual-real world.

Metaverse as we all know is the hottest topic in the tech market and every big company is trying to shift its technology towards metaverse. Recently Facebook (Meta) also launched its first virtual world known as Horizon Worlds. Then there are companies like Nvidia releasing Omniverse and more. 

So, Hyundai also decided to take a step forward into the Metaverse game. Mong in his interview said that people now link the Metaverse with the play to earn Metaverse games. But, it is a lot more than that. The Possibilities in the Metaverse are infinite and Hyundai is going to use them wisely.

The chairman also said that in the near future when Metaverse will fully be evolved there will be no difference left between the Movement in the Virtua space and the Movement in the Physical state. He used the term Meta Movement.

How Will the Hyundai Metaverse Work? 

Well, this is the most important part of the post because of the way other companies describe the workings of their Metverse by creating digital avatars and then using them. This will be totally different.

Although the basic concept of creating the Avatars will be the same with the difference that these Avatars will not be digital they will be identical copies of the person using them. If you are using the Hyundai Metaverse then you will be able to control these robots, wearing the gear. You will be able to see and feel the things that they experience.

All you have to do is connect with the Robots in the virtual world. The Hyundai Metaverse concept will take you to Mars and Moon where the robots will already be waiting for you to connect. All you have to do is connect with the robots and move around on Mars. You will be virtually present on Mars feeling its terrains and mountains with the help of the Robots. 

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Avatars In Hyundai Metaverse 

Hyundai Metaverse Concept

As we said, the Avatars in the Hyundai Metaverse will be different from the ones in the other Metaverse. These will be the similar-looking (Resembling Your Face) Robots that will be present in the world where you wish to go. Connect with them in the Hyundai Metaverse and explore.

These Robots will carry Athletic Intelligence along with Artificial Intelligence. The Athletic intelligence will help these robots in climbing the stairs, mountains, and movement on the rough terrains. They will also be specialized in reading and understanding what’s happening around them.

Hyundai Metaverse Will Focus On The Following Aspects

  1. Making the Next Gen of robots that will provide a good user experience.
  2. Moving things beyond Imagination
  3. Expanding to new realities with Meta Mobility. 

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Wrapping Up

Combining Robotics with Metaverse will cause huge impacts in the Web 3.0 era and that is what Hyundai is majorly focusing on here. Well, we don’t know exactly when the Metaverse will be out. One thing can be said with the guarantee that it is going to be super fun in the Hyundai Metaverse. 

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