Infosys Metaverse Foundry | Everything You Need To Know

Infosys Metaverse Foundry

Metaverse is becoming a new marketplace for entrepreneurs. Every company wants to expand its business in Metaverse but, it is not that easy to do so. You require a skilled team of skilled programmers to create your virtual world. To ease this process, Infosys is launching a new feature. In this post, we will look at Infosys Metaverse Foundry.

Infosys Metaverse Foundry is a service to accelerate Enterprises’ ability to evolve and execute strategies for virtual physical interconnections. Infosys announced this new feature on February 24, 2022. This will be a ready-to-use tool for entrepreneurs to launch their Metaverse easily. This is similar to the NVIDIA Omniverse, which developers also use to create Metaverse.

We will be discussing in-depth the Infosys Metaverse Foundry, how it can be used to create Metaverse, and everything you need to know about it. We will also go through its features. So, without losing time, let’s start.

What Is Infosys Metaverse Foundry?

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. Infosys Metaverse Foundry was launched by Infosys Living Labs to ease and fast track enterprises’ exploration of the Metaverse. It included virtual and augmented environments for their customers, workplace, operations, and products. This Metaverse foundry converges the power of domain and design expertise platforms and digital accelerators with strong relationships in a rich creator-partner economy. 

Enterprises can harness this confluence of capabilities as services on-tap, with the flexibility to ramp up and down their explorations at will. This new Metaverse tool gives them an on-demand ability to securely and efficiently create their own metaverse environment, deliver signatures and experiences in an existing metaverse and bring advanced AI-powered data analytics and simulations to realize their evolving aspirations as the internet evolves.

 What Are The Features Of Infosys Metaverse Foundry?

Here are some notable features of Infosys Metaverse Foundary.

1. 100+ ready to use cases and templates

Infosys Metaverse foundry is an immersive, interactive, and experiential design for enterprises. It provides businesses with use cases, business cases, and execution roadmaps. It uses the power of next-generation technologies like AR, VR Blockchain, NFT, IoT, Applied AI, Cybersecurity, and 5G. With these new technologies, you can make your metaverse full of fun and advanced features.

2. Create and connect

Infosys Metaverse Foundry powered by Infosys Living Lab’s digital infrastructure includes technology, processes, and people. It also includes several metaverse technology investments, including platforms and accelerators to build solutions and immersive experiences. These technologies enable the rapid creation of engaging environments and digital replicas. It also enables integration with enterprise data APIs and 360/3D asset management systems.

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To make the simulations easier, Ai and engineering platforms build digital twins of complex objects. This new platform will also bridge the physical world and the virtual world for digital artists.

Infosys Metaverse Foundry plans to launch its mixed reality platform to host clients in highly immersive spaces to collaborate and co-create.

3. Scale ideas

With Infosys metaverse foundry, enterprises can work with any creator-partner in the Infosys Innovation Ecosystem to manage the pilot-to-production ramp up smoothly or add more choices at the prototype stage to de-risk future-proof investments. 

Infosys will extend its Infosys Wingspan platform to the metaverse.

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When Will Infosys Metaverse Foundry Launch?

Infosys Metaverse is already in use. Here is a list of businesses that have benefited from this new platform.

1. Korey Allchin, Director of Partnership and International Business

This new platform helped them to reimagine the shopping experience at the Australian Open. This platform allowed fans to shop their favorite items like tees, beach towels, caps, and racquets in this virtual world.

2. Daniel Schumacher, Head of Global IT Applications and Digital Innovation

They have partnered with Infosys Metaverse Foundry to uncover the most significant investment in the virtual world and plant seeds today to bear the fruits tomorrow.

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3. Stephane Morel, Deputy CEO, Marketing and Business Development

Here Infosys integrated tennis with mixed reality experiences. Fans were allowed to experience the thrill of the virtual world where they could interact with other fans in their digital forms, engage using virtual objects and even speak to each other in this space.

How To Join Infosys Metaverse Foundry?

As various high-ranking officials have used this new platform globally, you can join this platform easily. Here are the steps to be followed.

  1. Go to the Infosys website.
  2. Go to services
  3. Click on Infosys metaverse
  4. Scroll Down
  5. Fill your request for services

You can also experience the Metaverse of Infosys in the Infosys Living Labs.

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Wrapping Up

We have discussed a lot about Infosys Metaverse Foundry. This new platform is for entrepreneurs and businesses to expand their business in the Metaverse. These companies open a store in Metaverse and allow people to purchase things. These ordered things will be delivered at the doorsteps in the real world. This platform is similar to Omniverse. However, Omniverse is primarily for developers, while this tool is for businesses. 

Keep exploring our website to know more about Metaverse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Metaverse Foundary?

India’s largest IT company Infosys launched a new platform for easy exploration of the Metaverse and named it Infosys Metaverse Foundary. It was officially announced on 24 Feb 2022.

What Are Infosys Virtual Living Labs?

This is a new Metaverse launched by Infosys showcasing the next innovation, the next advantage, and the next business model of enterprises.

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