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Upcoming Metaverse Projects

Metaverse is trending these days and it has made people go crazy! People are always excited when they hear something new about the Metaverse. If you are one of those then here is something for you. Any guesses?? Well, we have got the list of the upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022. Metaverse projects have seen great growth the previous year and it is going to grow even more this year as many projects are lined up this year.

The rebranding of Facebook to Meta has also increased and shifted the attention of people towards Metaverse. The fun and excitement that Metaverse provides to people in the virtual world is a factor that is making people attracted to this virtual world.

It is not just fun playing games but also earning at the same time and making investments and ultimately earning huge amounts are also the contributing factors that attract a massive audience towards the Metaverse.

The expected growth in the Metaverse is making big companies invest in the projects and earn profits in the coming years. The upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022 will be giving it more hype and fascinate people towards it. We have enlisted a few of the upcoming projects, give it a read!

List Of The Upcoming Metaverse Projects In 2022

The upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022 are listed below. You can have a look at these projects and get details about them as well.

1. The Sandbox

Sandbox has gained momentum since last year and is expected to grow even more in the current year. In the Sandbox, you can buy land and play games or even share your games with other players. It has its focus on the creation of new and unique items for the players which can be bought or even traded. The Mega-City Project which is the new project of the Sandbox, where people can buy and sell land will be helpful for investors in earning big amounts. 

2. Decentraland

Decentraland no doubt, would be the center for the Metaverse discussion in the year 2022. It is a virtual world wherein you can play games, explore many things have interactions, and many more things. But you will require MANA to do so as it is the main token required here. One can purchase land there and hence consider it as investment by giving it on lease or using it for setting up a business or doing anything on it. 

3. Bloktopia

Bloktopic probably has an effective marketing strategy with a high-earning opportunity which will make it a part of the upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022 to look for. Bloktopia has a 21-floor skyscraper. Bloktopia gives its users the experience of learning about cryptos. Here transactions are done through $BLOK, which helps in cheap and fast transactions. 

4. Axie Infinity

AXS was one of the top cryptocurrency performers in the previous year. As it is one of the recognized cryptocurrencies, we can expect that it will have a hike this year. Axie Infinity has a very well-funded team of developers. Players in Axie Infinity can make investments in real estate and also develop properties. So, we can take it as one of the successful upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022.


Rfox has a low market capitalization, it is well-known for its focus upon entertainment, retail, and gaming. Its focus upon connecting the different companies along with the products and services and creating an experience of shopping and gaming is making it even more likable. It is giving more of a real-world feel than the virtual one to its users which is making it exist in the list of the upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022.

6. Star Atlas

This Metaverse is actually the best for those who are gamers and love to earn at the same time. It is a futuristic game where players can solve problems for 600 years from now and ultimately earn rewards for the same. Those who love exploration can get involved in this game and get the benefits of earning by playing. The token in this game is POLIS and users can buy ships, crews, etc. as digital assets.

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7. Metahero

It is a unique technology through which it transforms the actual shapes of objects into different meta avatars. Isn’t it exciting that anything can be reshaped as a unique meta avatar! But for getting access to Metahero, a $HERO token is required. Here users can create, buy and sell the NFTs. It has gained a lot of attention all over the world and will be continuing to do so in the future as well. So, it should be on the list of upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022.  

8. Etherland

This project with a lot of potential can turn real-world items into NFTs. It is a small-cap cryptocurrency that will be making big in the year 2022. For getting user access you need ELAND, which is the governing token. It is an actual connection of the real world with the virtual world and hence making it big in the list of upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022.

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9. DotMoovs

It is a play-and-earn Metaverse game that is related to soccer. MOOV tokens are given as rewards to the players. Here players can bet on the game and even play soccer virtually. It is really enjoyable when you play virtually and along with that you get to earn money. Being a sports fan and also a crypto investor, you can be a user of Dotmoovs. This would be an upcoming Metaverse project in 2022 to look for.

10. RaceFi

If you are a gamer then RaceFi is one of the best upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022 which you can go for. It is a car racing game in the Metaverse. Users earn rewards here for having garages, malls, etc. One of the best things is that it has customization options as well. You can customize your car with shields and many more things. So, yes it has to be on the list when you are thinking of the upcoming Metaverse projects in 2022.

Wrapping Up

As Metaverse is for real and is beyond the universe, this would be growing at a rapid pace. We will be watching so many projects taking place in the digital world this year. If you are thinking of investing in the Metaverse, we recommend that you should think before investing and go through the merits and demerits and the risks involved with the same.

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