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Intel Bitcoin mining chip

Chip giant Intel has recently launched a second-generation Intel bitcoin mining chip called Intel Blockscale ASIC. It will offer more efficient mining rigs to miners than most of the presently available models in the market. Intel bitcoin mining chip is expected to help mining firms. 

The chip manufacturer has announced the launch of the Block scale mining chip. It will begin to ship this year. Many mining firms such as Hive, Agro, GRIID, and others have ordered the Intel bitcoin mining chip. Intel has also got its foot on mining chip manufacturing. Intel Bitcoin mining chip is designed to mine cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and others based on the SHA-256 algorithm. 

The Intel bitcoin mining chip will have a hash rate of up to 580 Gigahash per second that will consume around 4.8 to 22.7 watts of power. It boasts an efficiency of about 26 joules per Terahash. It is claimed that this will make the Intel bitcoin mining chip better than Bitmain and other models available in the market.

In this post, we will provide you with more details about the Intel bitcoin mining chip. So, let us begin the post and discuss this newly launched Intel bitcoin mining chip without wasting any time.

About The Intel Bitcoin Mining Chip 

Intel bitcoin mining chip has been unveiled. The brand-new crypto mining chip is called Blockscale mining chip. This second-generation Intel bitcoin mining chip is capable of offering a hash rate of 580 GH/s with a power efficiency of 26 J/TH. It also features voltage and temperature-sensing capabilities. 

Intel bitcoin mining chip will support around 256 integrated circuits per chain. The ASIC will feature on-chip temperature and voltage sensing capabilities. This second-generation mining chip will help mining companies to get on the winning side of ESG or the Environmental, Social, and Governance debate that has miffed the Bitcoin community. 

Semiconductor giant, Intel, will become a fearsome competition in the Bitcoin mining industry. It may pose threats to MicroBT and Bitmain, the two big companies in this sector. It is expected that the Intel Bitcoin mining chip may help to increase sustainability and bring productivity to the Bitcoin mining ecosystem. 

The General Manager of Intel’s blockchain group has stated that the recently launched Intel Bitcoin mining chip will help mining firms to achieve hash rate scaling objectives and sustainability. Intel Blockscale ASIC will be focused on the sustainability and energy efficiency of PoW (Proof-of-Work) mining. 

American chip manufacturer Intel says that it will supply its customers with only the ASIC ship itself. It will start shipping Blockscale in the third quarter of 2022. Many big companies such as Block, Hive, Agro blockchain, GRIID Infrastructure, etc. will be developing new systems based on the company’s ASIC. 

This is the second-generation ASIC released by Intel this year. The first-generation ASIC, Bonanza Mine (BZM), was released by the California-based company in February. Intel bitcoin mining chip is also dedicated to energy efficiency crypto mining. It will enable energy efficiency in Bitcoin mining. 

The bitcoin mining industry is suffering from an insufficient supply of ASIC because of the global chip shortage currently. Intel will compete with the present market leaders and provide an offering that is more energy-efficient. The Intel Bitcoin mining chip will help to add value to the industry by increasing the availability of miners. 


This post includes all the important information about the Intel Blockscale ASIC. Intel has revealed details about its Blockscale application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC).

This move to launch the Intel Bitcoin mining chip is expected to play a major role to help mining companies achieve sustainability along with hash rate scaling objectives in the future. It would be interesting to see if Intel can meet its objectives or not in the future. Let us wait for some more information about the Intel Bitcoin mining chip. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can You Mine Bitcoin With Intel?

A. Yes, miners will now be able to efficiently mine using a mining rig with an Intel Bitcoin mining chip. It is the second-generation bitcoin mining chip to be known as the Intel Blockscale ASIC.

Q2. Can Bitcoin Be Mined?

A. Yes, Bitcoin is among those cryptocurrencies that can be mined. Bitcoin miners receive rewards in the form of Bitcoins for completing blocks of verified transactions. 

Q3. What Is The Intel Bitcoin Mining Chip Called?

A. The newly launched Intel Bitcoin mining chip is called the Intel Blockscale ASIC.

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