Is Facebook Marketplace Safe? – Points To Remember while Shopping

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Facebook is changing itself vigorously. Recently it has introduced Facebook Marketplace a feature that will allow you to shop on Facebook. The feature has proved to be a ray of hope during the lockdown period to break your echo chamber

But, as we know there are pros and cons to everything. Many people are honestly using the feature and trading well but Facebook is a huge community and many fraudsters see this feature as a way to fraud the common people. Anyone can post on Facebook but we need to be careful while shopping, there are various points that we should keep in mind while shopping on Facebook. We have listed these points below

Points to remember while shopping on Facebook Marketplace are Do not Blind Trust anyone, The Shipping Scam, Use Trusted means to send money, Make full Inspection Beforehand, Make deals at secure Place, Don’t reveal your Personal Information.

The points mentioned above are explained below in the article and you must go through these points once before shopping for anything from the Facebook Marketplace.

Points To Remember While Shopping on Facebook Marketplace

we know Fraudsters are everywhere and our safety is in our hands. We have tried to list few points as points to remember while shopping on Instagram Marketplace, keep these points in mind and no one can fraud you.

Do Not Trust Anyone

Do not trust anyone doesn’t mean you should not trust any person or the seller on the Facebook Marketplace. It means do not blind trust anyone, let me make you more clear with an example. Suppose you come across a seller who is selling PS 5 for $200, use your brain here a PS5 costing somewhere between $400 to $500, how can someone sell it for just 200 dollars. Be aware of the market rates before buying. But again you need to have some trust in the seller as you are buying online, act smart, and don’t be tricked.

The Shipping Scam

The most common scam on the Facebook marketplace is the shipping scam. Millions of people are targeted every day by fraudsters through this Shipping Scam. Let us understand this shipping scam with an example. Suppose you found a product on the Facebook Marketplace and contact the seller for buying it. The seller will ask you to pay for the product +the shipping Charges and will say that the product will be delivered to your place after the payment is made. This is a fraud, The fraudsters will never show up to you again after the payment is made. 

Tip- Go shopping and try to find products that are available in your area. So you can go and meet the seller.

Use Trusted Means To Send Money

This point is almost similar to the point explained above. Use the trusted means to transfer money, Fraudsters nowadays are using their own portals to transfer money. They will ask you to pay online through the portals created by them and as soon as you’ll enter the OTP BOOM!!!! You are bankrupt. Insist on Cash Payments and if the seller is far from where you live ask them to wait for delivery or send you the tracking Id of the parcel Shipped.

Make Full Inspection

Before buying any product from the Facebook marketplace make a full inspection of the product. Ask the seller for the Pictures of the product, satisfy yourself with the product and visit the seller’s profile.

To Check the seller’s profile follow the following Steps-

  1. Click on the post of the item you want to buy
  2. Below the Seller Information click on the seller’s name.
  3. Click on “View Profile”.
  4. The seller’s Profile will be displayed.

Make sure the profile is genuine and is in the business. Try to read the user’s reviews.

Meet up at the Secure location

By meeting and having a deal doesn’t mean you can make a deal at 2 PM at night. Try to find a place and trimmings that are safe. Try to make deals in restaurants in spite of meeting on the roadside at midnight. I heard this news another day, a person was called at night for the deal but the fraudster who was acting as the seller bought the gun along with him and robbed the person at the gunpoint.

Tip- Choose the meeting point and time carefully.

Don’t Reveal The Personal information

Do not trust anybody you meet online. If you are about to make a deal on Facebook be professional and only reveal the professional details. Do not reveal your card details such as CVV or OTP with the stranger. Be a responsible citizen and if you find anything fishy on the Marketplace report it to Facebook immediately.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is FaceBook MarketPlace Safe?

Facebook market place does not provide any policy for money return. If you are frauded then its totally your fault Facebook is not responsible for it. You need to be careful and remember the points above to avoid Frauds.

Can I Get my money back from Facebook Marketplace?

The Answer is NO, Facebook is not responsible for the frauds and you need to be careful while shopping.

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