Jake Paul Vs Muhammad Ali In Metaverse | Who Would Win

Jake Paul Vs Muhammad Ali In Metaverse

Is Jake Paul, the Muhammad Ali of modern times? Will Jake Paul be able to defeat Muhammad Ali in his prime? These are some of the questions that every boxing lover has in his head. Well, if you are one of them, we have got good news for you: Jake Paul will fight Muhammed Ali. Yes, soon you will witness Jake Paul Vs Muhammad Ali In Metaverse. 

There is no doubt that Muhammad Ali is the first name that everybody thinks of when it comes to boxing. When it comes to modern-day boxing Jake Paul is the name that has just begun his career. The boxing star came to the limelight in the year 2018, when he defeated  British YouTuber Deji Olatunji in an amateur contest via TKO in the fifth round.

Well, there is news in the market that Jake Paul has challenged Muhammed Ali in the Metaverse for a fight. We know the news is quite hard to digest but it is also the fact that there is no smoke without fire.

So, we dug up into the matter and finally came up with the post on Jake Paul Vs Muhammed Ali In Metaverse. Let’s not waste much of our time and start with the article that will clear all the doubts running around in your head.

Jake Paul Vs Muhammad Ali In Metaverse

Let us begin with the start of the event. You all must know Pete Davidson. Yeah, the famous American Comedian. The comedian on the SNL (Saturday Night Live) dressed up as Jake Paul and challenged Muhammad Ali for the Boxing match.

Well, this is not where the news got the hype, Pete is a comedian, and his whole act was taken as a joke by the audience. Later, in an interview when Jake Paul was asked about the incident. The boxer replied that he may take up Muhammad Ali against him in the Metaverse.

Metaverse as we always say is the universe of unlimited possibilities. Jake Paul vs Muhammad Ali in Metaverse might mean a lot of things. The most probable one among them is the launch of the Boxing game.

However, this is just speculation and no official statement has been given. Well, the boxer did mention something about the playing cards in the Metaverse. This makes this speculation even stronger.

Well, playing cards could also mean the launch of the NFTs. You never know this is the era of web 3.0.

Who Would Win, Muhammad Ali In His Prime Or Jake Paul?

Well, being Muhammad Ali’s biggest fan I am inclined to him. Plus I don’t think that it would be fair to compare two boing stars. Especially when one has ended his career and one has just started. If you compare the careers of both the boxing stars, you will find that Jake Paul has got a long road ahead to cover.

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Muhammad Ali Boxing Career

Total Matches Played61
Total Matches Won56
Matches lost5
Matches Won By K.O37
Win Percentage91.80%

Jake Paul Boxing career

Total Matches Played05
Total Matches Won05
Matches lost0
Matches Won By K.O04
Win Percentage100%

Logan Paul Boxing Career

Logan Paul is jake Paul’s brother. He is made his debut in the boxing profession in the year 2019. However, Logan Paul has only played one professional match to date and faced defeat by decision. Given below is the table that tells the Logan Paul Boxing Carrer.

Total Matches Played01
Total Matches Won00
Matches lost01
Matches Won By K.O00
Matches Lost By Decision01
Win Percentage00%

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Wrapping Up

We hope that the post above has cleared all your doubts about the Jake Paul Vs Muhammad Ali in Metaverse. Well, nothing can be said with conviction and we have to wait for the official statement before reaching any decision.

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