How To Fix KuCoin Error Logging In | 6 Possible Fixes!

It is quite common to face errors when using any famous technology. KuCoin is one of the platforms widely used by people all over the world. There might be times when you face a KuCoin error logging in. Well, worry not because you are not the only one facing. So, for your help here is a guide on “Kucoin Error Logging In”, which will provide you with the fixes to overcome these errors.

KuCoin is immensely popular and trusted by enormous users. It’s well-known for trading cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum or Bitcoin. Users are complaining about errors while using or logging in to the app. There can be various reasons for KuCoin error logging in. 

We will discuss KuCoin error logging in and how these can be resolved. Be with us until the end to get solutions to this problem of KuCoin error logging in and other problems as well. Try fixing your errors in the ways mentioned in our post. So, let’s quickly start with the post. 

What Are The Issues Related To KuCoin?

KuCoin error logging in

We have listed a few issues or problems users may face while using the KuCoin app.

  • KuCoin error logging in. 
  • KuCoin updating error.
  • Server or connection error.
  • App crash or white/ Black screen error.
  • Audio or video error.

These are the most common errors or issues you might face while using the KuCoin app. Let us see how to solve these errors.

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How To Solve KuCoin Error Logging In?

If you face any KuCoin error logging in, you need to take care of the following things. Let us check these out.

  • Try to reconnect again as the server may be down.
  • Check your mobile data or wifi connection as it may be unstable and cause KuCoin error logging in.
  • Your account may be deactivated or banned due to inactivity or other reasons. Check out the error messages. 
  • If you are using social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc., check if their service is working properly by going to their website. 
  • Check if you are writing the correct credentials or not. Confirm it once. 

These points may help you resolve the KuCoin error logging in problems.

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How To Solve KuCoin Loading/ Connection/ Server Error? 

If you face any issues while loading the KuCoin app on your phone, try following the below-mentioned steps.

  • The server may be down, try again after some time. 
  • Check if your mobile data or wifi connection is stable or not as it may cause a problem.
  • There can be many users using the app at the same time. Try reconnecting after some time. 

This will help you to solve the problem. You can try these out.

How To Solve KuCoin App Crash Or White/ Black/ Blank Screen Issue?

You might face app crash issues or a white, black, or blank screen in KuCoin. Read these steps to resolve them.

  • This blank or black screen may be a temporary issue on your tablet or mobile device. Tap the recent application menu and close the app having this issue. Open it again. This may help to work normally now.
  • Restart your phone or tablet. Try to open the app again. This might work now.
  • Wait for the phone’s battery to drain, and it turns off automatically. Charge the device and long-press the power button, and it may help you solve the problem.
  • If all else fails, try to uninstall and then re-install the app. 
  • Try to install the app with an older version. This might work for you. 

These steps may help you resolve the problem you are facing with KuCoin. 

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How To Solve KuCoin Audio/ Video Loading Issue?

There might be issues with the audio or video loading. You can resolve them with these steps.

  • Try using earphones or headphones and increase the volume.
  • Remove the earphones or headphones and increase the volume of your phone.
  • Check out your wifi connection or mobile data. You may have a weak or unstable internet connection. 

You can try these things as they may help you to resolve the problem.

How To Solve KuCoin Notification Issues?

You may face issues related to notifications on your phone. These steps might be helpful for you.

  • Check if you have mistakenly muted the app notifications, as this may be the reason for not getting notification alerts.
  • Check your notification settings. Go to settings, find notifications, and then KuCoin. Look if notifications are enabled or disabled. Enable them if they are turned off.

These steps might be helpful to resolve the issues related to notifications. 

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How To Solve KuCoin App Updating Issues? 

It is important to note that users may face an issue while updating the KuCoin app. Let’s see how you can resolve this.

  • Check if you have enough space or storage on your mobile device. This might be why you cannot update, as it can block such updates.
  • Confirm if your mobile data or wifi connection is stable or not. If it’s down, it can be the reason for creating an issue in updates.

This can help you to resolve the issue of updates. You can try these out.


The post includes the most common issues faced by users. It includes KuCoin error logging in, audio errors, server errors, etc. We have also mentioned all possible ways to resolve these errors. If you face any other error or know some other way of solving any of these errors, do tell us by commenting below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. How Do I Log In To My KuCoin Account? 

A. Visit the KuCoin website and tap the login button on the top right corner. Put in your phone number or email and password. Hit the login button.

Q2. Is KuCoin A Safe Crypto Exchange?

A. Yes, KuCoin is considered one of the safest cryptocurrency exchanges. Anyone can safely and conveniently trade on this platform.

Q3. Do You Need A VPN For KuCoin? 

A. Few countries such as the US cannot access all the features of KuCoin. If you are in the United States, you may need a VPN to access various features of this platform. 

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