Maricoin Cryptocurrency: The World’s First LGBTQ Cryptocurrency

Maricoin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrencies have been ruling the world for half a decade now. Numerous people and communities have polished their fortune in the  Crypto market. Did you know that recently on the advent of the new year, a new currency known as the Maricoin Cryptocurrency has been launched for the LGBTQ community?

The plans to launch the Maricoin was started back in 2017. You would be surprised to know the derivation of the name. Mari is the homophobic slur used in the Spanish language. The creators used slur as the name of the crypto. The founder and the CEO of the crypto have made it clear in his interviews that he launched the crypto to rule out the banks, where their community rarely gets respect.

Since we know that banking uses a centralized model form of transaction and crypto uses the decentralized model. So, launching crypto especially for LGBTQ-friendly businesses and events is a big move.

Further in the post, you will come across all the updates related to the Maricoin. So, let’s not keep you waiting for much and start with the article. 

What Is Maricoin Cryptocurrency?

In the fast-moving world of cryptos and NFTs, the “Rainbow” community has decided to make the world feel their presence by launching their own cryptocurrency. The community named the crypto launched in January 2022 as Maricoin.

So, if you are looking for what Maricoin is then it is a cryptocurrency that is launched by the LGBTQ community to mark their presence and break the stereotype. The CEO of Stratify, Francisco Alvarez Cano is the CEO and the founder of the Maricoin Cryptocurrency.

The founder of the cryptocurrency in an interview said that it is not only the currency that will be seen as the first cryptocurrency for the LBTQ community. It will also become one of the most used currencies for transactions all around the globe. 

We know you must be having numerous queries running in your head right now. Well, let us clear them one by one.

Why Is Maricoin Expected To Become The Most Used Cryptocurrency?

Maricoin Cryptocurrency

If you look at the interviews of the founder Francisco Alvarez Cano and the co-founder Juan Belmonte. One thing can be said with certainty that they are quite confident about the success of the Maricoin cryptocurrency as soon as it is launched in the market. Why is it so?

Well, as we did a deeper study on the topic we found out a few stats that would surprise you as well.

The first one among them was that you gather all the LGBTQs and make their country. Then, the country would stand at fourth position in the world economy. Could you believe that?

Plus, the statement by the CEO company about the waiting list of the people who are eagerly waiting for the Cryptocurrency to launch. He told the media that there are almost 8,000 people who are on the waitlist. Well, that’s a huge number.

Another reason for the demand for Mari Cryptocurrency is that the main motive of the crypto would be to assist the people around the globe who don’t have the same rights.

Availability Of The Maricoin Cryptocurrency

According to sources the people of Barcelona, Ibiza, Maspalomas, and Madrid can use the Maricoin. Well, soon it will be out for all as the pilot test of the Maricoin is over.

The pilot test of the Maricoin Cryptocurrency involves testing only over 10 businesses. The money issued by the Pilot test is around $250 million in 2022. The additional units are said to be added after the verification of the unit demand.

Uses Of The Maricoin Cryptocurrencies

Well, these currencies will also be used as the other cryptos. You can invest in these currencies. The founder has said that you can also use these currencies to make payments in coffee shops, malls, and more.

Francisco Alvarez Cano added that if the world is earning so much from the Crypto business then why shouldn’t our community. He said that let’s remove the banks from the transaction scenario, where our people are not given respect. He said that the Maricoin cryptocurrency will be used for the transactions in the business started by the people of the LGBTQ community.

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Wrapping Up

Well, this was all about the Maricoin cryptocurrency. We hope that the post has cleared all your doubts. If not then feel free to ask us in the comments section below. We will reply to you as soon as possible.

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