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McDonald's In Metaverse

As we always say that Metaverse is the platform for unlimited opportunities. You can use the concept to make money and enjoy the virtual world. You can visit clubs, attend concerts, play games and visit McDonald’s with your friends. Wait!! What?? Visit McDonald’s? Yeah, you read that correctly. Soon you will be able to see McDonald’s in Metaverse.

McDonald’s is among the world’s largest restaurant chains. You can find one easily in your city, and why not? The company has opened almost 40,000 restaurants globally, and there is news in the market that it is opening three more daily. Wow, that’s a great number, and being a foodie, I want more of these to open.

Coming back to the topic, you will soon be able to visit McDonald’s in Metaverse. No, we aren’t kidding. The company has filed a trademark for the virtual restaurant in the Metaverse. Well, what is the news about? Let’s have a detailed overview.

McDonald’s In Metaverse 

McDonald’s has recently filed the trademark for the virtual properties. This news indicates that the company plans to launch the Mcdonald’s in Metaverse. However, Metaverse, the company is planning to launch its first restaurant, is still a mystery.

Metaverse has been here for quite a while now. Several big companies have started developing their metaverses—especially Facebook (Now Meta). The Facebook name change decision has given the Metaverse development a new speed.

As we know, the internet is evolving rapidly, and Web 3.0 is approaching. So, it’s the perfect time to change with time. It is expected that people will spend most of their time in the Metaverse. Therefore, opening up a Virtual restaurant won’t be a bad idea.

What Is McDonald’s Plan About The Metaverse

Well, the McDonald’s plans about the Metaverse are still unclear. The company has registered for the Virtual restaurant’s trademark and the Virtual and actual goods.

There are also plans that the restaurants will do the home delivery of food in the Metaverse just like in the real world. 

So, you can now visit McDonald’s in Metaverse or order food, consume it and make your Avatar look fat (Just Kidding, but you never know). However, there are also chances for restaurants opening up in the Metaverse. Gyms will also find their way in to keep your Avatar in shape. And why not? As we always say, Metaverse is the Platform of unlimited opportunities.

McDonald’s NFT In Metaverse

The company is planning for home delivery, but it is also planning to include a feature to download multimedia from the platform. However, it is not clear what this multimedia is going to be. There are chances of celebrating your birthday party in McDonald’s in Metaverse. You can ask for the video clip of the celebration (just a guess)

Besides the download Multimedia feature, you will also be provided with the NFTs. It is not clear yet, what kind of NFT will be provided to the visitors.

Virtual Concerts and Events In McDonald’s 

Other than these, it is also expected that McDonald’s in Metaverse will also be hosting the Virtual Concerts and Events. We have to wait for the events.

How Will We Eat At McDonald’s In Metaverse

As technology evolves, you can also expect to eat at McDonald’s in Metaverse. There are chances that McDonald’s would look forward to opening the Ghost Kitchens. 

Let us tell you that Ghost kitchens are designed to prepare takeaway foods. So, they might come up with the concept that you can order the food from the Ghost Kitchen and eat it in the McDonald’s Metaverse.

Wrapping Up

Nothing can be said with conviction about the launch and the working of the McDonald’s in Metaverse for now, as only the trademark has been registered. All these are just speculations and might come true in the future when the company launches the Metaverse.

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