Memory Games For Kids In 2023 | Get One For Your Kid!

Memory Games For Kids

Wanna sharpen your kid’s memory? Well, there might be a few ways to do that, and what better than games? Right? So, here are the best memory games for kids that will help increase your kid’s memory.

There are some games, that can help your kid a lot to increase memory power. With some of the best memory games for kids, your kid can also have some other features like better processing and identification power as well. So, let’s go over with best memory games for kids.

The best memory games for kids are Memory, Matching Game, Animals Memory Game, Cup games, Picture Bingo, What’s Missing, I went Shopping, Draw a word on my back, Total recall, and so on.

If you want to know about these memory games for kids in detail, scroll down and find everything you need to know.

Memory Games For Kids

You might get several games while you are looking for some of the best memory games for Kids. You need to make sure that you are going to choose the finest and the best one that your kid can play with. Also, you need to make sure that the game is also directing your kid in the perfect way that you are going. So, you need to know about some games, and below are some of those to choose from.

1. Memory

Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid
Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid

There should be several cards that your kid needs to play with in this game. In fact, this game can let them understand the process to identify two matching cards. Once, your kid takes two matching cards, can get another chance. If not, then the other one will have the chance. This might be one of the best memory games for Kids.


  • Card-based memory game
  • Identify two matching cards
  • Increase the memory of your kid

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2. Matching Game

This game is based on several objects, and your kid needs to match all of those items with the same type of that. with the help of that, your kid can get better recognition power from the very beginning, and that can also help them to increase their memory as well. So, you can choose this game for your kid as well.


  • Let your kid know several objects
  • Increase the memory power
  • Speed up the processing power

3. Animals Memory Game

Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid
Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid

If you want to help your kid’s memory with the help of matching different things, then this game might also be another for you. In this game, there will be different animals on the board. Your kid needs to match those animals. Along with increasing memory, this game can help your kid to recognize the animals as well.


  • Increase memory
  • Know the animals
  • Better processing power

4. Cup Games

This is one of the most basic memory games that you might also have played. You need to place an object under a cup, and then need to move that alongside another cup. Once, you shuffle those cups, stop thatsuddenly. Your kid needs to identify the cup with the object below. That can help your kid to process everything soon.


  • Perfect to increase the memory
  • Faster processing power
  • Can increase difficulty with cup

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5. Picture Bingo

Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid
Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid

If you want to increase the memory of your kid with the help of some images, then this might be the game that you need to choose for the kid. This game consists of a few images, and some cards matched with the images. There should be more than one kid, everyone needs to choose different base images. Then all the cards should be shuffled and spread face down. The kids need to pick a card and match that with the base image in mind. That can help to increase imagination and memory power.


  • Game based on images
  • Need to decide on the perfect card
  • Increase imagination power

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6. What’s Missing

This game is another memory game that your kid can play. Also, you need to make sure that you place several items together. Then ask your kid to name those items and describe those. That can help your kid to remember that item in a better way. Then, you need to remove an item from that place and ask your kid to identify that. Once, you want to increase the difficulty level, you need to increase the number of items and then removed them as well.


  • Help the kid to increase their memory
  • Know several items
  • Get the idea to give a description

7. I Went Shopping

In this game, there will be a lot of items that the kids require to add to the list that can they buy from the market. Basically, to add more interest to this game, they need to play the game by adding up all the items, they are going to buy. The first kid will say an item, and then all the kids will keep adding on other items. The game is going to run till someone forgets any of the items.


  • Know and remember the names of several items
  • Add more items to the list
  • Perfect to increase the memory

8. Draw A Word On My Back

Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid
Memory Games For Kids | Get One For Your Kid

If you are looking for a game that can help you even more with the identification power of the brain, then this might be the game that your kid requires to play. This game requires two kids, and one will write some words on the back of the other one. the other one needs to identify that particular word indeed. Also, the kids need to switch their position to make sure that both are getting opportunities.


  • Requires two kids to play
  • Better identification power of the brain
  • Learn more words

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9. Total Recall

This is like the memory run or memory race that happens in different sports competitions. All you need to do is to set up several things together and let the kid see those items for a few seconds. Then they need to write or tell the name of those items. In fact, you can set some objects, and let them draw those as well. By increasing the number of those items, you can really be able to make the game more difficult too.


  • Can be a set of anything
  • Needs to remember all the items on the list
  • Perfect for increasing the processing power of the brain

10. Number String

This is really one of the games that a lot of people have played in their childhood. Basically, the game will start with a single number or digit. Then the next one will tell that number and one more number. The third one needs to say both the numbers and one more in the addition. This is how the game will continue till one forgets any of the numbers.


  • Need to play the game physically
  • Play with digits
  • Really helpful to increase memory power

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Wrapping Up

So, you have got to know about different and some of the best memory games for Kids. Also, you have even got to know all the details, features, specialties, and other features of those games. So, you need to understand those accordingly, and then need to consider the best possible and effective game for your kid too. That can help your kid the most indeed to increase memory power.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Is Memory Games For Kids?

Some games, that can help kids to increase their memory, processing, identification, and other brain powers, are known as memory games for kids. There are a few games that your kid can try.

2. What Games Help Kids Retain Information?

If you are looking for some of the best games for your kids, then you need to choose from some the games like Memory, Picture Bingo, What’s missing, and so on.

3. Is A Memory Game Good For The Brain?

Yes and this is quite obvious that different memory games are really great for the brain. Also, that can help your kid to develop the brain perfectly with several benefits as well.

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