Midjourney Aspect Ratio Options With Examples!!

Midjourney Aspect Ratio Options With Examples

When we are considering the change in resolution of an image, the first thing that crosses our mind is the aspect ratio. If you are creating AI images on Midjourney, you cannot overlook Midjourney aspect ratio options. Besides, you can explore that Midjourney is very protective when it comes to the aspect ratio of the images. 

Basically, the aspect ratio is a concept that shows us the width and height ratio of an image. When you explore Midjourney, you will find that it has introduced any aspect ratio for the benefit of the users. You should consider these Midjourney aspect ratio options to be more creative with the Midjourney-generated images. 

Version 4 Midjourney aspect ratio options were very limited, but Midjourney has introduced ‘any aspect ratio’ for the images in version 5! It means the –ar parameter will work on any aspect ratio that you will put in the parameter. 

You have to consider that Midjourney aspect ratio options play a pivotal role in the quality of the images that you are creating. Hence, you can experiment with the ratio aspects but be very careful so that you do not damage the image. 

What Is Aspect Ratio?

According to the general concert, the aspect ratio is a parameter that stands for the width and height ratio of an image as well as video. Commonly, the aspect ratio is depicted with the numbers and colon, such as – 6:4 or 9:6. 

For the understanding, if an image claims it has a 6:4 aspect ratio, it depicts that the height of the image is 6 units and the width of the image is 4 units. 

Examples Of Common Midjourney Aspect Ratios

Following are some of the common Midjourney aspect ratio options that should be considered:

1. Midjourney Portrait Aspect Ratios

Midjourney is popular for designing portraits. If you are arousing Midjourney for the same and wonder what is the ideal portrait ratio to work on is – –ar 9:16 and –ar 16:9.

2. Midjourney Landscape Aspect Ratios

If you are up to creating stunning landscape images with Midjourney, then the ideal Midjourney aspect ratio options that you should consider is – –ar 16:9. You can also try creating stunning landscapes with –ar 5:4 aspect ratio. The result will be great in both cases

3. Midjourney Square Aspect Ratios

As we were discussing, Midjourney offers us an opportunity to experiment with any ratio that we have in mind. However, the default aspect ratio for Midjourney is 1:1 [square aspect ratio]. You can use ‘–aspect’ or ‘–ar’ parameter to change the default aspect ratio. 

Commonly Used Midjourney Ratios

Commonly Used Midjourney Ratios

Here are some of the commonly used Midjourney ratios:

  • –ar 1:1 – Default Midjourney aspect ratio.
  • –ar 3:1 Ideal Twitter banner.
  • –ar 3:2 Ideal aspect ratio for film photography.
  • –ar 3:2 / –ar 7:4 Common for art prints.
  • –ar 4:1 Ideal Etsy shop banner.
  • –ar 4:3 – Commonly used for monitors.
  • –ar 5:4 – Common frame and print ratio.
  • –ar 9:16 – Vertical equivalent of 16:9 and is commonly used for portraits.
  • –ar 16:9 iPhone pictures and Youtube’s favorite aspect ratio.
  • –ar 16:10 The standard for MacBook displays.

What Is –Ar Or –Aspect In Midjourney?

In Midjourney, –Ar Or –Aspect are used as parameters in the prompt to change the default aspect ratio. As we have already mentioned that Midjourney has a default aspect ratio – of 1:1. You can change this default ratio by using the –Ar Or –Aspect prompt. 

What Maximum Aspect Ratios Does Midjourney Support?

The fact is that you can find different aspect ratios. Midjourney versions. For Midjourney Version 5, there is no maximum limit. You can try any aspect ratio. The same goes for the niji 5 version. There is no maximum limit for these two versions. However, for Midjourney Version 4, the maximum aspect ratio is 1:2 to 2:1

How To Choose The Right Aspect Ratio?

Choosing Midjourney aspect ratio options may sound difficult considering the availability of so many options! However, here are a few things to consider before choosing the right aspect ratio: 

1. Consider The Content Type

Well, different types of content require different aspect ratios. So, if you consider the purpose of creating your content. For instance, the aspect ratio for the social media images will be lower than the cinematic video content. 

2. Think About The Intended Use

Consider how you are displaying your content and how it will reach the viewers. Consider the user base and devices primarily used for viewing the content. If you are publishing content for mobile devices only, then the aspect ratio will be far less than that of the content intended to publish on a large screen. 

3. Know Your Audience

Consider your target audience and their preferences for viewing your content. If you are targeting Gen-Z, then the optimum ratio of your content should be identical to the ratio for mobile content. 

How To Change The Aspect Ratio In Midjourney? 

Changing the aspect ratio is super easy if you know how to control the Midjourney aspect ratio options. Midjourney comes with a default aspect ratio, which is square – 1:1. 

However, you can change this aspect ratio just by using –aspect <value>:<value>, or –ar <value>:<value> parameters at the end of your Midjourney prompt

Why Aspect Ratio Matters With The Midjourney AI? 

The dimension you chose to create your content will ultimately determine the impact of the content on your followers. If you are creating a landscape scenery or some nature view then you should go with the ideal Landscape ratio and not mobile content ratio. On the other hand, you can create Twitter banners or Instagram posts just with perfect ratio using Midjourney so that it matches the ideal dimension of the posts and gives perfect resolution to the image.


You should resize your Midjourney content ratio and not your imagination! Imagine to the ultimate extent but follow the Midjourney aspect ratio options guideline so that your content does not compromise in the quality and reaches maximum viewers. Do not forget to use the right parameters in your prompt to control the ratio. Share your experience! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To Access New Aspect Ratios In Midjourney? 

You can access the new aspect ratios in Midjourney and manipulate it with the right parameters. Try –aspect <value>:<value>, or –ar <value>:<value> parameters at the end of your Midjourney prompt to access new aspect ratios in Midjourney.

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