Minecraft Dream Face Reveal | Date, Time And Who Can Join?

Minecraft Dream Face

Minecraft Dream Face is the upcoming best thing we have ever heard of this year. So far, it is announced that Dream is going to reveal his face in his next YouTube video. But, wait! Is it true or a hoax? It’s hard to believe, but if we are lucky, we may get a chance to see Minecraft Dream Face in 2022. 

Now, controversies are there. Although it is an official announcement that Dream is going to reveal his face to his fan followers, we are quite not sure if that information is worth relying on. Since 2014, Minecraft Dream Face cooked curiosity among the fan base. If you are a Minecraft gamer, revealing Minecraft Dream Face is going to be the next big thing on YouTube for you. 

One of the most popular YouTubers for Minecraft, Dream, has released his face reveal event!  Both new and long-time fans of Dream are thrilled by this announcement because they have long been under the impression that he is an anonymous, faceless YouTuber. So let’s find out when the Dream Face Reveal is and also find out how often he has hyped it in the past by reading this article.

The Minecraft Dream Face Reveal Announcement

“The smile and the mask are all going to be a part of my brand even after the face reveal. [But now] I’ll be able to do more things I haven’t been able to do. And my goal is to take full advantage of it,” – Dream

About the personal life of Minecraft YouTuber Dream, not much is known. His countless followers haven’t even seen his face, in fact. However, the content creator who stirred up controversy claims that could soon change.

Dream said in an interview with Anthony Padilla on June 8 that his identity might not be a secret for much longer. The interview comes after Dream has been embroiled in a lot of recent controversies, including his admission that he cheated during his world-record-breaking Minecraft speed run as well as streamers being subjected to abuse from his ardent fan base. The dream revealed to Padilla that because he can’t “express [himself] fully” while dressed in a mask, his content is limited. Dream claimed he was unable to go out and meet people or create TikTok. Dream clarified that disclosing his identity will not affect his YouTube content but rather open “a new chapter.”

The Minecraft Dream Face Reveal In Progress

Unlike other YouTubers, Dream hides his face under a mask, in typical Dream style. Dream imagines the disclosure as a significant occasion. Either he would include his pals or let his followers take part in some way. In fact, it might be a gathering. However, according to Dream, the event’s face reveals “wouldn’t be the center of things.” For his face reveal, which Dream referred to as “self-centered,” Padilla claimed that he could likely “sell out the Staples Center.” Not wanting to charge fans to see his face, he refrained. However, it was amusing to imagine how many people would shove into the arena to view Dream’s face on a huge screen.

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Why Does Dream Wear A Mask? 

Dream admitted to Padilla during the private interview that he didn’t intend to always wear a mask. He had no intention of concealing his face from the crowd. However, he “blew up so swiftly” that the masking persona nearly unintentionally took hold. Based on user input and fan art production, it “sort of simply happened” and wasn’t planned. When Dream ultimately revealed his face, he urged his followers to continue making fan art of him in disguise.

Previous Minecraft Dream Face Reveal Pranks

There were primarily two times in the past where Dream made fun of it, but one of them was a jest. The first is included in MrBeast’s YouTube Rewind 2020 (on January 1, 2021). Dream was standing there with a Placard close to his face. When he finally brings it down, he is actually donning a smiley-faced white mask. same as the icon for his YouTube channel. The “my face reveal” video from 2019 is the largest one that is currently widely known. Credit for this information goes to the Dream YouTube fans. The caption of the video broadcast by the Minecraft YouTuber with the title “my face reveal” read, “hello, it’s me” on September 25, 2019, but after a few days, went ahead and removed it. We can’t be sure if he actually did a face reveal in the video because it was removed, or if he was just playing a joke on his fans. He has only addressed his facial reveal, aside from the aforementioned occurrences.

Dream said that COVID-19 caused a delay in his face unveiling in a 2021 interview with Kavos. Additionally, he disclosed that if COVID-19 was still around in early 2022, he would perform a face reveal. As an April Fool’s Day joke, Dream shared a tweet from Danny Gonzalez on April 1, 2021, claiming to be Dream and promising to show his face on a live stream. After, Dream tweeted “I’m life” with a link to Danny’s Twitch, where he was broadcasting under the heading “I was dreaming the whole time.” During this webcast, Danny went through a mock PowerPoint presentation to describe how he became Dream and how he did it, all the while mispronouncing several of the names of the dream SMP members.

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Wrapping Up

Minecraft Dream Face reveal is what we are still waiting for. Although, as per the latest interview of dream, it seems like this time Minecraft Dream Face revealing will be true. Let’s wait and follow Deasilex for the next update on Minecraft Dream Face reveal. Meanwhile don’t forget to join discord servers of the popular YouTubers like HasanAbi, Mizkif, and Crispy Concords.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why Does Dream Minecraft Wear A Mask?

Dream revealed to Padilla that because he can’t “express [himself] fully” while wearing a mask, his content is limited. Dream claimed he was unable to go out and meet people or create TikTok. Dream clarified that disclosing his identity will not alter his message but rather open “a new chapter.”

Q2. Is Dream A Minecraft Youtuber?

The anonymous developer of Minecraft changed the game, produced one of the most popular YouTube video series about it, and founded the well-known Dream SMP Minecraft server. Dream’s main platform is YouTube, where he has over 29 million subscribers.

Q3. Is Dream A Millionaire Minecraft?

Dream is a well-known YouTuber and Twitch streamer well known for his Minecraft videos. He is undoubtedly the most well-known anonymous content producer. He runs one of YouTube’s most rapidly expanding channels in the platform’s history. Dream’s net worth was $2 million as of 2022.

Q4. Will Dream Ever Show His Face?

Dream hasn’t formally introduced himself to fans as of the time. Although the YouTuber has been the most popular Minecraft producer on the internet for many years, he has managed to maintain his mystique by hiding his face.

Q5. Why Does Dream Don’t Want To Show His Face?

He has previously stated that the actual reason he won’t reveal his face is that he still values his privacy in his personal life. There is always a danger that he will regret his decision if he does decide to lift the curtain.

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