5 Most Liked Instagram Reels Of All Times

Most Liked Instagram Reels

Instagram’s algorithm is a real test. It’s dynamic and ever-changing. However, here are a few creators who have broken the Instagram Reels Algorithm code and found their ways to the list of the “Most Liked Instagram Reels”. Who are these influencers? What are the reels they created that made it to the “10 Million Likes Club”? Let’s find out. 

Instagram Reels has proven to be the best change made on Instagram’s platform. The introduction of the Reels section has increased the engagement time of the user on the application. All you have to do for making a good reel is choose the perfect trending song on the Instagram reel, make a good content video, and boom you’ll also have one of those viral videos. These creators have used this trick and made their way into the list of the “Most Liked Instagram Reels”.

Open your reels and you will find Khaby Lame correcting people just with his actions. He is insanely famous on the platform. Despite his popularity, his reels are not on the top of the list of Most Liked Instagram Reels.

Any Guess about the influencer at the first position? Well, you will get the answer to all these questions further in the article. We have listed the top 5 most liked Instagram reels along with the specialty of the reel.

5 Most Liked Instagram Reels

Good content and the audience engagement is the key for making viral reels. These influencers proved it. Now, without wasting much of your time let us start with the first reel in the list of the “Most Liked Instagram Reels”.

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3 Years Of Stormi  

Most Liked Instagram Reels

Who today isn’t aware of the fashion diva Kylie Jenner. The model holds the power of bringing down the shares of Snapchat. Don’t know what I am Talking About? FYI, Kylie once tweeted about the precision of the Snapchat filters and within a few hours, the shares of the platform saw a huge decline in the share market.

I think the example is enough to tell you the power of Instagram Influencers.

Well, here we are listing the most liked Instagram Reels and you would be surprised to know that Kylie’s three-year daughter has got more likes on her reels than her mother. Yeah, it’s true Daughter beats mother in terms of popularity and CUTENESS. 

Kylie shared a reel of her daughter on her third birthday. This time it was not the influencer’s popularity that got her 11.4 Million likes, it was Stormi’s (Kylie’s Daughter) innocence and cuteness that took her to the milestone.

3 Years of Stormi is the most liked Instagram Reels of all time.

Summer Is Coming

“Winter Is Coming”  sounds familiar to Game of Thrones lovers. However, what is “Summer is coming”?

“Summer is Coming” is the caption of a reel shared by Khaby Lame on his official handle. Yeah, you heard it right, Khaby Lame, the man who didn’t say even a single word in his whole reel but has made it to the list of the most-liked Instagram Reels list. 

I don’t know about you, but Khaby reminds me of “Charlie Chaplin”. How?? Both the comedians have got the talent to make the world smile and laugh just with their actions without saying a single word.

Well, coming back to the reel, we know Khaby’s style of roasting. He picks up a reel (a Stupid Reel usually) and roasts it by doing it correctly. What a great idea! His last hand action that says how this is done is just the cherry on the cake. 

This time Khaby came across a reel, in which a boy is trying to use his towel as the floating mattress in the swimming pool. Khaby brought the actual floating mattress to the pool and got on it. That’s how it’s done!

He shared this reel with the caption “Summer Is Coming”, telling his fans to enjoy their summer vacations and what would define the summer vacation better than a Pool. The fans liked the video so much that the video has got a total of 10.7 million likes that took the video to the number second in the list of the “Most Liked Instagram Reels”.

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Chill Please! I’m Relaxing

Watching a girl playing martial arts and kicking hard can make any feminist proud. It is a sign of women’s empowerment and a role model for various other girls. But, this time Khaby has got something different on his plate.

Instead of picking up some stupid reel, the influencer had an idea to do something with the girl kicking the bottle. The reel that was finally delivered was quite funny. Khaby edited the kicking reel in such a way that every time the girl kicked the bottle it came and hit him. Sometimes in his face and sometimes in his food.

It starts with hitting Khaby while playing, brushing, bathing, and having food. The girl irritated Khaby four times and the frown on his face when the bottle hit his cornflakes bowl makes the reel even funnier.

This reel is different from Khaby’s original style. He is not instructing anyone in this video. However, he is getting irritated, I mean really irritated. Khaby shared this video with the caption “Chill please!! I’m relaxing” and the fans took the video to the third position in the list of the “most liked Instagram reels”.

Lol! Open The Door This Way

Moving to the fourth position in the list of the most liked Instagram reels, we have Khaby, Again!!! 

Khaby is ruling the Instagram reels like a true king. In this reel, Khaby is teaching a young girl who is running after a boy, how to open the door. Yeah exactly!! Teaching someone how to open the door. Sounds lame but it’s Khaby Lame. That Rhymed.

Even though Khaby roasts the people making stupid reels, the best part is people are happy with the roast. It is not like the “YouTube v/s TikTok Roasts’ ‘ that we encountered at the beginning of 2021.

Well, talking about the reel, it starts with a girl running after a boy (An acrobatic boy) and trying to catch him. The boy jumps into the windows and comes out of the door and the girl runs after him. At one point the girl tried to get into the door but was unable to get in. No, the boy didn’t lock the door, it was the girl’s foot that was hindering the opening of the door. (Watch the reel given above to understand better). Khaby picked up that stupid point of the reel and teaches the girl how to open the door without getting any trouble from her foot.

The video was made in the classic Khaby style that made its way to the most liked Instagram reels with 10.1 million likes.

Ice In The Bowl

Ronaldo was in the news recently for promoting water over Cold Drinks. Well, this reel has nothing to do with Ronaldo. But, it is about his biggest Rival. Guess the name and shout it loud.


Yeah, you are right both the players are each other’s biggest rivals when it comes to the game. However, if you have watched the reel of Messi then you can surely say that the rivalry has grown deeper and it has come to their brand promotions as well.

On one hand, where we can see Ronaldo promoting water over Cold Drink (rather not to say the brand name), Messi was seen promoting Pepsi using his Football skills and when it comes to skills, tell me who can beat Messi.

In the reel “Ice In The Bowl”, Messi uses his skills to get the ice in his glass then poured some Pepsi into it and drank it. The player shared this reel with the caption “I like my Pepsi served with ultimate precision.

The exceptional skills with the ball shown in the reel make the reel one of the most liked Instagram reels with 10 Million likes.

Most Liked Instagram Reels

S. No.VideoLikesViews
1.3 years of Stormi11.4 Million78.5 Million
2.Summer is coming10.7 Million134 Million
3.Chill, please! I’m relaxing10.4 Million117 Million
4.Lol! Open the door this way10.1 Million111 Million
5.Ice in the bowl9.9 Million95.2 Million

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Wrapping Up

Although Kylie’s daughter is on the top of the list of the “Most Liked Instagram Reels”. But, for us, Khaby has stolen the show. He has got three reels in the list of the top five most liked videos on Instagram. If you find this article interesting then do share it with your friends.

Till then keep scrolling and liking Reels on Instagram. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most viewed reel on Instagram?

The Most viewed reel on Instagram is “Blink and Express” with a total of 259 million views by far.

What is the most liked Instagram post-2021?

A brown chicken egg is the most liked Instagram post in 2021.

Who has got the most likes on Instagram 2020?

Christiano Ronaldo has got the most likes on Instagram in 2021. He has got 19.1 million likes on his post by far.

Which song has the most reels on Instagram?

Dinero by Trinidad Cardona has got the most number of reels on Instagram.

Who is the person with the most followers on Instagram?

The famous Footballer Christiano Ronaldo is the person with the most number of followers on Instagram.

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