7 NFTs Like CryptoPunks | Why Are US Giants Stepping In?

NFTs Like CryptoPunks

You might be well aware of NFTs and CryptoPunks. If not then you can go through the “Types of NFTs” & clear all your doubts about NFT’s. Do you know which are the most trending NFTs these days? Yeah! They are CryptoPunks. Yes, we know they are difficult to get. So, here we are with a list of NFTs like CryptoPunks that you can buy right now. 

CryptoPunks are just the art images generated using an algorithm. These images are actually the 24 * 24 pixels punky looking boys and girls. They resemble apes, zombies, and aliens. The attributes, as well as ownership of each punk, are written on their profile. The NFTs had a huge influence in 2021 NFTs sales, where they were close to about 25 million.

Despite this, projects like CryptoPunks have grabbed the center stage in the crypto art scene, which is primarily dominated by cartoons and memes. So, we did deep research and finally came out with the list of the 7 best NFTs like CryptoPunks that match the standards of these pixelated characters. 

So without wasting much time let’s start with the list of the NFTs.

Top NFTs Like CryptoPunks

Given below are the best seven NFTs which you can buy right now.

1. Cryptokitties:

This is one of the world’s first blockchain  NFT based games. 

As the name goes by, a user has to collect and breed kittens that have a unique genome. This genome defines their appearance and traits. Depending on the kind of NFT, the breed of kitty is decided. Users have the ability to interact in real-time with the help of tokens. They breed the cat of their choice and then sell them off. When the NFT frenzy started in 2020, cryptokitties returned back to the market.

2. ASCIIPunks:

This is also a cryptocurrency that shares the idea of “NFTs like CryptoPunks”. 

They are produced in a similar fashion as crypto punks, generated algorithmically. The only difference being there are only 2048 in existence. These are priced at 0.04 ETH and over 92k have been already sold out in the market.

3. Rock Legend Punks:

These are the collection of iconic rock n roll superstars. 

There are just 250 of them and none of them will be duplicated. These are the colorful characters priced at 0.075ETH and about 9.9 punks have been sold out.

4. Genius Packs:

A punky-looking NFT collection that comes under the curtain of NFTs like CryptoPunks. 

These punks are the collection of 42 famous geniuses only. These are priced at 0.2 ETH and about 6 of them have been traded off.

5. Anime Punks:

This NFT collection is not made from algorithms but a hand-drawn pixel art image. 

There are 1000 characters made by just 1 person named madebyvrk. This is the animated hero punks collection. These are priced at 0.078 ETH and around 88 have been sold out.

6. MIDI Punks:

These NFTs like CryptoPunks are, particularly for music lovers. 

Only 100 different punks are available with midi notes as pixels. Each punk plays different music which is based on the midi notes and sample. These are the only punks with a voice. These are priced at 0.129 ETH and only 28 are left unsold.

7. Bored Ape Yacht Club

These can be regarded as the new generation CryptoPunks. 

As the name indicates, bored apes are the assembly of 10,000 unique bored ape NFTs. The most expensive bundle had been sold for about $24.4M. These punks look bored as well as annoyed. These are priced at 83 ETH.

Wrapping Up:

NFTs and cryptocurrency are now turning out to be the next future as they started attracting the world’s biggest companies. 

The US  retail giant, WALMART is the latest company to step into the cryptocurrency market and will offer users cryptocurrency and NFTs soon. The market will be definitely going up for “NFTs like CrptoPunks”. A CryptoPunk NFT avatar was sold for half a billion dollars, using Ethereum flash loans.

If companies like Walmart and other giant companies have made their mind to step into the world of cryptocurrency, then definitely they have analyzed the market ahead and foreseen the bright future of this market. Then, you should have no more doubts about investing in this market. Just go ahead and enjoy the benefits ahead!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What Are The NFTs Like CryptoPunks?

NFT art pieces are selling for millions in auctions, the same goes for Cryptopunks. 

If you are buying art from NFT, it will make you a unique owner. This is also provided by CryptoPunks and this move made it open for inverters who were used to NFTs. 

Although the price of NFTs can go up or down depending upon the public perception and popularity, Cryptopunks have for a time only shown their exponential growth, making it more secure for investors.

Q2. Can You Buy CryptoPunks?

Of course, and too from the developers. 

Just go to the LarvaLabs website. The developers of CryptoPunks own this website. On the website go to Cryptopunk marketplace. You can find hundreds of Cryptopunks for sale. You can also find some rare CryptoPunk zombies and alien avatars. The cheapest avatar is for $139,000. The most affordable zombie avatar is for $5.09 million and the cheapest avatar from the alien group is for $80million. Jaw-dropping isn’t it!

There are some newly emerged cryptocurrencies that work the same way but are not like CryptoPunks. They are just NFTs like CryptoPunks. These just share similar characteristics.

  • These are generated from the algorithms and not owned by the creator.
  • Each character has its own unique style.
  • These can be individually sold.
  • Mostly used as profile pictures on social media platforms.

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