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Nike Metaverse launched Cryptokicks

Whether you believe in the virtual world or not, major players in the market worldwide definitely believe that Metaverse is the future. Nike is also one of these major brands believing in Metaverse and thus investing in this virtual world. Nike has also joined the Metaverse craze and launched the virtual trainers. Here is a post covering all the information about Nike Metaverse. 

Last year, there was a lot of buzz regarding Nike Metaverse and its range of digital kickers. It bought the RTFKT company which is known for making digital sneakers. RTFKT sells digital products in Non-Fungible tokens form using a blockchain technology just like cryptocurrencies. However, the terms of the acquisition weren’t disclosed. Purchase clearly reflects huge interest from major brands in Non-Fungible tokens. 

Nike Metaverse, Nikeland was this big brand’s move towards the virtual world. Nike opened its virtual showroom on the Roblox gaming platform to allow visitors to dress up their avatars in Nike clothes. Nike Metaverse has moved a step ahead by launching its virtual sneakers in the form of NFTs. However, these virtual trainers aren’t cheap!

A huge amount is said to be spent on Nike’s first virtual sneaker set. Want to know more about Nike Metaverse and its virtual sneakers? Here is a complete post including all the relevant details about Nike Metaverse and its plans in the virtual world. So, let us dive straight into the post and find out Nike Metaverse and its recently launched virtual trainers.

What Is Nike Metaverse? 

What is Nike Metaverse

Eyebrows were raised when Nike announced its acquisition of RTFKT in December 2021. This acquisition was significant in certain ways. With this move, Metaverse went from being nebulous to something that’s actually taking place. The gold rush is on, which means Metaverse is something more than just a technology. Nike partnered with RTFKT for building its NFT drops.

Nike Metaverse was recently created by Nike known as Nikeland. It was developed by the Brainiac Commerce e-commerce platform. This new platform provides other technological merchants and brands with the ability to drive scalable customer traffic to their offers and products with a fully managed solution. 

Nike Metaverse or Nikeland has a world created with Roblox to add more excitement and innovation for users. Nike claimed that nearly 7 million people worldwide have visited Nike Metaverse, Nikeland. Built in Roblox, Nike Metaverse, Nikeland has attracted 6.7 million people across 224 countries since its launch last year in November. 

Nike is among the first major brands pushing the idea of virtual products having value on parity with real-world counterparts. We’ll readily see how technological firms will have a great influence on the future of Nike’s business. Nike Metaverse will translate into real sales. Let’s read further to know ‘Nike Metaverse to Nike NFT Collection’. 

Nike Metaverse To Nike NFT Collection 

Nike has launched Cryptokicks after Nike Metaverse

Nike Metaverse has been launched to create a fun and engaging way for Nike customers to get more involved in the brand along with playing. After launching the Nike Metaverse, the authentic-gear giant looks all set to embrace the virtual world that is marked by NFTs and crypto. Nike aims to preserve its leadership at any cost be it the real-world or the virtual one. 

The entirely digital sneakers called Cryptokicks have been launched by Nike in partnership with RTFKT. Nike NFT collection is rare with a colorway designed by Takashi Murakami. There are 20,000 virtual sneakers in the set. Out of these only 98 have a design pictured above making them scarce collectors items. Adidas Into the Metaverse collection of 30,000 NFTs is also another brand with eyes on Web3.

Nike Metaverse thinking was initiated into its retail operations by acquiring RTFKT, a virtual sneakers firm focused on fashion. It enabled Nike to produce samples without the expense of manufacturing physical sneaker samples. This move would help Nike to broadly distribute the look of its sneakers. The selling costs would also decrease in the income statement. This is an exciting thought accelerating near term.

Price Of Nike NFT Sneakers

Nike NFT Collection, Cryptokicks have got a positive response from people. They’re successful till now. Just a few days after their launch, Cryptokicks digital sneakers are trading currently on the NFT OpenSea marketplace for about 2.285 Ether or $6,521.68. Let’s see if they can maintain the current price or the prices drop soon.

It is not the first time that a major brand has dropped its NFT collection in the virtual world. Last year also, we witnessed Adidas unveiling its merchandise into the virtual space. However, there was a difference as NFT owners could actually receive the physical products. But this isn’t the case for Nike Metaverse and its NFT collection. 

RTFKT stated that the owners of these virtual shoes can do online quests to evolve their kicks’ skin making them even more valuable. Nike Metaverse, the company’s Metaverse store has also received lots of attention from people worldwide and this new launch is already receiving great attention until now. The race to dominate the virtual world is heating up. Let’s wait for the next announcement from a major brand to enter virtual space with new projects. 


Nike Metaverse and its move to launch virtual sneakers is a great move. This is a clear-cut brave step taken by Nike for the future. We hope the post on Nike Metaverse was full of information and you enjoyed reading it. What do you think about Nike Metaverse? Would you prefer buying these virtual sneakers that actually don’t exist, only it does? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section right below. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What Is Nike Metaverse? 

A. Nike Metaverse, Nikeland is the sporting goods brand’s micro Metaverse that is built in Roblox. It was launched in November 2021.

Q2. Is Nike Entering Metaverse? 

A. Yes, Nike has entered the virtual world and stepped into the Metaverse. It has dropped about 20,000 NFT sneakers in the last few days.

Q3. Does Nike Have An NFT? 

A. Yes, Nike has dropped the Nike Dunk Genesis Cryptokicks that is a collection of around 20,000 NFT sneakers. 

Q4. Will Shoes Be Added To Roblox?

A. Yes, shoes can be seen in the Avatar Editor on Roblox mobile. This is a hint that shoes may become a feature one day.

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