Oculus Rift Free Games | Top 10 Best Free Games

Oculus Rift Free Games

Do you know you can play free games on your Oculus Rift? Yes! You heard it right. The Oculus Store has a wide range of free games. To help you find the best, here we are with a post on Oculus Rift free games.

If you are a new owner of Oculus Rift, then free games are best for you before you dive into the paid ones. Playing these games is different from playing games on a phone or pc. You need to learn how to play games in VR. Once you are an expert in that then you can enjoy the paid games.

We have made a list of the top 10 best free games that you can download now. Each game is provided with a description so that you can choose the best one for you. So, without losing time, let’s start our post on Oculus Rift free games.

Best Oculus Rift Free Games

There are thousands of free games on the Oculus Quest store that are available for free. We have gone through many of them and finally came out with the list of the best ones mentioned below.

1. Spider-Man: Homecoming – Virtual Reality Experience

For the first time, you can suit up as Spider-Man and see what it’s like to be the world’s favorite superhero.  Learn the ins and outs of your brand new Stark Industries upgraded web shooters and master different web types as you race to complete fast-paced targeting trials – but you’ll have to learn quickly. The Vulture is on the loose and coming for you. Sling high above the city in a dramatic confrontation before pursuing Spidey’s deadliest enemy.

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2. VRChat

Oculus Rift Free Games

VRChat offers an endless collection of social VR experiences by giving the power of creation to its community. Whether you’re looking for new VR experiences or have an idea of your own, VRChat is the place to be.

3. Spider-Man: Far From Home Virtual Reality

Your time to swing through New York as Spider-Man has finally arrived!

In breathtaking virtual reality, you’ll finally have the chance to scale and swing from the highest towers in Manhattan.  Just pick one of four Spider-Man suits and you’ll be launched into the clouds… but keep your eyes and ears peeled, a mysterious and colossal enemy is waiting.  Only you have the power to find and confront New York’s latest attacker in this thrilling, swinging adventure.   

4. Gorilla Tag

Oculus Rift Free Games

Next one on the list of the Oculus Rift Free Games is Gorilla Tag.

Run, climb, and jump in VR using a unique locomotion method that only needs the movement of your hands and arms. No buttons, no sticks, no teleportation. Push off of surfaces to jump and squeeze them with both hands to climb. The game mode is a simple tag, for up to 3 players, or infection mode, with 4 or more. Run from the infected gorillas, or outmaneuver the survivors to catch them. Parkour up trees and cliff faces to evade and chase people down.

Hang out in a virtual, low-fi jungle with randos or group up in a private room with friends to hang out and play. The stakes are low, so feel free to just chat or make up your own games. The movement is easy to learn, and hard to master. Crossplay with the Quest version of the game so plays with anyone on any platform.

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5. Echo VR

Echo VR is the only free-to-play multiplayer game with high-intensity 4v4 multiplayer competition in zero gravity. Team up and score big to win! Echo VR is one of the most popular games on Quest and a must-have for anyone who loves fast-paced sports action. 

Face Your Fears!

Face Your Fears is an experience that exposes you to terrifying scenes based on common fears and phobias.  In Skyscraper, a player stands on the ledge of a skyscraper in the middle of a big city.  When looking down, a giant robot is climbing up towards the player.  In the Haunting, players experience the fear and excitement of being a little kid in bed in a room where things are not what they seem. What starts with a creaking house and distant thunder, crescendos into frightening moments that build up based on where the player is looking (or not looking).

6. Epic Roller Coasters

NEW Lost Forest, Neon Rider, and many other remasters were re-designed from the ground to better fit the latest graphic cards and the latest Oculus Quest screen!

Realistic Pack featuring nine new theme park rides. Two of them are on us at no cost.


Oculus Rift Free Games

Another best among the Oculus Rift Free Games is the VROOM KABOOM.

VROOM KABOOM is a brand-new type of gameplay experience. A “Tower Rush with Vehicles”, this game combines elements from collectible card games, tower defense, and multiplayer online battles. VROOM KABOOM is a crazy mash-up of emergent action gameplay and tactical choices with a wide variety of physics-driven vehicles. 

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8. Guns’n’Stories: Preface VR

Put on a VR device, grab a gun, and hang on to your pantaloons for one heck of a wild n’ crazy story heading your way! Dive into your grandfather’s memories, who once was an infamous bounty hunter! Relive his glory days full of adventures, but the truth is told, he tends to go overboard! The longer you listen to him, the stranger those events become. Suddenly you’ll be surrounded by large armies of unbelievable enemies! Dark humor, steampunk, and cowboys – this is the world of GUNS`N`STORIES.

9. Coco VR

Coco VR is Pixar’s stunning debut into virtual reality: an adventure into the beautiful Disney-Pixar film, Coco.   

You can choose either a single or multi-player experience, and follow the magical alebrije into the luminous world of Coco filled with lovable characters and beautiful settings from the film.

10. Runes: The Forgotten Path

You are Leth, a wizard who awakens after a long slumber, recalling only glimpses of his past. Your spells are forgotten.

Astray from the path of righteousness and trapped inside yourself by the tyrannical order of the Panopticon, you will have to face a blank beginning. With the use of your powerful spells and wits, you will solve puzzles, fight enemies and pursue the recollection of all your lost memories.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does Oculus Rift Come With Free Games?

The Oculus Store has a wide range of free VR games. To help you find the best, here we are with a post on Oculus Rift free games.

Q2. Is VR Good For Your Eyes?

Under the guidance of an eye care professional, a VR headset can be used to improve eye coordination, hand-eye coordination, depth perception, and reaction time. In addition, proper use of a VR headset can produce better visual acuity for someone with a lazy eye.

Q3. Are There Free VR Games?

Most free-to-play VR games are designed to give new players a sample of what the technology can offer.

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