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Power BI alternatives

If you are looking for Business Intelligence (BI) tool, you may have come across Power BI. As this Power BI tool is paid, you might also want to know if the Power BI alternatives are free or if any other Power BI alternatives that cost less with the same features.

Power BI is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool from Microsoft. It helps organizations collect, transform, and visualize data to generate insights for better decision-making. There are many Power BI alternatives that companies prefer. By considering your business’s needs and budget, you can find an alternative business intelligence tool that suits your needs while providing accurate data analysis.

Best Power BI alternatives are Google Data Studio, Tableau, Sisense, Oracle BI, Metabase, Talend, JasperReports, BIRT, MicroStrategy, MODLR, Ubiq, Seal Report, Knowi, KNOWAGE, Jedox, KNIME, QACube, Qlik Sense, Marple, PopSQL and many more.

This article will let you explore top Power BI alternatives better suited to your business intelligence needs. From Power BI alternatives open source to free, you will get every information here. Read on to learn more about these excellent BI tools.

Power BI Alternatives 

Are you looking for some best Microsoft Power BI alternatives? If yes, then you are at the right place. There are many different types of Power BI available in the market, with their own strengths and weaknesses. Power BI is a popular choice, but there may not be better fits for some organizations.

Here is a list of some common Power BI alternatives that one should consider:

  1. Tableau
  2. Qlik Sense
  3. Dundas BI
  4. Sisense
  5. SAS Visual Analytics
  6. DOMO
  7. Metabase
  8. Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE)
  9. Zoho Analytics
  10. Trevor.io
  11. Looker
  12. Polymer Search

Now, let’s learn about these top 10 Power BI alternatives.

1. Tableau

Tableau is a powerful BI tool that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. Tableau can be used to create stunning visualizations and reports and can be customized to fit the specific needs of any organization. It is also very user-friendly, making it a great BI tool for all businesses.

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Tableau has been used by many big companies such as Honeywell, Lufthansa, Lenovo, and LinkedIn.

Cost: $70 to $245

Features: Data visualization, Database management, Map projections, Excel integration, Drag and Drop

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Online, Self-Hosted

2. Qlik Sense

Many tools may not be available when discussing Python Power BI alternatives. However, Qlik Sense is another popular data visualization tool that offers an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface. 

It includes a wide variety of built-in templates and integrations. When it comes to cost, like Tableau, it can be costly to buy licenses for large organizations.

Cost: $30

Features: Data analysis, Data visualization, Data management, In-memory database, Data mining, Reporting, Data science, Built-in data alerts, Web-Based

Compatibility:  Windows, Windows Mobile, Online

3. Dundas BI

Dundas BI is an enterprise business intelligence platform that helps you visualize, analyze, and report on data to make better decisions. It provides a flexible and scalable architecture that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Dundas BI has a wide range of features that make it a powerful tool for business intelligence. It also has a robust security model that supports role-based access control and authorization.

Dundas BI is easy to use and has an intuitive user interface. It is available in both on-premises and cloud-based versions.

Cost: Free trial

Features: Data visualization, Dashboarding, Reporting, Analytics Capabilities

Compatibility: Windows

4. Sisense

Sisense is a business intelligence tool that enables users to connect easily to data sources, prepare and analyze data, and create stunning visualizations. The tool also provides self-service capabilities, so users can create their own reports and dashboards without relying on IT or BI experts.

Cost: Price depends upon requirements and users. For five users, it starts at $21,000.

Features: Data visualization, Data integration, Data blending, In-chip analytics, Interactive dashboard, Real-time insights, embedded analytics

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Online, Software as a Service (SaaS)

5. SAS Visual Analytics

SAS Visual Analytics is another BI tool under the list of top Power BI alternatives. It provides easy-to-use analytics with self-service data preparation, interactive reporting, dashboards, and visual exploration.

With the SAS Visual Analytics tool, users with no technical knowledge can also design, execute and share BI and Analytics algorithms for unrestricted exploration and interactive reporting.

Cost: 14 days free trial. You can extend it if needed.

Features: Ad hoc analysis, Reporting, Dashboard, Customization, Data import/export, Data visualization, Forecasting, Drag and Drop, Predictive analytics, Visual analytics

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android

6. Domo

Domo is a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform that helps organizations to make data-driven decisions. Domo provides a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes it easy to connect to data sources, build reports and dashboards, and collaborate with team members. Domo also offers a mobile app that allows users to access their data on the go.

Cost: Free trial version. You can also get a quote for pricing.

Features: Data manipulation, Drag and Drop ETL, Data joining, Data cleaning, Data mining, Prediction, Data analytics

Compatibility: iPhone, iPad

7. Metabase

Metabase is a useful tool for Power BI alternatives open source. It can be set up either locally or in the cloud. The platform’s accessibility to non-tech users is another fascinating feature. Metabase is not designed to be user-friendly for beginners. 

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Cost: $100 to $300

Features: Linux-based, API, Team Collaboration

Compatibility: Self-Hosted, Amazon Web Services, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloudron, Docker, Heroku

8. Oracle BI

Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) is Oracle’s analytics and reporting tool. It offers a complete set of capabilities for building enterprise dashboards, including a user interface, data visualization, and data mining.

OBIEE provides a single, unified platform for all your business intelligence needs. It offers powerful tools for ad-hoc analysis, predictive modeling, and reporting. OBIEE also includes a robust set of security features to protect your data.

If you are looking for an enterprise-level business intelligence tool, OBIEE is a great option. It is scalable, secure, and packed with features.

Cost: You have to request a quote for pricing.

Features: Data visualization, Data mining, Reporting, Dashboard, ad-hoc analysis, Predictive modeling

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX Itanium

9. Zoho Analytics

The developers of Zoho Office, a web-based business application, are responsible for the BI tool Zoho Analytics. A visually appealing and informational report can be produced by combining data using statistical and integrated mathematical methods.

Zoho Reports is a powerful tool that can combine data from a wide range of source files, including URL feeds, Microsoft Office documents, and databases like MySQL, data from the cloud from Box, Google Drive, DropBox, and other apps.

Big companies such as HP, Hyundai, HDFC Life, Suzuki, LaLiga, Ikea, and Johnson Controls use Zoho analytics for BI operations.

Cost: $22 to $445

Features: Box.com integration, Google Drive integration, Onedrive integration, Zoho integration, Reporting, Pivot tables, Customizable, White-labeled, Web-based, Drag and Drop

Compatibility: Android, iPhone, Self-hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS), Online

10. Trevor.io

If you are looking for desktop Power BI alternatives, then you can choose the Trevor.io BI tool. It is renowned for its adaptability and simple UI layouts. Trevor is a powerful tool in which you can use SQL also. 

If you have an e-commerce business, there might be better alternatives than Trevor, but you can still try it.

Cost: For 3000 credits, it is free. Then its cost increases upto $500 for extra credits.

Features: Answer questions, Build workflows, Map database, Share dashboard, KPI, KPI dashboard

Compatibility: Heroku, Online, Software as a Service (SaaS)

11. Looker

Looker BI is a cloud-based business intelligence tool that offers features similar to those available in Power BI account, including data visualization, reporting, and dashboards. Looker is not just a BI tool; with this tool, you can use looker analytics, the latest data stack, and various integrations and access application development features.

Cost: You have to request a quote for pricing.

Features: Data visualization, Reporting, Data import/export, Visual analytics, Reporting, Statistics, Dashboard, API, Embeddable, Scalable, Customizable

Compatibility: Online

12. Polymer Search

One of the best Power BI alternatives web-based for beginners in the market is the Polymer search tool. Data scientists also use it to make unique, self-service dashboards. You must either submit a dataset to the online tool or link a data source using the Polymer Search tool. The tool will convert your dataset into an engaging dashboard using machine learning technology. 

Cost: $0 to $9

Features: Dashboard, Data analytics

Compatibility: Web-based, Windows, Mac, Linux

Power BI Alternatives Open Source

The list of top Power BI alternatives open source is as follows:

  1. Talend
  2. Redash
  3. BIRT
  4. JasperReports
  5. EDA
  6. Pentaho
  7. BambooBSC
  8. Chartbrew
  9. Lightdash
  10. Preset.io

To learn about these Power BI alternatives open source, continue reading the next sections.

1. Talend

If you are looking for Power BI alternatives open source, Talend may be a good option. It is a Java-based BI tool working on the Eclipse RCF development environment. Users of this BI tool can create components by writing scripts to increase its capabilities.

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Companies like Toyota, Lenovo, Domino’s, ABInBev, and Citi uses the Talend BI tool.

Cost: Free trial and after that $1000 to $1200 depending on the requirement.

Features: Data mining, Data acquisition, Data analysis

Compatibility: Mac, Windows

2. Redash

Redash is one of the Power BI alternatives open-source tools that assists with analyzing the company’s data. With this BI tool, you can create dashboards to visualize data, link and analyze your data sources, and share the files with your company.

Waze, Sound cloud, Sentry, Netlify, Cloud flare, and Easy taxi are some companies that use the Redash tool.

Cost: $49 to $450

Features: Data visualization, Drag and Drop

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Ubuntu, Self-hosted, Cloudron


When discussing Power BI alternatives open source, many companies use the BIRT BI tool for reporting and data analysis. It is a collection of web applications written in Java that work with Java Enterprise Edition. With the help of public API, you can use the functionalities in your other BI applications.

Cost: Free

Features: Reporting, Data visualization

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

4. JasperReports

Companies frequently use business intelligence reporting engines like JasperReports. From the gathered data, it can automatically produce simple reports to print and read. For print or web reports, you can incorporate this application into any Java-based software used by your company. 

Cost: Free

Features: Data visualization, Ad hoc reporting, Dashboards, Centralized repository

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

5. EDA

EDA business intelligence tool is the most user-friendly analytical solution. This tool is easy to access with complete descriptive information, and a person without technical experience can also access it. With EDA, the information will be published automatically.

Cost: 6 to 250 EUR

Features: Quick Dashboards, Web-based, Dashboard, Reporting, Data visualization

Compatibility: Software as a Service (SaaS), Self-hosted

6. Pentaho

Pentaho is another open-source Power BI alternative. Pentaho is a powerful business intelligence and analytics platform that can help you to make better decisions faster. 

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This software offers interactive analytics, aloud support, a robust navigation interface, and data visualizations. The user can gather and manage data from various dynamic sources using Pentaho.

Cost: 30-day free trial

Features: Data visualization, Data mining, Big data integration, Predictive data analytics

Compatibility: Windows, Linux

7. BambooBSC

BambooBSC is the open-source alternative for Power BI. BSC stands for Balanced Scorecard. This Bi platform is responsible for strategic data management, analysis, KPI reports, balanced scorecard reports, and many BI activities.

Cost: Free for individuals and for teams, it costs $44 per user for one year. For enterprises, the cost is $231.

Features: Repository insights, Code reviews, Scheduled reminders

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, BSD

8. Chartbrew

Chartbrew is a unique BI tool through which you can link your APIs and databases to generate stunning live charts and display the data on the screen. This BI tool includes features such as a chart builder, embedded charts, a requests editor, and editable dashboards.

Cost: $29 to $199

Features: Data import/export, Data visualization, Application monitoring, Automated Reporting, Performance Monitoring

Compatibility: Self-Hosted, Online

9. Lightdash

Another BI tool from the list of open-source Power BI alternatives is the Lightdash platform. With Lightdash, you can convert your DBT project into a full-stack BI system. Lightdash provides self-serve for the organization – while analysts create the metrics.

Cost: $0 to $400

Features: Data analytics, Data visualization

Compatibility: Self-Hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS), Online

10. Preset.io

If you are looking for the best cloud-based Power BI alternatives, then Preset.io should be your choice for data visualization and exploration. Preset offers an effective user interface for swiftly visualizing and analyzing your data. It enables everyone in the company to create and share findings through charts and dashboards easily.

Airbyte, AllTrails, Astronomer, Funimation Sony, NOW Insurance, Darwin, and Wavely companies use the Preset.io tool.

Cost: $0 to $20

Features: Cloud-based, Data visualization, Data analytics

Compatibility: Software as a Service (SaaS)

Power BI Alternatives Free

Power BI is a paid tool, and some of you might not afford to buy the paid version and will be looking for free alternatives for Power BI. Here are some Power BI alternatives free:

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  1. Google Data Studio
  2. MicroStrategy
  3. LinceBI
  4. Seal Report
  5. Marple
  6. PopSQL
  7. Bipp Analytics
  8. MODLR – The Corporate Performance Cloud
  9. Relation BI
  10. Meltano

Let’s read about these Power BI alternatives free.

1. Google Data Studio

The best tool from the Power BI alternatives free is the Google Data Studio which provides easy access to the data held in Google products like Google Analytics, Google sheets, Dv360, and BigQuerry. You can create and personalize your charts using the Drag and Drop feature.

Cost: Free

Features: Data analytics, Data visualization, Report sharing, KPI Dashboard, Google Maps integration, Customizable

Compatibility: Online

2. MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy Business Intelligence is a versatile, scalable, and easy-to-use BI platform that helps organizations to make better decisions faster. You must adopt the full-code approach to use MicroStrategy to its full potential, necessitating a significant investment of knowledge, time, and money.

Big companies such as ABC and Disney use the MicroStrategy BI tool.

Cost: Free

Features: Data discovery, Data visualization, Reporting, Dashboards, Data analysis

Compatibility: Online

3. LinceBI

LinceBI compiles information from many sources. You don’t need technical knowledge to use LinceBi. Big data that is structured, semi-structured, or unstructured can be used with this BI tool. It has an intuitive dashboard. Additionally, it features numerous layouts, like Power BI.

Unilever, Bonduelle, BBVA, Frigo, Info jobs, Equifax, and Schibsted Media Group are a few companies that trust the LinceBI tool.

Cost: One-time purchase of $1975

Features: Web-Based, Dashboard, Reporting, Cloud-based

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

4. Seal Report

Seal Report is one of the free Power BI alternatives, allowing the generation of routine reports from any database using the complete framework. This BI tool mainly focuses on the simple installation and designing of reports. 

Cost: Free

Features: Reporting, Data visualization, GPLv3, GUI Designer

Compatibility: Windows

5. Marple

Marple is one of the Power BI alternatives engineering teams use to analyze time series data. Marple is a platform that integrates data organization and analysis, allowing teams to work together. You can import any form of the file into the organizational section. 

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All files will be kept on the Marple server as a backup for the entire team. You can organize these files by adding metadata to access them later easily.

Cost: Free for individuals and 250 EURO/month for teams.

Features: Data visualization, Time series

Compatibility: Google Chrome, Firefox, Software as a Service (SaaS), Online

6. PopSQL

PopSQL, a business intelligence tool, will allow the teams to visualize data, write queries, and share the results using the SQL editor. This BI tool will create the chart to help with data visualization. The best thing is that it also tracks the changes so you can revert to the older version if required.

Companies like Clearbit, Segment, Shipt, Redfin, Recargapay, Doordash, and Optimizely use PopSQL for data management.

Cost: $0 to $499

Features: Charts, Fuzzy Finder, SQLite, Database management, Team Collaboration

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

7. Bipp Analytics

Business intelligence (BI) firm BIPP, Inc. assists organizations in using their data to generate more accurate and timely choices. This in-database cloud BI technology is created to accelerate the development of insights and save time for data and BI analysts. 

It uses SQL and is supported by the reusability, git-based version control, and collaboration features of the bippLang data modeling language.

Bipp allows business users to create and experiment with ad hoc reports independently. They can manipulate data in various ways and provide visualizations that update in real-time. Then, insights may be quickly distributed throughout their businesses.

Johnson & Johnson, Restogy, Reactful, Typed, and NewJ are companies that trust the Bipp Analytics BI tool.

Cost: Free to $12

Features: Data modeling tool, Data analytics, Interactive visualization, Data visualization

Compatibility: Software as a Service (SaaS)

8. MODLR – The Corporate Performance Cloud

If you are finding a BI tool for integrating financial work, then you must choose MODLR – The Corporate Performance cloud.  This modeling and reporting tool will allow you to execute your goals in a better way.

MODLR assists enterprises with connected planning to improve their budgets, spending plans, headcount assessments, cash flow plans, balance sheets, and revenue predictions. To offer you the speed to concentrate on execution and possibilities instead of the planning phase, MODLR allows a continuous and integrated planning process.

The companies that trust MODLR for BI operations are Pepper, Racat Group, DSash, and Water Utilities Austalia.

Cost: $0 to $100

Features: Financial reporting, Custom Dashboard, Zero-based budgeting, Annual budgeting solution, Performance monitoring, Inventory management, Natural language processing, Business process automation, Multiple languages.

Compatibility: Self-Hosted, Online, Microsoft Office Excel.

9. Relation BI

The Relation BI tool is an analytical platform that links data files, databases, cloud drives, and data sources. This business intelligence tool also offers easy data analysis and data science.

Cost: $129 to $5000

Features: Business dashboards, Reporting, Charts, Dashboard, KPI Dashboard, Interactive visualization

Compatibility: Software as a Service (SaaS)

10. Meltano

If you are looking for free Power BI alternatives, Meltano is one good choice. Meltano offers a complete workflow for modeling, collecting, uploading, transforming, evaluating, and managing your data. 

With such a user interface that lets you create SQL with a few clicks, it is simple to examine your data and gain critical insights for your company.

Cost: Free

Features: Customizable, Database, Data analytics

Compatibility: Self-Hosted

Power BI Alternatives For Mac

Top 5 Power BI alternatives for Mac are as follows:

  1. QACube
  2. Ubiq
  3. Tercept Unified Analytics
  4. Knowi
  5. EZlytix

To know the features and cost of each BI tool for Mac, read the next sections.

1. QACube

In terms of QA reporting using Mac OS, one of the best Power BI alternatives for Mac is QACube. To stay up with Agile and DevOps, QACube quickens the pace of software testing and QA reporting. You can enhance your software QA management with automated reporting, visual analysis for teams, and executive-level reports.

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Cost: Free

Features: Release management, Reporting, Dashboards, KPI management, Data management, Data mining, Web-based, Real-time analytics

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Self-Hosted, Software as a Service (SaaS), Online

2. Ubiq

When discussing good Power BI alternatives Mac, Ubiq is also a good option. While using Ubiq, SQL or other coding knowledge is not required for using the data analysis features. All data may be sliced and diced using dynamic filters, and you can see it in real time.

Companies like Sonus, Akamai, QBE, Sunstone Games, Maxwell, HOVA health, and urgently are valuable customers of Ubiq.

Cost: $29 to $299

Features: Reporting, Data Visualization, Dashboard, Drag and Drop

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Online, Android, iPhone, iPad

3. Tercept Unified Analytics

Tercept Unified Analytics is an alternative to Power BI for Mac. It has advanced charting and visualization tools that help in efficiently gathering, normalizing, and organizing all revenue, analytics, and marketing data into a single platform.

While using Tercept Unified Analytics, your time doing non-productive activities, such as monitoring metrics, and managing difficult report logins, will be saved. You will get more time for thinking of insights, helping customers, and closing business deals.

Impremedia, Team Solomid, Gaana, Inmobi, Bolavip, Front Story, and Mediaforce group use Tercept Unified Analytics for BI in their companies.

Cost: $300 to $2000

Features: Data analytics, Dashboard, Reporting, Data visualization

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS

4. Knowi

Knowi BI software provides powerful analytics, reporting, and visualizations on unstructured and structured data through machine learning and business intelligence integration.

Cost: 21 days free trial. The subscription cost depends upon the use.

Features: Data analytics, IoT analytics, Reporting, Embedded apps

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, Online, Amazon DynamoDB, MongoDB, Amazon Redshift, Google Analytics, Online, Oracle Database, Apache Cassandra, Apache HBase, Google BigQuery, Snowflake, CouchBase, Elasticsearch, Snowflake, Salesforce.com, MarkLogic, PostgreSQL, IBM Cloudant

5. EZlytix

EZlytix is a powerful BI tool for Mac users. It combines data from different sources, including, Salesforce, Magneto, ERPs, Law Practice Management Software, Facebook, Google Analytics, and many more, to produce pre-built reports and dashboards that offer business insights.

Companies like Capterra, Winsystems, Tentandtable, SSI Commercial, Parvin LAW Group, and Hargrave Family Law are valuable users of the EZlytix tool.

Cost: $149 to $189

Features: Data visualization, Data analytics, Retail Analytics

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone, Blackberry, Android Tablet, Online

Power BI Alternatives Ubuntu

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Best five Power BI alternatives for Ubuntu are as follows:

  2. Jedox
  3. Cluvio
  4. RapidMiner
  5. KNIME

To know the features and cost of Power BI alternatives for Ubuntu, read the next sections.


KNOWAGE BI tool is the Spago BI tool’s inheritance and is among the top Power BI alternatives Ubuntu. It offers a wide variety of data analysis supported by numerous well-liked analytical engines. 

It offers new features advantageous to start-ups, such as location intelligence, teamwork, visual queries, etc. It includes a premium commercial edition with more executive features and direct developer assistance.

The valuable customers of KNOWAGE are Maccarese, Bay Path University, Synaltic group, VEII, MAPS, IDFOR Solutions, and Centro Ricerche Fiat.

Cost: 12.8 EUR to 23.5 EUR

Features: Data exploration, Data preparation, Self-service data, Data mining, Text mining, Data visualization, Ad-hoc reporting, Mash-up, Embedding analytics

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux

2. Jedox

Jedox is a powerful BI tool with strong planning, smart analytics, and reporting across all devices and the Cloud. 

In addition to providing business intelligence apps, it offers the opportunity to develop CPM solutions, including what-if analytics, demand planning, budget, financial planning, simulation, and performance metrics.

Cost: You can request a demo and discuss pricing with customer support.

Features: Excel add-in, KPI dashboard

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, iPhone, iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Phone, Online

3. Cluvio

If you are a startup company in the market, then this Cluvio BI tool is one of the best Power BI alternatives. With Cluvio, you can create engaging dashboards for your entire organization in a matter of minutes with the help of SQL and R for data analysis.

Cost: $0 to $2250+ depending upon the use

Features: Reporting, Chart, Data visualization, Real-time analytics, White-labeled

Compatibility: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, iPad, Online, Self-Hosted

4. RapidMiner

If you are finding Power BI alternatives to Ubuntu, RapidMiner is a popular data mining software that uses machine learning to analyze the database. For extracting data from highly scientific equipment, this technique is quite successful.

It also features a plugin that allows you to add new variables without technical knowledge. This feature allows you to develop customized data mining algorithms that are altered to the needs of your company organization.

Cost: You can request a demo

Features: Data mining, Data visualization, Data validation, Predictive modeling

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux


KNIME (Konstanz Information Miner) is a BI tool made in Germany that offers visual data analysis. This tool can integrate, explore, and analyze data for later processing and reporting.

This tool can expand its features with the support for modular APIs. It can generate data flows and use the interactive visualizer to study them visually.

Cost: 0 EUR to 250 EUR

Features: Data analysis, Data cleansing, Data mining, Drag and Drop, Neural network

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux.

These were the Power BI alternatives, including open source, free, Mac and Ubuntu alternatives. You can now easily choose one of your choices and integrate it with your business.

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Wrapping Up

There are a variety of Power BI alternatives that offer great business intelligence tools, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and insights. Whether you are looking for something more budget-friendly or something with more features, there is an option for everyone. 

We hope this article on Power BI alternatives has given you the information necessary to decide which solution is right for your company or project. With the right tool in place, you can unlock powerful insights into your data to help drive decision-making and accelerate growth. Follow Deasilex for more information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is There A Free Alternative To Power BI?

The best free Power BI alternative is Google Data Studio. It is easy to analyze and visualize the online data in Google products.

Q. What Will Replace Power BI?

The top 10 Power BI alternatives are as follows:

  1. Tableau
  2. Google Data Studio
  3. Looker
  4. Qlik Sense
  5. Sisense
  6. MicroStrategy
  7. Talend
  8. Domo
  9. Metabase
  10. SAS Visual Analytics

Q. Is There A Google Alternative To Power BI?

Google Data Studio, with a 4.46 rating, is the only google alternative for Power BI, which has a 4.55 rating.

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