Krafton Deal For The PUBG Metaverse With Naver Z

PUBG Metaverse

You won’t be wrong if you say that the gaming sector is mostly affected by the advent of Web 3.0, and why not? The technology has found its perfect usage in enhancing the user experience in Metaverse gaming. Talking about the latest entry, we have the PUBG Metaverse.

Yes, you got it correct. The PUBG is all set to launch its Metaverse soon. PUBG (Players Unknown’s BattleGround) is one of the most played MOBA games. It was launched in 2017, and within a year of release, it gained huge popularity. Various countries also banned the game (That is a different issue); still, the fan following of the game is unmatchable.

Ever since, the trend of Metaverse has taken over. The fans have been eagerly waiting for Krafton to launch the PUBG Metaverse. So, we feel delighted to inform you that Krafton is all set to launch the PUBG Metaverse.

We know there must be several queries like which company will build the PUBG Metaverse? How will it look and more? So, here is a post that will clear all your doubts and queries.

Krafton Deal With Naver Z To Develop PUBG Metaverse 

Krafton has recently announced that the company has signed an MOU (Memorandum Of Understanding) with the Metaverse focused firm, Naver Z. The company Naver Z will be developing the PUBG Metaverse for the players in the near future.

If you are new to the firm Naver Z, let us tell you that Naver Z is the subsidiary of Naver. Naver is the platform that developed Asia’s largest Metaverse Zepeto. The Zepeto platform has gathered more than 290 million users globally.

Krafton will be using the Naver Z services to develop the Metaverse platform for its games.

MOU Between Karfton And Naver Z

MOU stands for the Memorandum of Understanding. If you are new to the term, its explanation is in the most simple terms possible.

MOU is the document that outlines the roles of both the parties involved in the agreement.

Naver Z will use its expertise and focus on developing the Metaverse gaming platform. On the other hand, Krafton will use its UGC (User-Generated Content) tool to build the virtual world. It will use the Unreal Engine for the purpose.

PUBG NFT Metaverse Platform

The thing is clear that the platform will be developing the Metaverse, and you will also be able to purchase and sell the NFTs on the PUBG Metaverse.

So, what type of NFTs will be available on the PUBG NFT Metaverse Platform?

Although nothing can be said with conviction, let’s look at the other Play To Earn Metaverse games. There is a possibility that the special suits available to the players after the completion of certain missions will be available as the NFTs.

Given below is the list of the probable NFTs that might be available on the PUBG NFT Metaverse Platform.

  • The Special Suits
  • The Avatar used to play the games.
  • Remember the PUBG companions, they might also be available as the NFTs.
  • Wearable 
  • The shooting equipment (Guns) you display in the lobby and more.

Will You Die In PUBG Metaverse

Let us clarify that dying in Metaverse does not mean that you will die in real life. PUBG is the game, and the NFT Metaverse developed will also be based on the game plot. So, if you get shot in the game, you will die in the game, NOT IN REALITY. 

You can again log back into another battle and play another game.

Wrapping Up

One thing is for sure that the deal between Krafton and Naver Z will take the MOBA games to the next level. Especially when you are talking PUBG because the fan following is already exceptional. 

It can prove to be a game-changer for Krafton. Well, that’s all in the news about the PUBG NFT Metaverse Platform. Stay connected to Deasilex for further updates.

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