Best MOBA Games For iOS – iPhone, And iPad With Direct Download Links

Best MOBA Games For iOS

The last decade shifted PC gaming to mobile. So the publishers are now focused on developing the games for androids and iPhones. The same is the case with MOBAs, there are n number of MOBAs available on the apple app store but are all worth playing? NO!! So, here we get you the list of the best MOBA games for iOS, that are free and you must play in 2021.

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) a subgenre of strategy games is in demand nowadays. Every other e-sporter is making money either through streaming games online on YouTube Gaming channels or through the various MOBA tournaments across the world. Well, here we have got the first choice of every gamer when it comes to playing MOBA games on iPhone.

The list of the Best MOBA Games For iOS includes 

  • Vainglory
  • Heroes Evolved
  • Arena Of Valor
  • Heroes Of Order & Chaos
  • Legend of Ace

We have tested these many MOBAs for the iPhone and found them to be perfect for being listed under the title “Best MOBA Games For iOS”. We have given a detailed explanation of the gameplay and the reason for us listing them here in the article below.

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Best MOBA Games For iOS – iPhone, And iPad

Next, you will be reading the list of the Best MOBA Games for iOS in detail. We have tried to mention the features of each game along with the well-explained gameplay.


Best MOBA Games For iOS - Vainglory
Source: XDA Developers

Vainglory is one of the oldest and the most played MOBA on mobile devices. Vainglory was released on the iOS platform in September 2014 worldwide. Apple used Vainglory to demonstrate the iPhone 6metal graphics API. Moreover, you can have an idea about the popularity of the game with the Apple App Store ratings.

Talking about the gameplay the game provides 48 characters to choose from and you can fight in any of the modes which include the brawl, casual, and ranked. You can jump into the quick matches of seven minutes and the long span matches that end up to twenty-five minutes.

What makes Vainglory the Best MOBA Game For iPhone?

The control response of 30 ms makes it easier for the gamer to pinpoint the options on the screen and the frame rate of 120 fps makes it the first choice of the gamers.


  • The real line of sight with 120 fps support
  • Last hitting
  • Free camera
  • Teleports
  • Choose from 48 heroes, all with different playing style

Click Here To Download Vainglory

Ratings On Apple App Store: 4.7

Price: Free

Heroes Evolved

Best MOBA Games For iOS - Heroes Evolved
Source: OnRPG

If you are new to MOBAs then we suggest you play Heroes Evolved. This is because the game has less competition than other games like DOTA and League of Legends. But this doesn’t mean the game is not at all good.

The game is different from all the other games mentioned in the list but the gameplay is the same. Let me tell you how it works, the game has introduced a new feature called “Clans”. You can create your own community online and can all fight under the same banners. Sounds Interesting!! Yeah, it is. 

What makes Heroes Evolved one of the Best MOBA Games For iOS?

The first and the foremost feature that makes the game, Heroes Evolved, popular is its multilingual availability. Moving to the gameplay it offers the gamer to choose from 100 unique heroes all with different powers. The modes available in the game are 1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5.


  • Fair Gameplay
  • Interaction with the other gamers 
  • Different game modes available

Click Here To Download Heroes Evolved

Ratings On Apple App Store: 3.7

Price: Free

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Arena Of Valor

Best MOBA Games For iOS - Arena Of Valor
Source: The Esports Observer

Arena Of Valor was recently launched by the Tencent Games in the United States and Europe. But the Chinese gamers have been enjoying the game since 2015. The game has the traditional features and the ones who have played DOTA and League of Legends will find the game familiar.

Moving to the gameplay of Arena of Valor, the user has the choice to choose from the 40 heroes all with unique capabilities. You can play the game in the three modes 1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5. 

What makes Arena of Valor one of the Best MOBA Games For iOS?

The quick gameplays of ten minutes and the matchmaking time of just a few seconds make Arena of Valor the MOBA for iPhone.


  • The number of heroes is growing
  • Better MOBA experience on Mobile
  • Faster matchmaking 
  • Voice chat available

Click Here To Download Arena Of Valor

Ratings On Apple App Store: 4.7

Price: Free

Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Best MOBA Games For iOS - Heroes Of Order And Chaos
Source: Gameloft

Heroes of Order & Chaos is a game developed by Gameloft, so you can expect it to be a masterpiece and it is one. The game, Heroes of Order & Chaos has got more than 2.5K positive reviews which makes it one of the best games for the iPhone.

Well, talking about the gameplay it offers the user to choose from the three different maps and each map has at least two lanes and the streets are full of monsters. You can choose from any of the more  1v/s1, 3v/s3, and 5v/s5. 

What Makes Heroes Of Order & Chaos One of the Best MOBA Games For iOS?

You can choose from the 57 unique heroes who can take a huge amount of damage from the enemy in the game. The spectator mode, in which you can see your friend playing, makes the game unique and interesting.


  • Free to play
  • Real-time action 
  • Spectator Mode

Click Here To Download Heroes Of Order & Chaos

Ratings On Apple App Store: 4.4

Price: Free

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Legend Of Ace

Best MOBA Games For iOS - Legend Of Ace

Legend of Ace is another MOBA game that is considered to be one of the best MOBA games for iOS. Talking about the graphics quality of the game, the graphics are vibrant and give the typical fantasy style to the game.

What makes Legend Of Ace one of the Best MOBA Games For iOS?

Talking about the gameplay, you can fight in 5v/s5 mode and each player can select a role with the healer, shooter, tank, Mage, or Ganker. It is a team game and the matches can be 30 minutes long and the quick matches end in 10 minutes.


  • Improved Game Play
  • Team spirit to win
  • A real showcase of talent

Click Here To Download Legend Of Ace

Ratings On Apple App Store: 4.5

Price: Free


Well, this was the list of the best MOBA games for iOS. You can directly download these MOBA games on your iPhone from the Apple app store. We have ourselves played various MOBAs for iOS and found these to be the most interesting. If you feel you have got any other MOBA better than these mentioned above then do write to us in the comments section.

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