How To Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only? Tips To Save The Data

Do you also wish to disable cellular data for WhatsApp? This can be indeed helpful if you are running out of mobile data and if you are intending to utilize WiFi only. From Settings, you can disable mobile data entirely and leave WhatsApp to WiFi connection only. Well, this method will work for you, but you can also modify a few of the settings within WhatsApp to restrict your data or limit your downloads to a WiFi connection. This blog will get you through the multiple methods of how to restrict WhatsApp to WiFi only. 

It’s a crucial factor to know that WhatsApp is an important application for delivering and getting quick messages. It has achieved fame due to the modification of a few features, such as stickers, video calls, emojis among others

In accordance with the application’s settings, default and manual backups of WhatsApp conversations are possible by utilizing WiFi and mobile data. Mobile data backups of WhatsApp chats, instead it can be costly. Due to this, it is recommended that you turn off WhatsApp from using Mobile Data for Backups.

Being aware of the fixes to turn off WhatsApp without disabling the WiFi is helpful to get texts without being available or online. Additionally, it decreases disruptions for users. Here, we will be describing an easy yet helpful fix on how to restrict WhatsApp to WiFi only so as to limit it from exhausting data frequency on Mobile Data Network and functions only on WiFi Network.  

What Is The WiFi Only Mode ?

Wifi Only is a situation or condition where WhatsApp will function only when your device is connected to WiFi and not to Mobile Data. This is helpful when you have limited mobile data and don’t want it to exhaust while using applications like WhatsApp which are known for their data exhaustion, especially during calls.

When you limit WhatsApp to WiFi-only, you can backup your data using WiFi successfully. Considering backups as a crucial and important activity to be done on a regular basis. If you wonder if you can skip backing up your WhatsApp, that can result in losing data if anything happens to your device. Your WhatsApp chats are backed up by default and kept safe in your device’s memory continues to make sure that you don’t lose any information. Assume backing up all your conversations and media files utilizing mobile data that can be costly. 

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How To Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only?

How To Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only?

WhatsApp is a free-of-cost Social media application. Instead of investing in the exact same service via your cellular data, it permits you to deliver texts, pictures, videos, and voice notes, including audio and video calls all for free. Also, you can delete the messages after a long time as well. But! Remember that WhatsApp will use your cellular data network to interact if you are not connected to any WiFi source.

The data you utilize during using WhatsApp may be detached from the quota specified as a portion of your deal, which means you may lose an amount. OOPS!!

If it’s utilized in its actual array, WhatsApp might become a bit costly due to the high amount of data it utilizes. Because it is easy to figure out Cellular Data utilized by WhatsApp on an iPhone and take precautionary actions to reduce or even fully prevent WhatsApp from utilizing Cellular Data on your iPhone, you should think about doing so.

To limit WhatsApp to WiFi-only, you are supposed to disconnect your cellular data.

How To Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only On iPhone?

While utilizing an iPhone, you can visit your Settings and choose whichever applications you want to run on your cellular data.

Here are the instructions on how to restrict WhatsApp to WiFi only:

  1. Tap on Mobile Data from the Settings list.
  2. Switch Mobile Data off for WhatsApp.
  3. When the Settings are disabled, WhatsApp will be limited to use WiFi only.

As mentioned above, WhatsApp continues functioning in the background, as quickly as you toggle on your mobile data, by default it initiates collecting messages and downloading media files (if it is on auto download mode). Even if you disable automatic media downloads, you cannot toggle off automatic message downloads.

How To Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only On Android?

How To Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only?

When utilizing an Android, here is how to restrict WhatsApp to WiFi only:

  1. If you have Android 4.4 or 5 or a latest version of OS, enter your smartphone’s “Settings” menu.
  2. Tap on “Data Usage” from the drop-down list. You will find a list of all the applications that are using your WiFi connection and data at the same time. 
  3. After selecting your Network Tab, select “WhatsApp”.
  4. Next, in the “Restrict App Background Data” section, select the Allow button to it.

WhatsApp will only utilize your network data if you enter into it at the beginning and knowingly utilize it. Thereby, it will not pile up messages by default or download media files in the background while running. It is a profitable tactic for preserving your mobile data bandwidth utilization. You have the entire command on background data whether it is enabled or not. On the other hand, if you switch your cellular data, it might be required to redo the whole procedure. In addition, if you toggle off or install the app again, you’ll be needing to redo the process.

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Why You Should Restrict WhatsApp To WiFi Only?

As now you are aware of how to restrict WhatsApp to WiFi only, you should be aware of its pros too.

Along with everything related to this application, knowing how to toggle off WhatsApp without switching off the WiFi has its own perks. The most beneficial ones are :

  1. It lets you have the benefit of the internet on your device to run your mail, social media or any other app needing the service.
  2. Conversations will remain silent, which means, there’ll be no notifications or sounds while the application on the phone is disabled.
  3. This fix can work on all smart devices from Android to Apple operating systems.
  4. People who send you texts will only observe the sent (blue) tick. They will not find out if you have already seen it or received it.
  5. This method is a fix to block the continuous chain of texts by toggling off pop-up notifications.

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Wrapping Up:

So, if you really wish to toggle off the mobile data of your mobile phone and only intend to use WhatsApp via WiFi then this post on How to restrict WhatsApp to WiFi only, is entirely meant for you.

Utilizing WhatsApp on WiFi only can be very helpful as it lets users save their data from exhaustion on their devices. You can entirely toggle off your data while running WhatsApp on your mobile phone to save your data from cellular service. You can also modify a few settings in WhatsApp to restrict your data or restrict WhatsApp from downloading every unwanted and heavy files or images/videos/audios over a data connection.


Q1. How To Utilize Less Data On WhatsApp?

Ans. You can save some amount of data by Restricting Auto-downloads. Here are the instructions how to do that :-

  • Open WhatsApp application.
  • Click on the Hamburger Menu.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Click on Data and Storage Usage.
  • Click on When Using Mobile Data.
  • Click on Unselect Everything then click on OK.

Q2. How To Turn Off Cellular Data OnWhatsApp?

Ans. In order to turn on Cellular Data on WhatsApp follow the below mentioned instructions :

  • Open Settings of your phone.
  • Click on Cellular.
  • Click on WhatsApp.
  • Click on the Switch next to WhatsApp to switch it Off.

Q. How To Turn Off Cellular Data On WhatsApp?

  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Cellular.
  • Tap WhatsApp. 
  • Tap the switch next to “WhatsApp” to toggle it off


With over 400 million users in India, Facebook-owned WhatsApp has become an important part and parcel of our daily lives. Right from business meetings to friends gossips, we can discuss and plan out everything on WhatsApp. Whatsapp has already come up with lots of latest updates and features, which may vary from GiFs features to emojis to voice calls.

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