How To Install Ring Video Doorbell [2023]? Install Wired & Wireless Doorbells With Ease!

How To Install Ring Video Doorbell

The ring doorbell in the home security is a well-known name these days. And it is well known for some good reasons itself. Ring doorbell was perhaps the first smart doorbell that had entered the market making the doorbells in their own security system. If you too want to install a ring doorbell and don’t know how to install ring video doorbell, then you have come to the right place.

Ring works by the sensing motion. Your ring doorbell will light up when it senses a person or something else in front of your door. It will immediately notify you even if they don’t ring the doorbell. You will be able to access the camera of doorbell at any time and get to see what is going on. If you want then you can even speak through the microphone.

Now, coming back to your question about how to install ring video doorbell. First, charge your doorbell battery fully > open ring app > start setup process > follow on-screen instructions > turn off relevant breaker > remove existing doorbell from the wall > disconnect wires…

Well, there are a few steps included here and we will discuss below. So, keep reading and install the ring video doorbell easily.

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How To Install Ring Video Doorbell?

Do you want to know how to install ring video doorbell? Well, then we’ve got you covered. Here we have mentioned a few steps that will help you easily install the ring video doorbell. Well, it is a bit lengthy process but with your time. So, shall we begin?

  1. If want to know the process of wireless ring doorbell installation, you first, you need to fully charge the battery of your video doorbell by taking it out of the system, and then plugging it into the included USB.
  2. Now, open the ring app either on your iOS or Android device, and then start the setup process by following the on-screen directions.
  3. When you have finished the setup process, you are now ready to install the doorbell. Turn off the related breaker before you start just to avoid any kind of electrocution.
  4. Now, you have to remove the previous doorbell from the wall and then disconnect the wires.
  5. It is time that you look for the placement of the doorbell on your wall. First, attach the included orange mini level to the slot on the front of the doorbell to avoid installing it at an angle.
  6. Now, you have to use the wire of the doorbell to the wall by using the screwdriver. Loosen the two terminal screws at the back of the doorbell.
  7. Now, under the terminal screws, you need to secure the wires of the doorbell. Just make sure that each of the wires is attached to one securely and the exposed parts are not touched. Give them a small tug, so that you can be sure that they are absolutely secure.
  8. Now, feed all the wires back into the wall and secure your doorbell to the wall by giving the screws.
  9. Just remove all kinds of mini levels and the pop on the faceplate of the doorbell starting from the top and then snap at the bottom.
  10. Switch the included screwdriver to the star-shaped end and then use it to secure the faceplate with the included security screws.
  11. Lastly, turn the power to your breaker on again. That’s how to install ring doorbell with ease.

How To Install A Wireless Ring Video Doorbell?

How To Install A Wireless Ring Video Doorbell?

If you are looking for steps to install a wireless ring video doorbell then here are a few steps that you need to follow:

  1. To know how to get ring doorbell installation wireless you first, charge the battery fully with the included USB charging cable.
  2. Now, remove the faceplate and use the doorbell to mark the positions for the mounting holes using a pencil. Put the mini level in the small hole on the front of the doorbell to be sure that the doorbell is straight.
  3. Screw the doorbell directly to the wall or the doorframe on the basis of your setup.
  4. Next, you have to insert the battery into the bottom of the doorbell you will see the LED light will turn blue.
  5. Remove the level and then reattach the faceplate.
  6. Lastly, use the security screw that you have been provided to secure the faceplate to the video ring doorbell with the star-shaped end of the screwdriver. These were the detailed steps on installing ring doorbell.

How To Install A Wired Ring Video Doorbell?

How To Install Ring Video Doorbell

To install the wired ring video doorbell, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Check whether your existing doorbell is working. You can check this by clicking on the doorbell and ensuring you hear the chime.
  2. Turn the power off of your doorbell at the beaker.
  3. Now find the indoor chime and then remove the cover.
  4. Attach the jumper cable for the ring wire. This will go through the prevailing chime and it will not ring when you press the doorbell.
  5. If you use the Pro and Pro 2, then you gotta install the chime power kit. This will help in powering the doorbell just to make sure that your prevailing chime will ring when the doorbell is pressed.
  6. If you want to attach either jumper cable to the chime pro kit then you will have to loosen the two screws that have been connected to the front and also to the trans terminals on your chime.
  7. For the jumper cable add one of the jumper cables or chime pro kit to the front. While the other to the trans while you keep the prevailing wires in the place.
  8. Tighten the screws.
  9. If you are using the chime pro kit then you will have to mount the white box either outside or inside your chime box with the help of the attached tape.
  10. Go outside and then remove the old doorbell by simply unscrewing it from the wall and then disconnecting the wires.
  11. Now, just tape the wires on your wall
  12. Remove the faceplate off from the ring doorbell and then hold it up where you want it to be installed. Mark the top and the bottom of the mousing holes with the help of a pencil.
  13. Connect the wires that are coming out of your wall to the terminal screws at the back of the ring doorbell.
  14. Now just screw the doorbell on the wall including the long mounting screws and then again attach the faceplate.
  15. Secure the special security screw at the bottom of the doorbell with the included blue specialty screwdriver.
  16. Now turn on the power the LED light on the doorbell will start to spin white which means that setup has started.

Wrapping Up:

So, this is how to install ring video doorbell. The steps are a bit lengthy but you can be sure that these steps are worth your time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are Ring Doorbells Compatible With Smart Home Devices?

Yes, these ring doorbells are compatible with smart home devices like smart lighting, and smart locks to name a few. The Ring security alarm will act as the smart home hub so you will be able to add many Z wave devices.

Q. What Is The Size Of The Ring Video Doorbell Screws?

The size of the video ring doorbell is T6. 

Q. Where To Install Ring Doorbell?

Ring recommends mounting the doorbell approximately 48 inches above the ground. The doorbell must be mounted flat against a door frame, door, or wall, but there are additional installation kits that adjust the vertical and horizontal angle of a Ring Doorbell as well.

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