How to Start A Podcast on Spotify in 2021

How to start a podcast in 2021

If you are planning to start a podcast on Spotify but don’t know how to create it. Then here, we have disclosed every piece of information that will help you in creating a podcast on Spotify.

Spotify has just launched a new interface called Spotify For Podcasters in order to help podcast creators deliver their shows through the audio streaming platform. Anyone can now add their podcast to Spotify by providing their RSS feed. However, before you submit your podcasts, there are some requirements that you need to match.

In order to start a podcast on Spotify, you must have good audio quality, Episodes in mp3 format, your cover art must be a 1:1 Aspect ratio (square format), episode titles don’t exceed 20 characters, and your Images must be in PNG or JPG format.

Apart from this, there are more requirements and steps that you should follow to get started on Spotify. All those steps have been elaborated below.

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How to Start A Podcast on Spotify in 2021

How to start a podcast on spotify 2021

As we have already mentioned some requirements above, all those are the same for Apple Podcast and Google Play. Moreover, you must agree to all these requirements.


  • A Good Audio Quality

Before starting a podcast, you should be aware of the audio quality. It doesn’t require a costly mic to start any podcast. In beginning, what you can do is find a quiet place with more space and record your podcast there. Your podcast should not contain external noise.

  • Episodes in Mp3 format and Titles should not exceed 20 characters

You will face an error before uploading a podcast on Spotify if your recorded voice is not in Mp3 format. Apart from this, you should think of your podcast title carefully and choose it wisely.

  • Bit Rates should be 96kbps – 320kbps and Mp3 @ 128kbps

It might be a boring thing to do, but you should do it in order to make your podcast better. You can easily convert the bit rate of your podcast by compressing it with some applications(Mp3 compressor is recommended).

  • The image in PNG or JPG format and Cover Art must be a 1:1 Aspect Ratio(square format)

After you matched all the above requirements, another thing to do is creating an image for your podcast. You can create stunning images by using and resize them in square format. In addition, if your image is in webp format, you can covert it using webp to jpg converter tool.

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Steps To Start A Podcast on Spotify

How to start a podcast on spotify 2021
  • Must-Have A Spotify Account

If you are new to Spotify, then you can create a new account by clicking here. The process to sign up is very simple, you just need to enter your name, email address, date of birth, etc. Also, if you are a Spotify user, you can log in directly.

  • Verify all the requirements 

As we have already listed all the requirements, you must follow and verify them in order to proceed further. These are the basic requirements that if followed, you will not face any problems while uploading a podcast.

  • You should agree to the Spotify Terms & Conditions

Whichever application service you use, the final step includes the terms & conditions that need to be accepted. Similarly, Spotify has some T&C that you can read here and accept in order to continue starting a podcast there.

  • You’ll need an RSS Feed that has a title, image, and at least one episode

Submitting an RSS Feed is another major requirement before uploading a podcast on Spotify. The RSS feed is an essential step in broadcasting a podcast: if you already host your content elsewhere, you necessarily already have the link to the feed. You can go to your podcast hosting service and find your RSS feed link there. If you are having trouble finding it, you can check out this article.

  • Verify and Add your Podcast info

The second last step before you start a podcast on Spotify is, you should verify your podcast through your email linked with RSS feed. A code will be sent to your email when you upload a podcast. You should enter that code and verify the podcast. After that, you have to enter some details about the podcast which is quite simple.

  • Review your Podcast and Submit it

After doing all the previous stuff, the final step is to review and submit your podcast. You have to review each entered detail thoroughly and submit it. However, after submitting, you won’t be able to edit your details.

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All these above mentioned are the steps that will allow you to start a podcast on Spotify. We hope that you will follow each and every step carefully and start to begin your podcast today. However, if you face any problems while starting your podcast on Spotify, you can comment below.

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