How To Share Spotify Playlist – On PC and Mobile Phone

how to share spotify playlists

Why choose Spotify when you have a variety of options to explore? Spotify is the most popular online music streaming app with 50,00,00,000 + downloads. Share music, make your own playlists, Save mobile data, easy sharing, and have fun. If you are confused about how to share Spotify Playlist then this article can help with finding the solution.

From pop to rock, from romantic to soft all songs are available on your favorite platform, Spotify. Now you too can download Spotify for free and start streaming for trending music, podcasts, favorite artists, and more.

Launched in October 2008, this platform has gained popularity all over the globe. Straight 12 years from its launching and look it all over the internet now. With a paid and unpaid subscription, users get to explore different features. Discover and listen to your favorite podcasts across Lifestyle, health, Educational, Music, and games with your preferred languages and music type.

Share your favorite list of songs on Spotify with super easy steps. Do you want to know how to share Spotify Playlist? Continue reading the article.

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How To Share Spotify Playlist

You get to share Spotify playlists on various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, etc. Find out how to share Spotify Playlist and have fun.

How To Share Spotify Playlist on Facebook Messenger

How To Share Spotify Playlist on Facebook Messenger
source- The Verge

Now sharing a Spotify playlist is easy on Facebook messenger. You just have to follow some simple steps.

Step 1: Open the song/songs you want to share. Tab the share icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Select messenger. Option to open the messenger will appear. Select the people you want to share your playlists with and tap send. You can also search for the username you want to share with. You can also add comments with your songs.

How To Share Spotify Playlist on Twitter

How To Share Spotify Playlist on Twitter
source- Cinco Dias- EL PIAS

Spotify comes with a handy share option next to every track. At the right side of every playlist appears the share option from where you can easily share your songs, tracks, and favorite artists to various networks like Facebook, Twitter, messenger, etc.

To tweet your Spotify playlist, follow these simple steps:

1.Open the playlist you aim to share.

2.Click the share option available at the top right corner and click on the share button. Now choose sharing via Twitter and press ok.

3.You can share the song or a whole playlist along with optional messages in your tweet.

4.This will form a link in the chat. When the receiver will click the link, he/she can directly open that song if they have Spotify subscribed to their devices.

How To Share Spotify Playlist on Instagram

How To Share Spotify Playlist on Instagram
source- Medium

Previously sharing songs on Spotify was not an option for Spotify users but with the update in the app, now sharing your Spotify playlist is possible on your Instagram stories. To post something, just open the share menu in the Spotify app and click “Instagram Stories.” This option for adding a song to your IG is available in the options tab from where you were adding stickers, captions, and other icons.

You too can enjoy creating your own unique stories by sharing your favorite songs from Spotify directly to your stories. People can now look up to your playlist and can play the same songs by clicking play on the Spotify link in the upper left corner to listen in the Spotify app. Keep sharing, keep exploring.

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How To Share Spotify Playlist on Computer/Android/iPhone :

 If you want to share a playlist on your desktop through Spotify App, it’s super easy and similar to sharing a playlist on iPhone or Android.

On a desktop, you get the options to share on Facebook and Twitter. Follow these simple steps to share Spotify playlist on desktop:

1.Open the Spotify app on your desktop.

2.Open the playlist you wish to share in the left sidebar.

3.Click the three dots next to the green Play button at the top of the playlist you have opened.

4.Drop down menu will appear. Select share to view the sharing options.

5.Select the choice to whichever platform you wish to share your playlist and share.

How To Share a Spotify Playlist on a Mobile Device:

Use these simple steps to share your playlist via mobile on Spotify App:

  1. Open the Spotify App on your mobile.
  2. Select the song you wish to share.
  3. Tap the three dots on the top right corner of your screen.
  4. Options for sharing the playlist will appear. Press share.

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Spotify is the best ever music app you will come across. Stream now and make your own playlist. Now share, play and enjoy all your favorite music and artists all in one place. Also, check out our previous article on Cold Play’s Best songs on deasilex.

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