The Day Before Discord | Release And How To Join?

The Day Before Discord

Developer FNTASTIC revealed The Day Before, a zombie-filled, post-apocalyptic survival MMO game, is releasing on November 2023. FNTASTIC has provided just enough information about The Day Before to get players excited about the new game, even if specifics are currently being kept under wraps. If you have joined the Day Before Discord by now, you should know that the plot is similar to The Last of Us [streaming on HBO!]. 

To put it mildly, The Day Before is a fascinating game. But only a few weeks before its debut, the game was taken off Steam, confusing the day before Discord Mods and players. The Day Before hasn’t actually provided gamers with anything substantial to dig into, despite promises of additional video being laid on the table. The Day Before has only been briefly shown to us thus far in the release trailer and just a presentation in April 2021. However, the Day Before Discord members have faith in the developers and keep an eye on every update. 

How to join the day before Discord Server? The Day Before Discord requires a permanent server invite before you can sign up. After clicking the server invitation link, select “I am Human” in the pop-up box. To really get the most out of the Day Before Discord Server, all you need to do is confirm your server and follow the rules.

Let’s go through the blog and explore how to join the Day Before Discord Server step-by-step. 

What Is The Day Before Discord?

The official description for The Day Before gives gamers a great overview of what to anticipate from the next game: “You wake alone in a world you no longer remember, setting out to find answers and the resources to survive.” Gamers will be dropped into a city that has perished to the zombie infestation in the next video game. Players would need to scavenge for resources and seek refuge in vacant houses and structures in order to deal with the diseased and live. Players will, meanwhile, have to contend with other survivors vying for scarce supplies in addition to zombies.

The Day Before Discord server is dedicated to all gamers who are taking interest in this upcoming horror yet adventurous game. The gameplay will be challenging and will require great help from other players. Hence, it’s time to join the Day Before Discord and team up with players with similar interests! 

The Day Before Discord Server Link

The existence of the Day Before the game is in question since it is removed from Steam. However, the official the Day Before Discord server does exist and gamers around the world are joining this discord to make preparation and keep updated about the Day Before the game.  If you are one of those who are interested in joining the Day Before Discord server, yet unable to find the official the Day Before Discord server link, we got it for you! Find the Day Before Discord server link below and follow the instructions to join the discord channel. 

The Day Before Discord Server Link – Click To Join!

How To Join The Day Before Discord Server?

With more than 11,647 active members, the Day Before Discord is making quite a noise! We assume that you have already joined popular gaming discord servers like Warframe or Valorant, it is easy for you to join the Day Before Discord Server. Follow the steps below: 

To join the Day Before Discord Server > Discord Account > Login > Link > Accept Invite > I am Human 

Step 1: Open your Discord Account 

Step 2: Login into your Discord Account

Step 3: Click On the Day Before Discord Server Link 

Step 4: Click on Accept Invite

Step 5: Check on I am Human box

Step 6: Congrats! You have joined the server!

Do not forget to go through the rules of the Day Before Discord Server. Failing to meet the rules can ban you from the Discord server. 

The Day Before Discord Server – Rules To Be Followed 

Following are the rules that should be followed to become part of the Day Before Discord group. Failing to meet the rules may lead you to be banned from the server. 

  1. The locality here speaks English. Please don’t speak in other languages during conversations so that everyone can understand (except for the language chats that you use).
  2. No provoking other players. Because we are an accepting community, hate speech and harassment are never permitted. All discussions should be respectful.
  3. Display restraint. Impersonating other users, moderators, celebrities, or Fntastic personnel is not permitted. False allegations made against a member or members of our community with the intent to defame or otherwise disrupt them are not accepted. No making threats, starting fights, scheming, or working together against someone from the community (regardless of their role). Do not ever share anyone’s images, direct messages, or personal information without their consent.
  4. No offensive material. This contains adult or unlawful content, but not only.
  5. No delicate subjects. Discussions on weighty subjects like politics and religion are inappropriate in this community.
  6. No self-promotion or advertising. Avoid using direct messages for soliciting, begging, or advertising.
  7. Don’t cause a disturbance. Please refrain from spamming; this includes continuously pinging users. Use the proper server and channel.
  8. Maintain order on voice channels. Avoid changing your voice or playing loud music or sounds. Avoid making disruptive voice channel changes too rapidly.
  9. Avoid overdoing the flirtation. Do not “e-date” in public channels as this is not a dating service.
  10. Don’t speak in an offensive manner. Do not bypass our filters; they are in place for a purpose. Remain respectful.
  11. The final say is with the day before Discord Mods. Respect and consideration should be shown for the volunteers that maintain this server.

Wrapping Up

Now that you are at the conclusion, hope, you have learned how to join the Day Before Discord. If you are a true gamer and have a soft corner in your heart for MMO games, then you should join the Day Before Discord at once without any second thought! Got a question? Let us know in the comment box. Follow Deasilex for more Day Before Discord server updates. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What do We Know About The Day Before the Game?

One of the most eagerly awaited new games for 2023 is Fntastic’s grandiose upcoming survival MMO titled The Day Before. The open environment we’ll be wandering, which is set in post-pandemic America, is rumored to be overtaken by zombie-like infected residents who have a thirst for flesh.

Q2. Is The Day Before A Horror Game?

What is known is as follows: From the developers of the asymmetry horror game Propnight comes The Day Before, a survival MMO. There are zombies, cars, loot, as well as other players that are constantly a menace.

Q3. Is The Day Before A Zombie Game?

An open-world MMO zombie survival game is called The Day Before. You’re in luck if you’ve ever seen The Walking Dead and wished you could try your hand at it (we don’t judge). You will need to find a way to survive however you can throughout this post-apocalyptic vision of America because there are zombies around.

Q4. What Is The 1 Scariest Game?

Outlast. Since Outlast is so horrific, Amnesia: The Dark Descent seems like a relaxing vacation. Players take control of a reporter who breaks into a rural mental hospital to look into stories of terrible incidents.

Q5. Is The Day Before Open World?

An open-world MMO called The Day Before is based in a dangerous post-pandemic America where the survivors and flesh-eating infected are killing one another for automobiles, food, and other supplies.

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