TikTok Now VS Bereal | Did Tiktok Just Knock-Out Bereal? 

TikTok Now VS Bereal

TikTok beats Bereal with its newly launched feature, TikTok Now. To those wondering as to what Tiktok Now feature we are talking about then, here we have a comprehensive guide on TikTok Now Vs Bereal.

Bereal is a social media application that has gained instantaneous popularity over the span of one year. Although this social media platform was launched in the year 2020, its use did not turn out like it was anticipated. It was much later in the year 2022, Bereal was observed to be used by a plenty of people around. And one prime reason why people used bereal was, the authenticity it offered and emphasizing living in the moment. To put it social straight, Bereal is a social media application without feeling the need to get social. Also, with regards to that, TikTok, a social media platform we all are well aware of, has rolled out with a new feature of Tiktok Now which is exactly similar to Bereal.

TikTok Now feature is a recent launch of TikTok, which is similar to Bereal or we can say an adaptation of Bereal. Tiktok Now VS Bereal works almost exactly the same way. At any time during the day you will receive a “Time to Now” notification that prompts you to “capture a 10-second video or a static photo so that you can share what you are doing at that time.” If you post within three minutes of the notification being sent, your post will say that you were “on time.” Otherwise, it will say that you posted late.

This article will incorporate everything you are wondering about TikTok Now VS Bereal and what is the point of difference between the two. Although its use is exercised to be the same however, there are some interesting features that TikTok Now has in store. 

TikTok Now VS Bereal

TikTok Now VS Bereal

TikTok is going all-in on this new TikTok Now feature. In the bottom tab bar of the app, you will see a new “Time to Now” option that consolidates regular TikTok posts from your friends as well as “Time to Now” posts from your friends. However, in some countries, the founders of TikTok claim that “TikTok Now may be available” as a standalone app.

TikTok has also implemented some privacy-focused limitations for this feature:

  • Anyone under the age of 16 creates an account to use the TikTok Now app. Their Tiktok account account will be private by default.
  • Those under the age of 18 will not be able to share their content on the Explore feed.
  • The commenting on other posts options will be limited to friends only in between the age group of 13 and 15 to safeguard them against unwanted interactions.
  • Those who are 18 and above can opt-in to make their TikTok Now posts viewable to anyone.

TikTok says that the feature is now available for U.S. users. In the mockup images, it looks like “Time to Now” has earned valuable real estate on the bottom navigation bar, next to the posting button. On our end at least, we don’t see the feature yet. TikTok added that in other regions, TikTok Now may be downloadable as a standalone app.

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TikTok Now VS Bereal: Difference Between TikTok Now & Bereal

Although, TikTok Now VS Bereal are independent on their own and have their own set of interesting features, however we are here with a complete differentiation on TikTok Now VS Bereal. The six  differences that makes TikTok Now stand out from Bereal are stated below: 

1. Tiktok Now with a “10 Second Video Feature“

The new TikTok Now’s use is anticipated much more, unlike Bereal. The reason being Tiktok Now has come up with this engaging feature, which is, t you can upload 10 second video in your “Time to Now.” You will receive a daily notification just like “Time to Bereal” to capture a 10-second video or a static photo to easily share what you are up to.

2. “Time to Now” Extended to 3 Mins, Unlike “Time to Bereal” for 2 Mins 

In Bereal, you receive a “Time to Bereal” anytime during the day, which lasts for about 2 minutes. However, in TikTok Now you receive 3 Mins “Time to Now” notification, in which you can either capture a static photo or a 10 second long video. 

3. You can “Flip the Camera in TikTok Now” 

In Bereal, you do not get an option to flip your camera, as you have to click a picture in 2 minutes. However, in Tiktok Now you get this option wherein you can flip your camera and click the picture as you want, in the moment. This is one of the standalone features that differentiates TikTok Now VS Bereal. 

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4. Bereal is an Independent Application, “TikTok Now is n In-App Feature”

Bereal is an independent social platform that has a separate, standalone application available to download. However, TikTok Now is apparently an in-built feature of TikTok that lets you watch reels and have conversations with your friends alongside unlike in Bereal wherein you can only post a picture in a day and nothing else apart. 

5. “Bereal is Accessible World-Wide”

Bereal is accessible world-wide. Even if you are sitting at any corner of the world, you are not restricted to use Bereal or post a Berea. Whereas, TikTok is a social media application that is not available to use world-wide. If you not living in USA, and you want to use TikTok then, you have to download VPN change your location and then make full use of the TikTok application and its 

6. “TikTok Now’s Privacy Features”

TikTok Now has some built-in privacy features. Like TikTok itself, if someone under the age of 16 registers for a standalone TikTok Now app, their account will be set to private by default. Plus, users must be 18 to share their BeReals TikTok Now posts on the Explore Feed. For users 13 to 15, only your friends, people you follow who follow you bacK will be able to comment on your posts. Even for users 18+, the default setting will allow only friends to view your posts, even though they can change their settings to share with the world if they so desire.

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Wrapping Up 

TikTok Now VS Bereal, both of the social media applications have gotten themselves into a head to head bout. However, it is yet unsure which out of two is going to receive much hype. As we all know, TikTok already has its name running in the market so it is of course far more obvious than ever. However, Bereal is leaving no stone unturned to come up with the best and engaging features.
Thus, this was an entire article on TikTok Now VS Bereal and what differentiates each other from one another. If you liked this article, you can keep reading more such engaging articles, on both Bereal and TikTok on our website. Furthermore, if you have any related questions regarding TikTok Now VS Bereal feel free to ask us in the comments section below. 

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