Truth Social Vs Facebook | Who Will Rule The Social Media World?

The world of social media is always on the go, ensuring consumers and organizations with brand new features, reach, and attraction. In today’s era, every platform is trying to be the best and stick to the top. Be it Twitter or Facebook, all have gained millions of users in a short span. Well, recently, Trump too got into the race and launched his own social media platform, Truth Social. So, will it be able to compete with the already existing platforms? That can be interesting to know. So, let’s take a peek into Truth Social Vs Facebook with us.

The President of the US has launched a social media app known as Truth Social after being restricted by famous and leading applications such as Twitter and Facebook. After this reaction from his side, being a part of the audience it’s our role and responsibility to encourage the right one. To find which is the right one, here we’ve done a Truth Social vs Facebook data round. Stick with us till the end to know more.

Facebook and Truth Social are not just social media platforms or applications; they’re a fight between two centers of thoughts, perspectives, and opinions. After being banned by such huge platforms, Donald Trump decided to create his own and show others his independence of thoughts. But a few incidents, like Truth Social getting hacked by hackers on its launch day, indirectly point out hatred of Facebook for Truth Social and Trump.

In competition with Trump’s Truth Social, Facebook is also making some observable alterations in its system. Let’s learn more and more about both the platforms with Truth Social Vs Facebook in this blog with us. Give it a read till the end.

Truth Social Vs Facebook | Is Facebook A Competition To Truth Social?

At the beginning of the new year, Facebook launched some brand-new features and updates. Because of its updates, it is said to give a tough competition to the new bud “Truth Social.”

Also, in the previous month, Facebook and Instagram got some new features from Meta that overall enhanced user experiences. Let’s know about them first:

Features And Updates Of Facebook 2024

Facebook has never let down its users. It has always worked for a better users’ experience, be it the launch of new features or entering the ever-changing Meta world. Get on board to check for what features Facebook has introduced in the recent months:

Better Shopping Experience: Online shopping and trading have become much more popular during the pandemic because of Facebook and Instagram. Both of the stages allow online shopping. Facebook encourages the need for safe and trustworthy commerce for its audience. In order to show their support, they modified their e-commerce toolkit.

Subscription Model For Creators: Facebook rolled out this model in 2024, providing creators essential features which will help them to create engaging and quality content for running a business on the stage. This feature also got updated and now Instagram is also in the queue.

Resources In Support Of Black-Owned Small Businesses: Meta has explored that Black-owned small businesses have huge closure and lost sales rates than many other users, so the team gave a fix to support them. These features and resources will be available from the beginning of February.

Sharing Instagram Trends: From January 2024, Meta shared a piece of data where it was clearly said that if one wants to stay in trend, then they have to follow certain trend patterns and start working on their Instagram algorithms. Also, recently, seeing the Metaverse trend, Meta decided to Launch Facebook NFT Marketplace Soon.

Facebook Creating A Parallel Universe

Facebook is one of the leading platforms in today’s era.

Although, renewing the brand in the trading and tech world is nothing new. Brands put a huge amount of money into promoting their business and keep altering and modifying them for a number of factors, purposes, and reasons. In the case of Facebook, the CEO intends to replace his social networking media as a technology product-based brand. It’s the same as Google did launch in 2015 and built the latest mother brand Alphabet.

The CEO will be having various products i.e Instagram, Facebook, Oculus, WhatsApp, and others. Facebook introduced its recruiting intentions to give 10,000 latest jobs in the European Economic Community and give rise to a parallel universe. Facebook entitled, “It’s the latest stage of associated online encounter utilizing technologies same as online vast reality.” The media brand intends to pay attention to the online encounter and similar technologies.

In a conference, Zuckerberg called the parallel universe “the leader of the phone internet”. The parallel universe will surround AR, PCs, VR, Cell phones, and computer & VR games – all will roll out together – this is how Zuckerberg intends to create his latest parallel universe strategy.

However, there is no authentic declaration from the brand end related to the rebranding, it’s just a flowing rumor as of now just like the parallel universe.

Impact Of Rebranding By Facebook

Facebook’s renovation, by industry specialists, might help the brand to express the hurdles it has been dealing with in the past years. It might contribute to dropping the disgust and hostility associated with the platform. It might help further to create a beneficial impression on its funds which dropped more than 8 percent the previous month.

Facebook’s funds after reaching a decent market value of $353 on the 27th of September of this year, had been unsteady and dropped more than 8 percent. While the end trading on 22nd of October, the trade value reached a much-decreased value of $324.

It’s difficult to forecast how the rebranding strategy will result in Facebook trades or how 2.85 billion active consumers all over the world will react to the rebranding in the upcoming times.


If you want to judge Truth Social Vs Facebook, what can be better than going for the advantages of Facebook over Trump’s newly launched app. Merrit and strengths of Facebook are given below:

  • You can interact with a huge audience at once and you’ll get exposure to all the activities going on on the other side of the world by a single sign up.
  • Share every single day of your life with your loved ones.
  • Communicating with the people whom you like, known or unknown doesn’t matter. It’s meant to widen one’s reach and provide a good exposure.
  • Brand PR, is the best advantage launched till now. Increasing reach and providing a name to your brand through advertisements.
  • Games to play and entertain yourselves even the younger ones can utilise this feature.
  • Available free of cost, no one needs to pay for the available services.
  • Create as many groups as you want and communicate with a number of people at once.


Truth Social Vs Facebook will be incomplete if there is no comparison of the cons. Below mentioned are the limitations and drawbacks of Facebook:

  • Users get addicted to Facebook, without realising their screen time.
  • Users creating fake accounts using someone else’s identity and ending up abusing others.
  • Scamming by hackers on Facebook and doing illegal activities like retrieving personal information.
  • Users are unable to hide their personal information, as it is meant to be visible to others by default.
  • Mass abuse and harassment by creating fake pages in the name of caste and religion.

This was allabout the Facebook, let’s move towards The Truth Social app and know more about it to get a clear vision on Truth Social vs Facebook:

TRUTH Social App – Trump‘s Own Social Media

US President Trump rolled out the latest social media stage called Truth Social a few weeks back. This happened after a number of popular apps like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube restricted Trump’s handle at the beginning of this year.

These technical organizations banned Trump’s social media handles in January of this year for uploading negative speech and encouraged content that offends their content standards. These actions forced Trump to declare a new social media stage, Truth Social, in the past weeks.

During the pre-launch of Truth Social Media, a few hackers tried breaching its security system and hacked it completely. This incident embarrassed TMTG and Trump. TMTG’s motive is to rise against the discrimination of Big Techs and provide freedom and liberty to share their thoughts without being afraid of any political discrimination.

This stage was rolled out after Trump suffered bans from Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms. Truth Social’s latest stage will raise up to the model of Big Tech. This application is about to be the first product of TMTG, followed by its collaborator Digital World Acquisition Group. Trump is the president of the US and the chairman of the department.

Features And Updates Of Truth Social

This platform is the first launch of TMTG with the contributor Digital World Acquisition Group  (DWAG). This social media has come up with some amazing features, which are mentioned below :

User profile: Users can create and show their unique and iconic personalities to other users. They can create a true image of themselves in front of others, which represents their generosity. Whatever a user shares will be remembered by their personality and will be valued according to that only. 

TRUTH feed: It’s the section where users will find all the content that they post and the ones which will be featured by the Truth Social App. You can find your companion’s posts and updates on this page only. The content will be featured here according to the reach that they get.

Notifications: One will get notified every time when any of their idols, companions, and followers will post anything or update their profile and feed section. Other than this, you will receive notifications when someone reacts to your content or when you receive a text or reply etc.

Search: You can find anyone you want in just one tap or click over here. By searching them with their usernames in the search bar. You can search for any user, campaign or vocal whatever you want and you’ll get the desired results in just one tap.

Truth Social Vs Facebook: The Final Verdict

So, who is the winner? You must be eager to know about the verdict of Truth Social vs Facebook.

On the 20th of October, US President Donald Trump declared his plans to launch a brand new platform, “Truth Social,” for the public in the beginning of 2024, along with a beta rollout in the second month of 2024. Since then, everyone has been comparing the other social media platforms with a fire to the trend of Truth Social vs. Facebook.

Along with the press conference which declared these new launches, Donald Trump was found dedicated to his fight against the Big Tech industries and biased media. A part of the release said that “TMTG’s motive is to create a platform where one can share their political ideologies without being afraid of discrimation by Big Tech companies of Silicon Valley who utilise their power to shut such voices down in the US ”.

During the partial launch of TRUTH Social Media, some hackers hacked TRUTH Social’s system down in the middle of the conference, leaving the whole TMTG and DWAG team in embarrassment.

After being banned by Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat this incident took place when he decided to fight back. There might be chances that he may delay in the beta launch of Truth Social to renew some security strategies. 

After Trump being unable to access any of the public social media platforms for more than ten months, this launch is a good comeback of Donald Trump.

The President of the US, Donald Trump, decided to roll out his very own platform after suffering from inactivity from other public social media platforms for more than ten months. This platform will stand up against the Big Tech giants and discrimination raised by the silicon companies. This product is the first launch of TMTG with DWAG.

And with this, we wrap up our post on Truth Social vs Facebook. We hope that this article has helped you clear your thoughts and doubts. In case you have any other confusion, remember we’re always just a query away. Drop that down in the comment section.

FAQs Related To Truth Social vs Facebook

Q1. Who Owns The Truth Social App?

Ans. The Former President of the US, Donald Trump.

Q2. Who Banned Donald Trump And Why?

Ans. The Former President of US, Donald Trump was banned by Silicon Valley companies and Big Techs like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat for sharing and encouraging content full of hatred and for violating the media content strategies.

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