7+ Best VR Puzzle Games For VR Headsets

VR Puzzle Games

Do you love puzzle games, and looking for more fun with them? Oh, you have stopped, so, this is definitely for you. Make your puzzle-solving time even more fun now. Know all the details of different VR Puzzle Games with the gameplay and special features. It will help you decide on the new puzzle game you want to play and get a lot of fun.

Plying games in virtual reality is always more fun and interesting. So, the type of game you love to play will be more interesting and fun in virtual reality. For you, this will be the puzzle games. It is true that the most founded games in VR is the puzzle games. However, there are lots of puzzle games. And you need to know the perfect one for you. 

Based on the story lineup, gameplay, specification, features, and all the VR Puzzle Games differ from one another. Once you have decided to play different puzzle games in virtual reality, you will need to know all those factors. That will help you to decide the best and the perfect puzzle game for you that you should play.

Here you will be getting to know about different puzzle games and their special features. Along with that, you will know why people get attracted so much to the game These things will make you feel interested definitely towards the game. And you will go for different VR Puzzle Games.

VR Puzzle Games

What Are VR Puzzle Games?

Virtual reality is the new trend in the gaming platform. You will feel like playing the games with your body. You will experience the complete game by yourself while you will have to move to play the games. Puzzles games on this platform will also be there to help you to solve the puzzles. You can go ahead and solve different puzzles while moving yourself to virtual reality.

Best VR Puzzle Games

There are lots of VR Puzzle Games, like I expect you to die, and A Fisherman’s Tale that is also based on different storylines up, gameplay, features, and all. You must need to know all the details before you go ahead and start playing those games. All the games are not suitable for you. So, you need to choose the most suitable game, and start playing.

These puzzle games in virtual reality will provide you with more fun and will be more interesting than the ones on the normal platform. Also, you will be getting the maximum fun when the game will also be suitable and your choice of yours.

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1. A Fisherman’s Tale

VR Puzzle Games

This is one of the most popular games of VR Puzzle Games. While playing this game, you have to look for hours for all the solutions and all. But then after getting the solution, you will realize that the solutions were just in front of you. So, if you have eyes to find out the smallest things in a puzzle game, it will be one of the best games for you to play in virtual reality.

2. Angry Birds VR

Angry Birds is a well-known game across the world. So, you can easily understand the craze and all other things related to the game in virtual reality as well. The gameplay, features, and all have a drastic improvement. But the story lineup and the concept of the game remain constant to amaze you. So, if you are an angry bird lover this game is just for you to play.

3. I Expect You to Die: 2

VR Puzzle Games

This game is a perfect example of a quality puzzle game. This will not be so easy to solve the puzzle until you will be having an eye to catch every detail in the game. The long and time taking gameplay might make you frustrated, but you will get a lot of fun after getting into the game.

4. A Rouge Escape

If you are looking for some with hard gameplay but for a very small time, you can try this game in virtual reality. In this game, you need to escape from a place within a short period of time while feeling claustrophobic. So, you can play this hard game for a small period of time to enjoy.

5. Transpose

VR Puzzle Games

If you are a science-fiction lover and love to play some games based on clones, this game is perfect for you. In this game, you need to create clones or echoes. To solve the game, you need to synchronize all those clones together and solve all the puzzles of the game.

6. Statik

This game is a combination of several types of puzzles, and of the most famous VR Puzzle Games. The main attraction of this game is no two puzzles are the same at all. To solve this game, you need to solve all the different kinds of puzzles. So, it will provide a lot more fun and will be much more interesting to you as a puzzle game lover.

7. Tetris

VR Puzzle Games

This is considered one of the great VR Puzzle Games. If you have any interest in hypnotism and all, you can go ahead and play this game with a lot of interest. This game is completely based on this subject and will allow the player to play the game. So, as a puzzle game lover in virtual reality, you must play this game.

Wrapping Up

Getting more fun and interest is the most common thing in a video game. But the actual motto is to increase the fun and the interest in the game. Virtual reality is that dedicated platform for different games, where you can find a lot of fun that the normal platform. Also, this is like heaven for puzzle game lovers to play VR Puzzle Games. You have already known some of the best puzzle games in virtual reality. You just need to choose that and play it your way.

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